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Are cats real?

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Started: 4/30/2014 Category: Technology
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Greetings, Fanath, and anyone ever viewing this. Thanks for taking the time to read my argument. I trust you'll handle this debate maturely.
Cats are not real. Although they sometimes may seem like they do exist, this is an illusion. My BOP is I asked a cat if he was real and he said no. Besides this, what proof is there that they're real? Since life is only a dream, cats are merely figments of imagination thought up primarily by troubled first-world citizens. Cats were first thought of by the Ancient Egyptians, who we all know were high on LSD like 96% of that time. As the nature of the Egyptians passed down, cats continued to appear in some eyes, but the fact still remains: cats are not real.
My opponent will argue that because you can touch cats, they must be real. But my opponent has never known love, so his argument is invalid.


I suppose I'll just jump right into this then.

"Cats are not real. Although they sometimes may seem like they do exist, this is an illusion. My BOP is *I asked a cat* if he was real and he said no"

Con admits that she had once asked a cat if he was real. This argument can literally be used against her, as she admits she has had a small conversation with a cat. I'm also not sure if she knows what BoP actually means.

By just Googling cat's you can see hundreds if not thousands of images of cats. People also use them as pets.

Cats are real, even though they're jerks.

Con's arguments are completely unproven, and they can be used against her.

A quick question for Con:

If cat's are illusions, why do humans all see the same cats? For example, if I saw an orange cat and I asked the guy next to me (Assuming he isn't color blind) if the cat's orange, he would agree.

Debate Round No. 1


"Con admits that she had once asked a cat if he was real." But this does not mean that said cat was real. As I previously stated, cats are largely imagined by troubled first world citizens, a group I can relate to.
First off, Google is not a reliable source. If that weren't enough, how do you know there are pictures of cats? Your mind needs to believe that cats are real, so there appears to be cats on the page when in reality there is nothing.
You're a jerk.
My arguments are common sense, you soulless monster.
An answer for Pro: Have you ever heard that if a group of females stays in close quarters for a long period of time, their menstrual cycles begin to sync and occur at the same time? Or ship-wrecked sailors who all have the same illusion after a period of time? The same is true of cat-seers. If you are desperate enough for long enough, you will see exactly what your mind wants you to see, even without validation.


Evidence of cat's:

Nyan cat!:

Self explanatory.

2: Cat memes!

Evidence 3: What!?

Why do we have a need for cat's, lol? It's not like the human race would go extinct if they didn't own us. The cat hallucination theory is not backed up by any evidence at all.

Man, I love weed.
Debate Round No. 2


Nate you've never even known love you can't argue. You have the IQ of a walnut; obviously the government could easily take over your mind to convince you that cats are real. THEY'RE JUST A COVER AGAINST THE EVILS OF THE WORLD THAT YOUR WEAK MIND ALONGSIDE THE CORRUPT GOVERNMENT WANT YOU TO SEE.
On a side note, you're the stupidest person I know jfc.




Evidence of cat's:
This is a cat.

Cat's have to exist. I win.

Left handed masturbation is better than right handed.
By opponent never met it's (yes, it's) BOP.

Thank you.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by James10 5 years ago
Cat are not a figment of our imaginations because one person dose not have the imagination and there for would perceive the cat as another thing shape or colour however we all see grumpy cat as a Gray media star.
Posted by Nathan-D 7 years ago
I agree with Nate by the way, cats are not real. I thought everyone knew that?
Posted by Nathan-D 7 years ago
Best. Debate. Ever
Posted by Bamzki 7 years ago
Define 'cats' because I couldn't understand why 'cats' aren't real. I mean, are CATS optical illusions? Are they aliens in disguise? Well, for me, cats are real because they are our pets, and many people witnessed that because they saw it with their two eyes.
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Vote Placed by spikeup9 7 years ago
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Total points awarded:70 
Reasons for voting decision: wow I thought my cat wa real until I tried to eat mine once then I realized how ffake my cat was yaaa sppppp
Vote Placed by Plankton13 7 years ago
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Total points awarded:07 
Reasons for voting decision: Duh Cats are real I have like 2. I get them high and it's funny.

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