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Are really immigrants doing more bad than good to America

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Started: 5/8/2018 Category: Economics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I do understand the sentiment of locals when they see people from other countries coming to USA and doing some of the best paying jobs while most of the locals staying un-employed.
But is it really true? Are the immigrants really the reason for loxals not getting jobs?
Actually no, qualified immigrants doing full time jobs in USA companies are competing equally with anybody available in market. Only reason locals not getting (if really) then they are not qualified enough.

Yes but the concept of outsourcing work is diff, and that has nothing to do with Immigrants.

I feel stopping or controlling immigrants from coming to USA will not help in Unemployment problems , rather it will harm the business and harm the tax revenue of the country.


Many people view immigrants as innocent people who have migrated to America to escape "horrible things" that are currently ongoing in their country of origin. But really, many (not all) come to America to wreak the very horrible things that are supposedly going on in their countries right here in America.

Now don`t say I`m a racist bastard but really the evidence is quite obvious. Many hard working American`s are giving their hard earned pay to the government just so the government can give it to the majority of lazy immigrants who couldn`t be bothered making their own money by working. In other words, people who are willing to do something in life must give all they have earned to those who hardly deserve it. If immigrants want to come to America, they can contribute to society instead of leaching off society.
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I have no idea from where you are mentioning these but let me help you to know something and clarify.

1. Immigrants dont have luxary to stay lazy and do nothing. Their visa status won't allow it.

2. Immigrants do pay Tax, and it is a large proportion of IRS's earning. That money US government uses for everybody in USA , even for many of its citizens who even don't pay taxes.

3. Immigrants don't take any money from any of the citizens, they rather work amd earn.

4. On economy catagory I didn't want to mention it but as you picked it up, "The Horrible" things happenning in USA , in schools, in bars, in night clubs or in Las Vegas concert are all done by some local psychos only , not by immigrants.

And by the way if you want an example consider the social security tax immigrants pay to government even though they know they won't get benifited from it.


Let it be said that some immigrants are hardworking and do contribute to our country's greatness. But you said that they pay security tax even if they don't benefit from it, but in reality they do. I make on average $40 a fortnite and at least $20 go to immigrants. It is impossible for hard working people to receive a pension because they are too rich and that money has to go to immigrants. It is really unfair to those who want a (excuse my metaphor) wel deserved piece of the cake themselves
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Posted by NileRivers 3 years ago
What's the big picture, if it continues? Now is ok, sorry for your loss etc, but later?
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