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Are cats better than dogs?

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Started: 4/27/2016 Category: Funny
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In this debate, we shall argue which is better as a pet: cats or dogs?
I shall be arguing for cats.
First round: acceptance
Second round: opening arguments, no rebuttals.
Third and fourth: anything goes.


I accept and thank you for this debate.
Debate Round No. 1


What do you look for in a pet?
Do you want to feel the satisfaction of caring for another living being?
Do you want it as a sort of toy to play with occasionally?
Or do you need it as a friend, who will stay loyal to you no matter what?

You might be thinking that I am talking about dogs, but no, I think that cats are the ultimate pet.

When you look at a cat, the first thing think of is its grace. You see nobility and intelligence, and you get the feeling that this is a creature you can respect. At first it will look at you with disdain, because it will not see a reason for you to exist, but if you spend time with it, it'll come to respect you. That quality is why I see cats as much more rewarding pets than dogs.

When you have a cat as a pet, it's a mutual relationship. You respect the cat, and it respects you. You feed the cat and pet it, and it brings you gifts. It's nothing like having a dog, which is extremely one-sided. A dog doesn't respect you, it reveres you. It is completely dependent on you, and it will fall to shambles if you leave it. Do you prefer to be respected or worshipped?

That, my friends, is why I believe that cats have a much more substantial connection to their owners than dogs, and that's what makes them such good pets.


Alright so cats are better because they are more respectable? Have you not considered that marriage, a mutual relationship, is statistically unstable?

Cats are cute, but they are hard to live with. A cat will come to respect you, but after how many years? How many domestic arguments, catcalls, and wasted money will need to happen before the cat accepts you?

A dog will die for you, no question. It will dig your grave up, just to be with you.

Will a cat do that? No. Once your dead, it will see that it's food source is no longer available. It will move on, in search of a new master, cold and calculating.

Also, it's hard to teach cats tricks.
Debate Round No. 2


Con says that cats are hard to live with. Have you ever tried to care for a dog? They need feeding, petting and constant attention. You need to play with them, take them on walks and always show emotional support. If you even leave the house for just two days they become mad with grief. Some dogs also bark at strangers and may bite guests. Yes, cats need food, but they can take care of everything else for themselves. They love it if you play with them, but they can also play by themselves. If you leave them outside, they even bury their own droppings!
Cats can get a little moody at times, but it's nothing like the constant maintenance needed by most dogs.

I mentioned barking earlier. Most dogs bark at everyone and everything. This can greatly inconvenience your neighbors and friends, and be a massive nuisance in the neighborhood. If you don't live in a bustling city, dogs can easily be the number one cause for noise in your neighborhood. Cats are more considerate to the people around you, which makes them a much better pet to have.


Dogs may bite and bark at strangers, but that's not a bad thing. It will keep you safe from invasions and people will keep their distance from your property.

True, dogs poo everywhere, but at least they go outside with you. Cats stay home all day and their poo piles up.

Dogs need constant maintenance, true, I accept that as a true loss.

Having cats that do nothing, that don't need your love is equivalent to having an exchange student living in your home. That person uses your space, without really giving back, shuts the door and pays you no attention.

Sometimes cats can be nice and cute, but dogs can be more fulfilling.
Debate Round No. 3


It is true that dogs can keep away burglars, but they can also harass your visitors if they aren't trained well enough. What's wrong with a good alarm system? It will keep away intruders but not your friends.

You speak of cats as if they are heartless robots that only eat the food you give them and pay you no attention. That's not true, cats love attention. You can pet them all day long and they won't get bored. If you ignore them for too long they begin to feel lonely, just like dogs. A cat is less like an exchange student and more like a friendly roommate. It can take care if itself when you are unavailable, but you can have a great time with it if you want to. Using your comparison, having a dog is like babysitting a 6 year old. You need to constantly pay attention to its needs, and make sure that it isn't emotionally neglected.

To wrap up my arguments, cats may seem less friendly than dogs at first, but once you get to know them they can become amazing pets. They can play with you or simply keep you company, all without the noise or heavy maintenance of dogs. All these reasons point to the conclusion that cats are the superior pet.


Thank you for the wonderful discussion. I'm actually going to use this when I buy a pet one day.

Unwell trained dogs are a problem, true. But I've had my fair share of scratches and harassment from cats too. They also have super sharp claws that can become scary.

Dogs are just as dangerous, but they all want to lick you and give you their love. Cats are more reserved, waiting to get to know you better. In short, dogs are children (which you agree with) while cats are more older teenagers, lazy and chilled.

I concede that cats are quieter though. That's a good thing.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Mycelium 2 years ago
This has been one of the most challenging debates I've ever had.
Thank you, Adam_Godzilla, for being such a great adversary.
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Reasons for voting decision: Arguments go to Con because the only non-subjective elements of the debate on balance went to him. Con proved that dogs are more friendly, or at least more friendly than cats, and Pro's arguments against this were mediocre. To me, petting a cat is not equivalent to the love of a dog. Con also pointed out that indoor cats require their litter to be taken out, which is a large inconvenience Pro did not address.