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Are cell phones safe?

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Started: 2/10/2017 Category: Technology
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The first round regards acceptance.

The second round will be the official debate stating contentions, rebuttals, and defenses. Please use citations (if necessary). Pro will argue why cell phones are safe while Con will argue why cell phones are NOT safe.

The third round will be the conclusions as well as a brief summary (or additional arguments).

-No kritiks / semantics.
-No forfeits. (if necessary)


May the best persuader win. Cell phones are safe
Debate Round No. 1


First and foremost, cell phone use is widely considered "safe" primarily for a few reasons, them being that it is only through the illusion of privacy and thus it is dangerous because people's private information could be leaked out which could be utilized by federal government or private business owners. A recent study also concluded that cell phones are a contributing factor towards the development of brain tumors which in turn can harm human life-spans indefinitely. [1]

Children could have an increased risk toward cell phone use from radiation. In the same study, for instance, "Cell phone storage in front pockets has been linked to poor fertility and higher chances of miscarriage and childhood cancer."[1] This shows that cell phones can be dangerous and are considered NOT safe for our own advantages which can lead to an increased factor of disadvantages which are the contribution of entertainment and thus can be considered widely fallacious. All in all, cell phones are extremely unethical for the daunted illusion of privacy.[2]

Particularly, cell phones have proven to have systematic trackers inside their data chips and thus some portions of, for example, the iPhone can contain pieces of tracking devices to utilize a person's location AND private information as a link to the source. [2] Cell phones are NOT safe, they can act as vulnerable devices in order to access one's data which is like an open-source which give cyber criminals the opportunity to access private information and valuable data which proves that cell phones are not safe. Location services is a vast and yet massive epidemic that concerns with cell phone due to the fact that it can, in fact, track your location whilst using the device and gain access to a person's IP address during background processing. Cyber criminals can turn an individual's device to a botnet which is considered to be like a "zombie" device and with that they can basically assimilate the means to overtake an IP address.

Surveillance, which is interpreted by radio scanners which are also embedded in cell phones during present-day (this includes iPhones/smartphones as well). Calls ARE encrypted however, these encryptions can be decoded at an easy rate nonetheless, it further proves that cell phones can be and could lead other countries to their own demise through the use of their governmental experiences (i.e. intelligence agencies)[3]

Primarily, phones are given to citizens all across the globe, which means people's private information can easily be leaked and exploited for private purposes be it sinister or for the sake of good, it is still unjustified and simply immoral. If it were truly safe then the U.S. government wouldn't need the necessity to track information from private users and utilize other alternative methods to achieve a better security, and internet capabilities.

Generally, organizations should consider to take an approach to this matter seriously, as it can potentially affect citizens worldwide by the misuse of their private digital information by contribution towards analysis, preservation, and examination of cell phones during the process of their creation. [4] Forensics prove that cell phones CAN be traced back as an alternative link toward a specific source in relation to the information given or used by that particular person. Therefore, it is then considered to harm and indefinitely watch the person as provided the phone.

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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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