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Are memes over rated?

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Started: 1/4/2018 Category: Funny
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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memes are not overrated in fact they are underrated don't fight me on this.... In fact I was gonna make the category "Religion" because memes are my religion. But memes are also funny so uhhhhh ye. Cash me ouside how bow da??????


he first thing you need to know about memes is how to pronounce the damn word. It"s not "mem" like in "memory" or "dismemberment". It"s not "meh-meh" or "meh-may" as in "I think this word looks fancy so I"m going to pronounce it like I"ve got a stick up my butthole". No, you moron, it"s meme. "Meem". Just to get that out the way...

Now that everyone"s got that right, I"d like to let you know that memes are the laziest goddamn form of humour ever conceived. Hell, repeating everything someone says and putting on a stupid voice takes more effort than it does to make a meme nowadays. I mean, you don"t even need to fire up Microsoft Paint or any more; just head to your meme generator of choice, pick whichever meme is most popular at the moment, bash the keyboard a couple times with your giant bear claw and there ya go, you"re the next Louis C.K. Well bloody done.

I"m no expert on comedy but how can anyone be proud of making a rage comic or ermahgerd pic? You didn"t invent or even improve on anything " it"s just a template, kinda like one of those birthday card where all you have to do is write your and the recipient"s names in. If someone gave me one of those instead of a present, I"d be pretty pissed off.

You may already know this but there"s a website called Know Your Meme. It"s a wiki for memes. Wait, let me spell that out: you need to use a fu.cking wiki for jokes because humour doesn"t goddamn relate to anything any more. Everything"s a reference to something else and jokes need annotations. I can"t be the only person struggling to wrap my head around this, right?
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