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Are self driving cars are necessary?

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Started: 3/28/2018 Category: Cars
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i am doing a research on this and i need advice


Self driving cars will not be necessary. In the end most people want to drive themselves, lots of people actually like driving, believe it or not. Also, self driving cars will not be very prevalent because of their inherent flaws, like their hack-ability. We saw this in normal cars before and most people will not drive something that's not safe. However I do believe the technology will get better in the future, which would allow more people to drive driver-less.
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Posted by asta 3 years ago
Sorry about the link error, the link (I hope) is:
Posted by asta 3 years ago
Humans cause about 30,000 deaths on the road every year. Given that every time a self driving cars (SDC) does one, it makes the news, I would say that SDCs are safer because of this. They can prevent 90% of car accidents if they replace every non SDC car (
Posted by Ma_Ro_Va 3 years ago
No, it isn't necessary. In my opinion, these vehicles shouldn't even have been invented.

I'll always trust my brain more than an AI. My PC already taught me that...Before I destroyed it because I was too upset. Despite this...I'm not a psycho, relax! XP
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Vote Placed by dsjpk5 3 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro made no arguments, so I cannot assess them. Con, on the other hand, made a convincing argument by saying people like to drive, making self driving cars unnecessary.

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