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Are mules ACTUALLY in fashion?

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Started: 7/28/2017 Category: Fashion
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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A shoe that once conjured images of risqu" slippers sheathed in maribou, the mule is apparently the shoe of 2017.

As stubborn as the name suggests, the iconic accessory has come along way since its heyday in the boudoir. (1)


Refusing to leave the radar of designers and street style stars alike and has quickly become one of the most enduring footwear trends I"ve ever seen.

Available in all shapes and styles, the backless, slide-style shoe can be worn flat, with a comfortable block heel and in a bright crop of colours - are you a Mule fan??


For those not aware, a "mule" is a blanket term for shoes that are open-heeled. Due to being open-heeled, many of them are forced by utility to be bulky- or square-toed.

I am NOT a fan of mules and am overjoyed by the opportunity to tell the people what I think of their choices.

Mules have always been hideous. An enduring trend, perhaps, but an enduringly hideous one. Mules are the dot matrix printers of fashion. Uglier and less practical than the alternative, but for some reason they just won't die. Call them mules, but they breed like rabbits and make you cry like onions.

Originally created as a slip-on shoe that fits OVER another shoe and elevates the wearer above the dirt of civilization, these shoes were typically worn by prostitutes. That's right. Mules are slightly more whorish snowshoes.

The modern, "fashionable" version was popularized in the 1950's by Marilyn Monroe, which only succeeds to solidify the prostitute vibe of the shoes. Since then, the disfigurement of the human foot has gone through numerous visions, from wedges and slippers to modern clogs, flip-flops, and CROCS. Suffice it to say that if you need to put Spongebob on a shoe to get people to buy it, the shoe itself isn't worth buying.

Don't believe how terrible these are? Read this article about a woman who tripped over her flip-flops and fell off a cliff.

That woman's next child could have been the Messiah, but she was killed by her mules.
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