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Are fast food good or bad for you

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Started: 6/8/2014 Category: Health
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I do not think that fast food is good for you for multiple reasons:

There are many infections and diseases that can be caused by parts of the fast food that we get. It can also cause excessive fattening which can lead to obesity. Some of the infections and diseases you can get are:

The Sesame seeds seeds are very oily- Can cause excessive fattening.

The Bun which is also very oily- Can cause excessive fattening.

The meat is very unhealthy, meat contains significant quantities of the most toxic organic chemical known - dioxin.Some cases can cause E-coli,Cancer,And many animal viruses

Cheese also can many problems and especially fast food cheese here are some of the things it can cause.Cancer
Monsanto Chemical Co. A type of poison and also a lot of fat
Soft drinks are very acidic and especially the dark ones that fast food companies give. Can cause Erosion of the gastric lining, which is very painful and disrupts proper digestion. Tooth decay and Osteoporosis.
The average portion of french fries (170 g) contains 30 g of fat, up to 1200 mg of sodium and 550 Calories. Can cause: obesity, high cholesterol, and heart disease.


I think fast food is always better. We are talking about good and bad, pro and cons.

yes there are many infections and disease in this world affected by fast food. But let us think for a while, are the fast food their main causes? Do you think that even you eat according the food pyramid you will always stay healthy and doesn't get any disease?

actually, eating food according to the food pyramid or not will not guarantee your health . the main point here is actually exercise is the thing that maintain your health. eating food according food pyramid or not will actually produce toxins in your body and we know the only we to excrete it by exercise.

The main idea here is that the food you eat doesn't determine the state of your health but exercise will. so, what type of food you eat doesn't affect you.
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Debate.orgg forfeited this round.


Actually everything is created because of a good reason people. If its not good people will object the thing from the beginning actually. Same goes to the fast. It can stand until today because it is good.

We can see people always went to fast food restaurant buying food because its cheap, has many nutrition and actually save their time.

People, can we imagine how much time we sacrifice if we cook our own food? We can save almost 30 minutes if we eat fast food. In nowadays , time is very precious to all the people whether old or young, they actually really need time to do their job or thing. People nowadays always says that time is like money. Hard to find but easy to lost it. SO, WE can see here that fast are really good to people. Fast food is helping us out.

in term of nutrition, we know lose lo slow cooked food. Yes indeed but we know that fast nowadays are not like the olden fast food restaurant. We people critics that fast food has no nutrition, the fast food restaurant try to overcome this problem. The fast restaurant you see nowadays are always caring about their food nutrition. The example is McDonald. They tried really hard to give a good food to people and they also always show people their nutritional value to their customer to show that they are serving good food to you.

people would say that McDonald is not serving good food as Jamie Oliver has shown to all people in the world. Jamie Oliver also said that we can make a good nutritious in 15 minutes, but I doubt about that. In cooking something we need to buy the ingredient first then cook it and it might take about 45 minutes the stuff and then cooked it. Don't you think that it probably would take about 2 hours to cook them? How much time has we waste to cook? Think people
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black2u forfeited this round.
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