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Are the Tech Giants positive for society?

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Started: 1/11/2018 Category: Technology
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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First of all, I would like to say that it's my first debate on this page. I recently took part on a debate tournament and I found out that I was keen on debate, therefore I decided to create an account here and participate on more debates and discussions. By the way, as I am not very experienced in the debate format of this page, I would really than some help from other users.

Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft... These are the Tech Giants of the actual market. In our daily life, we make use of many of their services and they have changed our society for sure. In these debate I will defend my thesis which defends that tech giants are positive for us and how they can influence our society. For defending my thesis I will relay on 2 main arguments:

-Tech giants are in actual world an important economic agent. The five business I previously named are in the actual market the most expensive businesses; Apple in the lead with $800.000 millions. Actually, Tech Giants are have employed directly approximately 1.5 million people, having employed 180.000 during the last year. Tech Giants have also created new jobs; as a perfect example we have the app developers that earn an average amount of $4000 per app they develop. In fact, the Apple App Store paid last year $5000 million to app developers.

Tech Giants don't only employees many people, they offer their workers fantastic work conditions for making their job better and easier. Google is considered the business which treats better to their employees and offer them a wide range of services such as free meals or free access to their new features which aren't available to the customers.

-As my other main argument, I want to remember the positive impact of the technology which these business have been developing during the last year. Every minute there are made more than 4 millions researches through the Google browser and 72 hours of audiovisual content is uploaded to Youtube. Tech Giants have made our life easier, more comfortable and more efficient through their products and services.

But they don't offer us only a wide range of technology, they are actually the responsible of developing artifices that were though to be from science fiction into real and possible products that can we sold in the market in a few years; nanomedicine, quantum processors or artificial intelligence are some of the multiple examples of technology which these businesses are developing. Therefore we don't only use their technology nowadays, we would probably use their new technology in the future.

As a conclusion, I would like to emphasise that in actual world we need progress and we have discovered that without technology, our actual society is not able to improve. We can't stop the Tech Giants because they offer us a brighter future and we should stop the Tech Giants because they are our future. I would like ask a question; how many of all the people reading my thesis have made use in the last 5 minutes of one of the products that Tech Giants offer? Who is actually using a computer or a mobile phone which use iOS or Windows?

Tech Giants affect positively to our society because we have to accept that Tech Giants are actually our society or at least part of it.


tech gaints are ntop good

i am 12, debate me.
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