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Are men sexist (yes/pro) or women sexist (no/con) [Who is more sexist to you?]

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Started: 6/13/2014 Category: Society
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I believe that women (not all) are more alleged to be sexist then men because after 200 hundred years of them getting rights it still seems like they want more. A female pope or arguments on how men are horrible and no-good cheaters and we are perverted rapists out to get innocent damsels. We degrade women because of our porn habits even though women watch it too. The only problems women have these days are that there isn't many women in politics calling the shots.
I watched a video on youtube about some talk show supporting a woman that sawed off her husband's dick and put it in the garbage disposal in the sink because he wanted to divorce and I was completely horrified. I know, I know those talk show hosts don't represent all feminists and women but it still horrified me when one of the talk show hosts was like 'You wouldn't be acting this way if it was a girl's boobs' and one of the others was like 'No, it is different'. My thought is: Do women value equality or want to become the masters?


So I'm a little leery of this argument because of how much my esteemed opponent has wandered in the opening paragraphs. Definitions and terms are not especially clear, but I'm going to do my best.

The only evidence my opponent has provided to fulfill burden of proof is that they once saw a talk show in which a bunch of women were happy that a woman had dismembered her husband.

I do not know if such a talk show segment exists, but if it does, I don't really see how it somehow proves that women as a rule are more sexist (or more frequently sexist? That's unclear too) than men.

I can find countless examples of men cheering for women receiving horrible treatment at the hands of their boyfriends. Whole websites exist to further this.

I would think the greater evidence of greater sexism lies in the vast disparities between men and women in social standing. Women make up disproportionately small numbers of elected officials, heads of companies, tenured academic faculty, Law Firm Partners, and Doctors within the specialties. If a greater sexism against women did not exist, I submit that these disparities would not exist.

Even if sexism were somehow more expressed by women, and CON has given no evidence that it is, it clearly isn't holding men back the way that whatever sexism exists in society is burdening women.

Over to you, CON.
Debate Round No. 1


I did get crazy but if you want to see the video here is the link: : but the person that posted it did have some p*ssed off context in the beginning but he does have the video. I have seen no examples of men beating women other than sick BDSM (don't lookup), men that beat up on girls by dating them and dumping them like a game (though I don't know how often this occurs), and the internet (pedophiles; deranged porn addicts). Most men I see treat their girlfriends like Queens.
I did read that like only 17 (published in 2013) women are at the top of countries out of like around ~200 countries and I'm aware of how their is few women at the top of high paying jobs and companies. But of course that is changing since technically the First Lady has a lot of power in the schools, and there is many examples of senators, judges, Supreme Court judges (not much since the max is 9 judges), representatives, et cetera. In the job department two things: 1. I am seeing alot of stay at home dads, [and] 2. Many men flunk out of schools; more than women.

I believe that women show sexism because. . .

They not only think as themselves as superior since they are smarter and more mature than us and they state it but they believe that us barbarians only play sports and beat each other up to gain superiority. That men are only used to do die in wars and lift heavy material. Otherwise they are useless other than chromosomes and sometimes becoming lovable gentleman.


I'll keep this one short.

While my opponent has done nothing to substantiate his claims about what women think of men, his willingness to generalize about all women and what they think is exactly proof of the kind of sexism we're talking about here, because that's sexist as hell.

We're talking about an instigator who saw a youtube video of some craziness and took to the net to show how THIS proves women are more consistently sexist than men, itself an extremely sexist action.

By contrast, I do not think all men are sexist (I certainly hope I'm not) and do not believe all women are either. What I CAN definitively show if I may belabor the point a bit, is that whatever sexism exists among the men who are largely in power has translated to a lack of women in power, which means it is, if not more frequent, is at least objectively more detrimental.
Debate Round No. 2


Did you read my explanation or just watch a completely illegitimate video that I just posted for you to see from my older argument? I posted that just for you to see what I was talking about before. Did you not see my newer argument? If you just think I'm sexist because of my older argument and did not take into context the words? Please read the words I did explain your argument. If you want to make another argument you can but if I'm just a lost cause just move on.


The instigator has done nothing to demonstrate how any of these rambling points show greater sexism in women. I urge you to vote Pro.

Thanks for the debate.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by ben671176 7 years ago
It is my profile pic isn't it?
Posted by ChosenWolff 7 years ago
Most people contend that feminists should stop, because they are on equal level by national law. This isn't always true for every state. My own being at fault.
Posted by Swagmasterpoopoo 7 years ago
This is literally the dumbest thing ever. They're still protesting for more rights because they are not of equal status with men yet. You seem very discriminatory...
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