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Are the co-ed schools better than single sex schools?

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Started: 8/23/2012 Category: Education
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Did you know that 75% of Korean children go to the co-ed schools and 25% go to single sex schools? According to this research, we can know that co-ed schools are more popular. Also, they are better than single sex schools. Three reasons why co-ed schools are better than single sex schools are boys and girls can cooperate with opposite sex, they can gain ability to fight against obstacles, and girls and boys can understand the differences between them.

For the first reason, boys and girls can cooperate with opposite sex. If they go to single sex schools, they have to work only with same sex. When they grow up and get the job, they cannot work with the opposite sex. It is because they did not learn how to cooperate with other sex when they were young. According to research of a Canadian university, over half of the students went to co-ed elementary schools. They said that they could learn how to do group work with opposite sex, and they could cooperate with them, too. By doing group projects with the opposite sex, they can understand each other and learn about each other. Therefore, co-ed schools can help cooperation between boys and girls.

Secondly, they can gain ability to fight against obstacles such as teasing. This does not happen if they children go to single sex schools. Teasing and fights will not happen because they are same sex. Teasing and fighting are not positive for children. If it happens to them, they will surely be unhappy or annoyed. However, they can learn how to ignore the tease of opposite sex or how to prevent fight with opposite sex. For example, CNN student news said that a lot of young girls and boys at Seattle elementary school got teased. Because of this, they could learn how to endure their anger. Therefore, co-ed schools can provide ability to get over obstacles.

Finally, girls and boys can understand the differences between them. Girls have things that they are better at, such as making food and speaking. Boys have things that they are better at too, such as math and science. Actually, it does not mean that all girls are better at those things and all boys are better at those things. It is different from each person. Anyway, they have different thoughts and body shape. If they go to the co-ed school, they can learn about these differences. Also, by understanding these differences, they will find out the person who they will marry with or who they want to marry with. For example, school research found out that 75% of students at co-ed school said they understand the difference between the two different sexes. At single sex school, 54% of them said that they understand about it. Therefore, co-ed schools can provide more understanding between two different sex.

Co-ed schools are better than single sex schools, because of three reasons. It’s because boys and girls can cooperate, they can gain ability to get over obstacles, and they can understand the differences between them. Opponents say that boys and girls are different in learning. However, they should learn together if they are different in learning. Girls can teach the boys what they are not better at, and boys can teach the girls what they are bad at. Thus, co-ed schools are better.



I’d assume my opponent has the BOP. Therefore I must prove that single-sex schools are either equal to or superior to Co-educational schools.

Clarified Resolution: Co-ed schools are better than single-sex schools.

My opponent (pro) must affirm this resolution and I (con) must negate it.

This topic has been debated over professors, teachers and principals for many years. Yet, the solution is still unclear. Asof this debate, I am arguing forsingle-sex schools over co-ed schools.


Single-sex schools: Schools thatcomprise of one gender only (male-only or female-only school)

Co-edschools: Schools that comprise of both genders


Did you know that 75% of Korean children go to the co-ed schools and 25% go to single sex schools?

From the above statistics, we can certainly agree that Co-ed based schools certainly are more popular in Korea, but not necessarily better. I’d also ask of my opponent to provide some sources to back up the numbers she has used.

boys and girls can cooperate with opposite sex

What is school? It is a place for learning. The first priority for students is studying. Social skills are a necessity for life. However, there are other ways to develop them, and certainly better places than school.

Better ways to cooperate with members of the opposing sex include signing up for groups (sports for example) that are mixed gendered. This way, males and females will be highly encouraged to cooperate with each other to have a good time. Participating with extra-curricular group-based activities is much more successful for understanding each other for the following reasons:

1. Within the group, members have similar interests.
2. School projects with mixed members are more likely to be “forced” to cooperate. This is not beneficial for all members within the group project.

Secondly, they can gain ability to fight against obstacles such as teasing

This is a very one-sided argument. Without the presence of members of the opposing sex, other types of “teasing” occurs. For example, a homosexual male within a single-sex school is likely to bullied by guys taller and stronger than him. With the presence of females however, it is possible to say that the bullies are less tempted to bully and therefore lose his cool to the girl/s he may like.

Another rebuttal I’d like to make towards this argument is teasing is not necessarily good. Teasing people for prolonged amounts of time is not necessarily the best way to provide them with the ability to get over obstacles. It can cause emotional scarring, lead to depression and even go as far as suicidal thoughts.

I can use the same rebuttals for my opponent’s last argument as those I have already used for her first. Basically put, there are places other than school that would be a suitable environment for students to understand each other’s differences.


Contention 1: Better education in single-sex schools

Single-sex schools have an advantage over co-educational schools as their education systems are geared towards the best methods to teach that gender as a whole. Females respond differently to boys when they are being taught. [1] As the following source shows, there are plenty of differences (generalized examples. The characteristics described represent the majority) in how they study.

Girls tend to be auditory learners, more attuned to sounds, and as a result talk earlier than boys. From the time they begin formal schooling, girls excel in auditory subjects, such as reading, which require the ability to break words into individual sound units, and then blend them back into a whole. As auditory learners, they perform well in classroom settings that demand attention to teacher instructions. As adults, they often lean toward careers in communications. Male broadcasters, courtroom attorneys and speech-language pathologists prove that there are exceptions to this rule.

Beginning at birth, boys tend to be visually alert and take a whole body stance to learning. As visual learners, boys tend to excel in visual subjects, such as spelling and math. Spelling requires accurate visual recall of the patterns of words, and success in math hinges on the ability to mentally visualize and manipulate quantities. As adults, males tend to favor visually precise fields, or favor fields where they can be physically active. However, female airline pilots, accountants and landscape designers prove exceptions to this rule.” [2] (Quoted)

Co-educational schools are not able to provide an education system suitable for both genders at one time. By focusing too much on visual-based learning (the stronger point for males), females (the majority) will not reach their full potential. In a similar way, if a co-ed class was focusing on auditory-based education, the grades performed by males are highly likely to fall behind the females.
As shown in this source, the scores achieved in schools in comparison (Co-ed vs Single-sex) are as follows[3]:

Percentage of students scoring proficient on the FCAT
boys in coed classes: 37% scored proficient
girls in coed classes: 59% scored proficient
girls in single-sex classes: 75% scored proficient
boys in single-sex classes: 86% scored proficient

In conclusion, co-educational schools are not better (as a whole) than single-sex schools. I have provided rebuttals to my opponents claims on how they promote understanding between opposing genders and how a simple solution can be used. I have also responded on my opponent’s claim about being “teased” in school and how that is a beneficial factor in the lives of teenagers. So far, one argument has been provided to explain why single-sex schools are indeed superior than Co-ed schools.

The resolution has been successfully negated.

More arguments in the following rounds. I’d also request that no new arguments to be posted in the last round.



Good luck to my opponent for the rest of debate!

Good Luck! ^^
Debate Round No. 1


I'd like to give rebuttals to my opponent's rebuttals and arguments.

Problems of rebuttals:
First, did you say that school is place for learning, and social skills can be developed in other places? However, I believe that the schools are the best place to learn and develop our social skills. At school, students of different gender work together, such as doing group projects. Then, they can learn social skills naturally, not in an unnatural way. If they meet each other in other groups, like you said, since they only met same gender at the school, they will not know how to work with a different gender or they will not have enough information about their opposite gender. Therefore, I think my opponent needs a stronger rebuttle.
P.S. School projects are more likely to be forced to cooperate? Is that really true? Prove it, please.
Second, my opponent said that teasing is not necessarily good. However, if the students grow and become an adults, they will probably get teased once or more. So, they should know how to fight against them when they are young. It is preparing for their future.

Problems of arguments:
First, my opponent said that single sex schools provide the better education, which is suitable for both genders at one time. However, I think that the co-ed schools provide high-quality education as the single sex schools. If they teach the things that only they want to learn, they will be unable to do things that their opposite gender is good at. Therefore, the single sex schools do not provide the better education.

I thought my opponent would give many arguments, so I am surprised to see only one argument.
I will be glad to see more of your arguments to prove that single sex schools are better than co-ed schools.

Well, I want to state that my opponent is a great debater. I took some time to give him the rebuttles. His evidence was very good, and rebuttles were good, too. I will wait for my opponent's rebuttles for me again.



What I was pointing out was that the best place for learning is at
school and the best place for developing social skills are out of school. Thus,
when they are involved with extra-curricular activities that they enjoy,
starting up a conversation is not difficult.

At school however, the interests of other people who are not your
friends still remain a mystery. This is one reason why not every single person
in your class is your friend as a major factor of friendship is based on
similar interests. Often people may even offend one another in an indirect way.
For example, here is a clear scenario:

John is a “hard-core”
Christian and Cameron is a “hard-core” atheist. Cameron gets into a bad mood
and then decides to use Christian terms in a derogatory manner e.g. “Oh my
God”. By using the possessive term whilst addressing God, John will certainly
not take this in the right way and react negatively.

Similarly, these types of scenarios can easily happen at school. You
cannot communicate and develop your social skills with everyone at school.
Additionally, we can note that a typical female student in comparison with a
typical male student differ greatly in personality and characteristics.
In most cases, it will be hard to find a guy who enjoys window-shopping and a
girl who enjoys shooting zombie heads during their spare time.

Therefore, extra-curricular activities, such as drama clubs, chess
clubs, mixed sports etc. are the best place for male to female interaction
which will, in a long-term naturally develop a better understanding of the
opposing sex.

P.S. School projects
are more likely to be forced to cooperate? Is that really true? Prove it,

Usually, the majority of students will pair up or group with friends of
the same gender for important projects. Learning styles also differ from each
gender (as argued in R1) and therefore the way they approach the project may
cause complications when working with the opposing gender. Although most teenagers
should be fine whilst working with a member of their opposing gender, chances
are most students would prefer to work with members of their gender.

By having a teacher grouping up males students with female students,
they are most likely not going with their preferences, and therefore it means
they are forced to cooperate.


The subject of teasing another individual to be able to cope and accept
this type of behaviour is double-sided. For example, lighter cases of teasing
such as calling other people bad names is not really going to help prepare an
individual for the future. More extreme cases of teasing, such as racial slurs
and severe discrimination can happen in both co-ed and single-sex schools.

Additionally, these types of things often happen in single-sex schools
as well, usually with different types of teasing. Therefore creating no beneficial
factor for co-ed schools over single-sex.

However, more severe cases of teasing are far from being beneficial.
Bullying one another causes emotional scarring and even physical injuries. There have been many cases where
same-sex attracted individuals commit suicide after being bullied for prolonged
Although this rebuttal is neither beneficial for my side, I am providing
it in a manner to question the validity of my opponent’s arguments. It is an
interesting part to look at, but it does not appear to be completely


My opponent’s response to my first and only argument is very weak. The
studies and statistics I’ve provided have been completely ignored. To summarise
my entire first argument once again, the stronger learning style of males
depend on visual-based education and for females is auditory-based education.

In single-sex schools, it is easier for the teachers to focus on
teaching their students based on a majority’s strengths. In co-ed schools however,
the education system must be balanced to ensure one of the gender counterparts
do not drastically fall behind the other. I also provided statistics to back up
that study [1]

There are also strong sources to back up that female students benefit
highly in single-sex schools [2].


Negative peer
pressure from opposing gender

Sometimes there are cases of negative peer pressure from the opposing
gender at co-ed schools. Sometimes girls feel pressured by the male counterpart
to choose subjects that follow the general female stereotype, such as creative
arts and music. Although the males may not realise how they could possibly be
using this type of peer pressure, it still happens. Peer pressure for something
as important as subject selection can alter a person’s future in a negative

In single-sex schools, students (females in particular) do not feel
pressured by students of their opposite gender to do stupid things such as
follow a general stereotype (subject selection being a prime example).

Early and
unhealthy relationships

Although there is nothing wrong with becoming friends with members of
your opposing sex, when a couple develop their relationship to a
boyfriend/girlfriend status, it will lead to distractions from more important
such as their education.

Although there is nothing wrong with having a boyfriend/girlfriend
relationship, the only problem is that during their teens, most students are
not mature enough to keep a stable relationship, often ending up with breakups
and heartbroken couples. These types of things are detrimental to teenage
students and often result in students becoming insecure and not being able to
trust anyone.


Debate Round No. 2


haeun forfeited this round.


Extend all arguments.

All of my arguments have so far been left conceded.
Debate Round No. 3


Cool! Nice debater, famer. bye~^^


Well that was fairly disappointing. I was hoping my opponent would at least have an argument for the last round instead of forfeiting.

Please give my opponent conduct point for good sportmanship.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by keondap 4 years ago
Okay first of all is a child really going to have a hard socializing with the opposite sex? Going to a single sex school isn't going to harm a child's social skills when they become adults.
If anything, going to a co-ed school harms a child. Girls are getting pregnant, popularity is a big deal, bullying, boys and girls not learning up to their potential and list goes on. I think it's time for a new method.
Posted by haeun 6 years ago
I will take up this debate..... haha
Posted by famer 6 years ago
I am going with devil's advocate.
Posted by famer 6 years ago
Screw it... I'm going to take up this debate.
Posted by famer 6 years ago
Would like to take this debate, but I'm not so sure if I have enough time... :(

If this debate is not taken after 3/4 days, I'm taking it on!
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Reasons for voting decision: Forfeit. Also had the chance to argue but ran off :(
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Reasons for voting decision: The catholic school girls uniform has gotten me in four relationships I didnt need, btu f*ck me their great to look at. Still, FF and dropped all arguments