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Are men more insecure than women

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Started: 7/1/2020 Category: People
Updated: 1 month ago Status: Debating Period
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I personally feel that men are more insecure than women. Men are a lot of things. . . But call them insecure and it only makes the problem worse.
I"m sorry. You"re right. How dare I? It"s the women who are insecure, Not the men. It"s the women who worry about their penis size and their ability to perform. It"s women who care"about their height and making more money. Yes, We"ladies are sensitive and sometimes emotional, But trust us, We know an insecure fool when we see one.
Because we know what insecurity looks like -- we"ve been fed it for years. We"re Yodas in the realm of inadequacy and imperfection. They can"t admit their insecurities because it only"makes it worse.
Instead, They let their insecurities manifest and many times, They take it out on the women around them


I do think a definition is in order to properly set the parameters of the debate. Insecurity, Has little in the way of a psychological definition. The closest thing to it, Is neuroticism, Which is a predictor of depression and a personality trait that women score higher in. The susceptibility of women to advertising is also a factor. The entire body positivity movement is built on the insecurity of women. Women's bodies cannot be criticized without an entire social media apparatus coming in support of them.

What men's insecurity is instead is an exercise in how not supporting people through them leads to them lashing out. This response is not to say that insecurity does not exist in men, But is not tolerated by society whereas women are expected to be insecure. It is to this end that it was common practice before the street harassment video to shower random women with compliments. These days are no more and women's insecurity has already increased.
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Posted by Fazel 1 month ago
Women are known to be more insecure especially when it comes to the public view on them. They want to feel as if they are a "one of a kind" person at times. Men usually don't care about themselves or for looks or hobbies (sometimes). As long as they have fun, They don't care what others think of them.

For example, A lot of men go do random things that people might see them as immature when the men don't care like streaking or roasting each other hard in public. They might go out wearing "at home" clothes too.

Women: Care a lot about their appearances and care for too much before entering the public. I do that. I try to look as best as possible to make sure no one looks at me weird or different and make sure not to do dumb things like jump into the car while it moves.

(My examples are weak but I hope you know what I mean)
Posted by Leaning 1 month ago
Eh, I dunno.
Don't have a strong opinion about it myself.
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