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Are dogs better than cats

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Started: 1/11/2016 Category: Funny
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Dogs are better than cats. Cats eat people in movies while dogs don't. Dogs are shown as love and kind where people go to them for comfort while cats are looked at as evil. Dogs also help society in police force to sniff dogs ect. My argument will continue if need be


Refutation of My Opponent
Cats are indeed protrayed as a the evil ones in movies, but this is often based on a social stigma that derives from the sheer intellect and independent nature of cats. My opponent again advances that dogs are depicted more positively than cats, which shows absolutely nothing about the two animals, but rather, about society's internal biases. In fact, a cat may be a better defender if say an intruder were to enter the house. A dog could be too easily bribed with food. Furthermore, while there are police dogs, this mainly stems from the fact that dog's are less independent from humans. Cat's intellect has different applications, such as rodent control or therapy for kids' depression.

Senses of Dogs Vs. Cats
1.) Hearing- Cats can pick of on a wider range of sounds (55 Hz to 79 KHz) than dogs (67 Hz- 44KHz).
2.) Sight- Cats can see in six times less light than humans, and dogs can only see in light 5 times less than humans.
3.) Smell- The average cat has 200 million olfactory receptors, much more than the average dog.

Ease of Care
1. Cats make less noise than dogs, and by nature are calmer, so when you need the cat to be quiet for a social event, it will.
2. Cats clean themselves, making cleaning them less of a pain.
3. Cats do not constantly ask for human attention. When the human needs it, they will provide it, but they don't beg.
4. Cats will accept it if you need to leave the house.

Cats Are the Better Ecological Pet
It requires 0.84 Hectaacres of land for food in a year. For cats, it's 0.15 hectaacres.

Cats are also more agile than dogs. They are able to climb and get into more difficult places than dogs. their spine has more vertabrae than dogs, allowing more agility.

Cats also can save human life. Here's a story about a cat saving a human's life from a vicious dog.

Debate Round No. 1


President Obama has declared on Twitter dogs are better, Dogs also protect better than cats,cats run away like cowards while loyal dogs will sacrifice their life. Look at so many movies that have dogs as the main charcter and now think of the amount of movies with cats. Dogs also don't do as stupids things. Cats always try to jump and fail. Their are so many videos on youtube. Ronald Regans last words were tell my dog I love him more than marley the cat (his cat) Ronald Regan was one of the greatest presidents also. On the other hand Dwight D Hisehoward loved cats and he was one of the worst presidents. Dogs also sense when you are stressed and cuddle next to you. Cats meow is also annoying. Dogs only bark when in harm and trying to tell you something. In addition people look at cat lovers as pathetic creatures while if you are a dog lover it is normal. I do not see how I can be wrong. Your name is also puppylover11 you like dogs better than cats REKT NUBE.I will provide more detail of need be.



  1. Ease Of Care 2.0:

  1. Cats do not whine when they need to go, they will just go to a litter box.

  2. Cats don’t require constant attention, making it far easier when you need to go to a store.

  3. Cats are fine keeping themselves occupied, but when you want them to, they will spend time with you.

  4. While “puppy love” involves drooling and face-licking, kitty will just snuggle with you


Cats are being employed to provide comfort and support to the 911 operators

The presence of the cat is very calming to the people who most need to keep calm in difficult situations.


Since colonial times, cats have been used for rodent control on ships, which may have saved many lives.

Cats are very effective hunters.


Cats also try to contribute to the household. When a cat leaves a dead rat by the house door, they are giving it to you as gift. While it may not be the prettiest gift itself, the cat makes an attempt to say thank you, unlike dogs.


For dogs, the average medical cost is about $290/year. For cats, this statistic is $160/year. Total costs amount to approximately $660/year. For cats, this is $450/year.


Cats are highly intelligent creatures, and as such, are much more easily potty trained than dogs. Most dogs need proper, often professional training and must be taken out regularly throughout the day.

(PS: Cats can live in smaller spaces than dogs, such as apartments.)


1.)Whether Obama has declared his support for dogs is irrelevant to this debate.

2.) If my opponent claims that cats run away "like cowards" he has not read the story provided in argument 1.

3.) Again, I repeat the same point. Dogs being viewed as "better in movies" does not tell us about cats or dogs. It tells us about the biases of people.

4.) Reagan's last words are unknown

5.) Eisenhower was actually quite a good President considering the Interstate Highway system, end of the Korean War, and the desegregation of the armed forces, along with fighting to enforce Brown vs. BOE

6.) Cats are also de-stressing cuddlers, which is being used by 911 operators

7.) Like I said before, cats can save people's lives and dogs can be vicious. You never see "Beware of Cat" signs. If you did not read the story of a cat saving a human's life from a dog, here it is:

8.) Quote: . "Dogs only bark when in harm and trying to tell you something."

No, dogs also bark when they are hungry, need to go out, and when they just want attention.

9.) I will ignore my opponent's ad hominem attack. I may very well be playing devil's advocate here. Furthermore, Pro challenged me to this debate.

10.) Cats are very common pets and cat owners are not viewed as "pathetic"

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Debate Round No. 2


Dogs do not need constant attention either. Their is pee pads for the dogs and their are different types of dogs. Some dogs want to be with you more some want to be left more alone it depends on what type of dog. Also why get a cat or dog if you do not want to be around it. Cats have history of hurting human and children. Not one kid has died from a dog but 103 have died to cats (kids) You say cats comfort but dogs are know for that. Their are therapy dogs that go to shelter homes for the homeless and older shelters. They help and calm the people down. Also milk is very expensive. Some people have trouble paying for that while all dogs drink water. Also dogs will eat anything unlike cats who are more picky. Your name is also puglover11 you agree with me.


PugsRule11 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by mexicanfan123 2 years ago
pro dominates the first round and I like the second round so far for him. We will see if he can keep it up. Right now i give Pro a good lead.
Posted by Alexthedebater 2 years ago
Cats are cleaner than dogs and easier to potty train. Cats usually have street smarts and are usually smarter. Cats can hunt for there own food if they need to they know where to go for food and they know when danger is around. Cats are also more adaptable to different environments therefore being able to live in more places than dogs. This is just my opinion you do not have to agree.
Posted by Alexthedebater 2 years ago
Cats are a cleaner species and dont require as much work.
Posted by PugsRule11 2 years ago

Toilet training is probably easier with cats because once trained, they will go when they please, whereas with dogs, you have to take them out.
As for disease, both cats and dogs pass diseases. I would say that both are equal in this regard.

Having said this, I am not a veterinarian or animal trainer.
Posted by Normerican 2 years ago
Good arguments, con! I do wonder though, is the transmission of disease more easy through dogs or cats?
How is toilet training? Is a litter box in the house a better option and will cats be more easily trained than dogs?
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