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Are sociopaths different then phycopaths?

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Started: 5/7/2018 Category: Society
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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It's as obvious as if you need to create a new design of lock who is the best mind to ask? a criminal genius. Now do criminals have empathy and sympathy? Yes, and No, but humility is not always the truth, these practiced or unpracticed traits are easily put aside if you can put your want's before your needs. practiced succed with

So don't confuse psychopaths with sociopaths. Because psychopaths have not the ability to change what is not there's, to begin with, on and off. For they live within the boundaries of society or they don't.

Don't use words lightly. So mean what you say and say what you mean as mean does not come from the heart.

But sometimes healthy criticisms are cruel and to be cruel is sometimes to be kind and don't forget, what you wish upon another you wish upon yourself and what you wish for yourself you wish upon another. So a gift is a gift that if justly returned or is given away freely as a burden of responsibility.

Peace be with you.


they're the same thing just a sociopath can be fixed and "cured" while a psychopath cannot
socio meaning socially;relating to society they just have their feelings mixed up and or loss of emotion
then there is psychopaths they cannot be fixed because its a mental thing hence"psych"
either way its the same thing and the same feelings just one is more serious and permanent.
Debate Round No. 1


So then is the purple people eater about a psychopath or a sociopath?

Is this a clash of will or is it who has the most eyes upon there head wins?

The purple people eater had but one eye at the front of its head.

Have we got 2 eyes or 4 eyes or infinity eyes upon our head? How about 2 heads or 4 heads how about infinity heads?
Whatever happened to tails?
Does 3 sound good to you?
Well, it does for me so far. So then are we of us the purple people eater with 3 eyes and 2 halves of a brain that just don't like each other within one head.

Well thank our existence creator within our own nature, shall we? Not our own existence creators nature as the nature of our creator is not of nature it is Nature.
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Posted by 2far4u2CharlesDarwin 3 years ago
This is so within the normies. But not within positions of authority.
As to say the disposition inflicted the ailment.

For example, If you are in a position of authority then you need to be in touch with your emotions as to be able to be in touch with the immediate people about you. Not if you are within the mind of a psychopath holding a position of authority and have such a disposition inflicted by the ailment that inhibits your own ability to use rational reasoning. Then your fellow peers pick up on this subconsciously as to say peer pressure. That, of course, we of sound mind know and learn as children. This is called reflection/mirror imaging.
So if you are of sound mind be it the mind of a corrupted "be it of one's self or of or by another" sociopath that is of the master of manipulation then you will see this disposition within another as this is the noticed psychopath. Now the word Psychopath its self-has much negative connotation put upon it and should not be used lightly. As many psychopaths are in positions of for the sake of a better descriptive name but of the nature of Cain. Like surgeons, front-line medics and soldiers. First response emergency personnel. For the psychopath is good or bad depending on what environment one has been or have been subjected to.
But us of sound mind will always be aware of this if you have been about one for some time. We used to call this eccentric, but we now have a better understanding of this nature within.
To be Able is also the undertone of a sociopath if one has the discrepancies to forget one's own position of authority of one's own nature within oneself to have empathy, sympathy within our own humilities. Not of one's self. For that would be 1's and 0's as if of the nature of a machine. For we are but oneself. Me myself and I.

Peace be with you as all praise and glory belong to Nature. Not to our own.
Posted by SmUrf 3 years ago
Sociopaths are not as good in deceiving and manipulating, while psychopaths are masterminds in those senses. Psychopaths are also narcissistic and think they're superior than others. Sociopaths are able to feel guilt or remorse after doing something and build emotional attachments with others.

Psychopaths are able to carry out a crime and get away with it. When sociopaths commit a crime it more as a "heat of the moment".
Posted by RMTheSupreme 3 years ago
Contrary to popular belief, sociopaths are the ones with less self control and psychopaths are the ones with more.

The psychopath is both the serial killer and the corrupt politician, the sociopath is more of an on and off rapist or workplace bully who just can't help but lash out at their colleagues when they are the receiving end of said teasing/politics.

Sociopaths are not more violent, they are just easier to make become violent at will.
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