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Are shooters morally wrong

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Started: 4/14/2017 Category: Games
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Today many shooters fall under the rating of M, or T. Shooters are morally wrong because you're picking up a gun and shooting another human or living creature. Is it right to simulate war? Even in rated E shooters war is only something caused by provoking or being provoked. War itself is not morally right, trying to turn it into something fun is terrible. If you gave every character in the game a backstory, the game would be more emotionally in depth. Why make wars fun? War is a terrible thing, making it fun is sad in a way. Shooters are also wrong because it allows adults to let kids play games that are way outside their age. They should make ages more clear. If you go to game stop and ask for your preorder for a rated M game, if you say that this game is for my 5 year old, they won't let you buy the game because it is like giving alcohol to minors. This means they should make the ESRB ratings more strict and make sure kids aren't buying M or AO games under aged. Another immoral thing about games is their tendency to be inaccurate, like killing 20 people with ease. This, in a way, is disrespectful to the war itself, making war heroes historically inaccurate. Another thing that is wrong with shooters is their strong language. This might not be a big problem for adults, but for kids, it can catch on real quick.
Video games can also make certain audiences violent. In games, they throw unrealistic amounts of blood, gore and more violent references. Shooters can change peoples life in the wrong ways even including PTSD. Just because it isn't reality doesn't mean it is good, it is the thought of shooters that are the main problem.
even if a shooter is trying to be historic or educational, it is very inaccurate and is a terrible source for facts. I have never seen a historically accurate game.
for instance Battlefield 1, playing as a real character who fought in WW1, and they overexaggerate taking out about 50 men in less than 30 min.
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