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Are fake Twenty One Pilots fans really an issue?

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Started: 2/24/2017 Category: Music
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I've heard many people saying that fake Twenty One Pilots fans are ruining the fan base and the music (for example, Stressed Out is considered a "fake fan song"). I personally think this stance is incorrect. To begin, I believe that the fake fans are not doing anything wrong. Sure, they may not be as involved in the band and the music they produce as much as us, but at least they get to enjoy the music. If the band only had the hardcore, completely involved fans, they would not have such a large fan base, and they wouldn't be as highly recognized as musicians. Secondly, I think that everyone should have the right to listen to Twenty One Pilots. I've seen fan pages suggest that all the fans who aren't completely and utterly involved with the band have "no right to listen to the music. They should be banned from listening since they don't care enough.". This is just a tad bit extreme, don't you think? Another point I would like to address has to do with the 2017 Grammy Awards. "Stressed Out" won record of the year, everybody. And there is no way that could have been achieved without the fake fans all listening to the song over and over again. Record of the year is based mainly off of popularity within the year in question. Without the fake fans, there wouldn't have been so many plays on Spotify, views on YouTube, buys on Apple Music, etc. Overall, I personally believe that the fake fans are actually necessary. Yes, they may not be as invested as we are, but they helped get Twenty One Pilots to where they are today.


Fake fans aren't a problem per say, but because of them, TOP isn't taken as seriously as they should. They're more popular, yes, but they've been put in categories with artists who aren't real. Tyler and Josh are humble people who care more about their music than being popular. I recently went to a TOP concert and I saw a girl break down crying because Josh posted a picture of him and Tyler wearing the hats that she made. They actually mean something to people. I've heard people say that their music helped and saved them. They may be more popular, but they aren't as appreciated. Most people only see them as an alternative band who's depressed (mainly because of their lyrics) and that's ok if you think that, but they're so much more. Such as when they received an award a while back at the AMAs, Tyler said in his speech that he doesn't know why the fans weren't invited since it's because of them that they (Twenty One Pilots) won the award in the first place.
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Posted by 46571 3 years ago
Let's face it, the obsessive fans get defensive and are problematic whenever someone only knows the singles, writes the band name title as "21 pilots" or "twenty one pilots" without that line in the letter O and of course, whenever someone simply says they dislike or hates twenty one pilots. The fans are such crybabies and are embarrassing to be around with.
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