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Are drones good or bad for our future

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Started: 7/24/2017 Category: People
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Drones have negatively affected our lives today how do know well a student 17 years of age and love drones but what has it done I think its made me lazy because of the video recording abilities I now can fly around the neighborhood to the park and not leave the house at all its that crazy would you imagine being a teenager having a video recording drone and nothing else to do now picture how Amazon is using drones to deliver its faster but is it more convenient? now you do your own research and see if you agree with me


Drones are used by the U.S. military for several purposes, such as border control and counter terrorism, but they too have their domestic purposes such as for concerts or film. But again, they are most commonly used on the "War on Terror", allowing us to fight battles without ever putting boots on the ground. Unless you are a pacifist, it is arguably probably a good idea to kill the enemies that wish to annihilate us. With or without the influence of the former Soviet Union with their war with Iraq and the United State's current war, we would still have dictators to dethrone, and evil to eviscerate, and if the U.S. limits their technology in this field, it is unlikely others and their posterity will emulate and do the same. Even if one repudiates their very being and strikes them as being evil, they may be a necessary evil.

Arguably, in some circumstances, it is harder to construct and engineer a drone than to just use existing technology to get the job done. Take the UAVs in use by the U.S. military. It is much easier to send some 20-year-olds to fight jihadists and pious extremists than to design a drone, construct it, and maintain it. Smaller UAVs such as Predator and Reaper drones can cost $2,500-3,500 per flight hour, and some of the larger drones such as the Global Hawk can cost approximately $30,000 per flight hour. Logically speaking, it isn't lazy to construct a drone as my opponent has said prior. Its construction is labor intensive, requiring skilled engineers, sometimes with specific degrees. But they can get some jobs done much more effectively then any soldier ever could.

Some would say that they could be bad due to their blowback when a target is killed, more enemies are made. Of course, we would have this problem no matter what we do, unless we do covert operations every time. That really isn't feasible with our situation in the Middle East. Bombings and air raids are common in war, and they have more or less the same effect. Some would also say that piloting drones has adverse consequences for the combatant, but again, this problem is inevitable.
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Posted by Masterful 2 years ago
I can imagine if you were to fly your drone from your house to the park, that all the local park niggers would be throwing rocks at your drone like a bunch of barbaric cave men, in an attempt to steal it and sell it.
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