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Are human brains done or near the end of evolution.

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Started: 3/13/2017 Category: Science
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I do not believe that humans a done evolving. The past 2.6 million years humans have used our brains effectively to make tools. we have changed physically with our bodies over the millennia so why wouldn't our brains. scientist have discovered that our minds have been expanding exponentially over the last 1/3 of our evolutionary timeline. the last 10,000 years are brains have apparently been getting smaller because of limited nutrition. But this is only the the size of the brain not its complexity and we have only recently been able to research that


I accept this debate with the caveat that when "evolution" is referred to, we must be discussing natural evolution, i.e. evolution by natural selection, not evolution by genetic modification or technological enhancements to the body. That said, yes, I believe human brains, in their current state, are either at the final stage of or nearly at the final stage of natural evolution. My opponent states that human bodies and brains have changed over the millenia. This is correct. However, they ignore the process by which this occurred- natural selection. I argue that humans are much less susceptible to natural selection now than ever before, and compared to other organisms. In modern society, humans rule the Earth. There's no way around it. We have modified and adapted to our environment like no other creature. I believe have reached or nearly reached the end of our evolutionary path because we have very little to adapt to. We have technology to survive harsh weather, we are not subject to predators, we have advanced methods of catching all types of prey. In essence, humans have little to no need to evolve any further from our current state. While the body or brain may be enhanced technologically, our natural evolution is no longer necessary. Humans are the evolutionarily fittest creatures on earth.
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Posted by RC-9282 4 years ago
Ah, but Con could argue that us genetically altering our physical forms (brain) is part of natural selection. After all, the motivation to better our brain is to out compete the original organ, and make it better. In this sense, the brain will keep evolving, but by human hands.
Posted by Sensorfire 4 years ago
I have to disagree. I am not a creationist, and my argument is based on the principle of Natural Selection.
Posted by lord_megatron 4 years ago
only creationism believers would accept pro, and I think we would end up with a creationism vs evolutionism debate
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