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Are there is need to see or add sex scene in movies. Is it ok to have a sex scence in movies?

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Started: 3/12/2019 Category: Movies
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In todays date or time it is common to see the sexual content in movies. Is there need to be have such content on movie
With out it the movie industry can do better.

My self debate0ts. Im a boy.
My pro should first introduce him self to counter my intro.
I m taking opposide side of what my pro choose! ? ! ? ! ?

I m giving u firt chance to choice, Because this some kind of award topic to discuss.


You are 19 years of age, Yet you regard yourself as a boy.

This would imply that you have an acquired immaturity. Perhaps relative to your upbringing.

This is not a criticism, But an observation which would lead me to infer that your response to sex scenes in movies is far more about how you were formatively conditioned, Rather than about a general concern for the film industry or film making.

After all; films reflect reality and human sexuality is one of the base realities of humanity.
So therefore isn't sex an intrinsic part of the human story?
Debate Round No. 1


i m pretty 19 though but i always feel as energetic as young minded, Just don't bother to be adult stuff.

but i learn some thing new on this. Its that i have to use words as per my age it better suits me. Thanks for the little help friend
"My new pen friend".

lets get start then,
Why their is need to add such akward thing on filming screen shows. Us it okay to have seen such sexual content on such level of playing things. Its affects totaly on childrens youngsters and up coimng genration.
Such content with no restriction causing the growth medium for sexual abuses and harassment
Take a example then, Ur my host for it
Small child who come with u to see a movies which shows such content openly how its affect to that child or any other one who came with their parents.
They get minded to thinking about the sexual stuff about that age
Where they have to learn first good things.
How do u put to these. To that child to forget about that stuff
Its pretty hard to do that.

And rather for maturity level on film industry its totaly sucks
The industry wants profit by any means its totaly a sort of profiting.
And movies r far good can be maken with out the use of such content. Their r quite excelent example for these line just have to google ones.
But when its comes to sex scence the film industry make money from it only its marketing statergy to advertise their product on flim by adding such eye catching seen which no one deny to watch.

Film reflects the reality of todays word what we want most u said it right
No buddy wants such supper hot content on such big screen which embress him in front of his caretaker.
And kind of thing is the industry giving the people by seeing such stuff, I m sure its nothing at all.
On other its emptying the pocket of people and diverting the mind of immature people to such dangerous addiction

Rather for my immaturity i m a boy its my humble way of treating welcome to people to feel energetic

For mature stuff
I first introduced myself first then i talk u not do that

U on a debate and seems to be a good person who knows whats is maturity



Your dialogue suggests that there maybe social and cultural differences between us, Which would back up my previous observations regarding your formative conditioning. This would perhaps explain why you feel "awkward" when confronted with adult themes in movies.

Young children should not be allowed to view such films. It is as much the responsibility of the parent or responsible adult to monitor and ensure this, As it is the responsibility of the film industry. Certainly all adult themed films produced and shown within western societies such as the U. S. A. And the U. K. Have to comply to specific censorship rules relating to explicit sexual content and any other images that may be of a disturbing nature.

I can only comment on my specific social and cultural situation and from this viewpoint I accept that modern filmmaking is only reflective of modern social and cultural standards. Being embarrassed by such images at 19 years of age would generally be considered as unusual in most progressive westernised societies.

As for "mature stuff":
Mature stuff is inherent and unavoidable and awkwardness and embarrassment are all part of the learning process.
I would suggest that cultural repression of "mature stuff" is not necessarily representative of a natural approach to sexuality.

I would also suggest that "dangerous addiction" is probably, Fundamentally resultant of inherent, Pre-existing psychological tendencies, Rather than as an acquired or learnt response to sexual imagery. Though that is not to say that there is not a connection between the two instances. Nonetheless this is a separate issue and it is clearly not fair to hold the film industry responsible for an individuals pre-existing psychological problems. That is to say that the majority of viewers will never acquire a dangerously addictive personality as a result of viewing sexual imagery in films.

Debate Round No. 2


Yess their is a cutural differences. Its i m belong to Asian region
Here sexual content or abuses r not that much

But they r spreding day by day such a larger impact is due to big screen effect by flim industry's

But u seem to be a experience person understand only by look on my wording that there is a victim of such adversery here

The mentality of a person
Rathere never contant thats why crime happens
Even if we hang the criminal.
There is good a chance to stop the such threaten like things by limiting the sexual content on screen
But they r radicaly increasing movie per movie.

Its bit harsh to say our society getting too advance and forgetting the natural culture ways of respect to dress up management

These movie, Fashion, Social media popilarity r desited the way of today dressing stuff and hair style
People on top r just making schemes on these but doing less work then thinking.

I m totally concern about to take a very strict limit on big screening sexual content which on slowly indirectly harming the society.


You appear to have a carefree attitude towards hanging criminals and yet you find overt references to sexuality, Awkward and embarrassing. Some liberal thinkers might regard this attitude as contradictory and somewhat counter-intuitive.
However I see it as simply a reflection of how you were formatively conditioned by your society.
We can only base our ideas on the information we have been given.

Worldwide easy access to social media is slowly homogenising global thought and conditioning. All information is now available to all and I would suggest to resist this change is futile. I would also suggest that the slow but persistent flow of change will inevitably be from conservatism to a more global liberalism. Repression and suppression can only happen in closed societies and I expect that even in your society, Access to global social media is rapidly becoming a significant if not overwhelming influence on formative conditioning. The fact that you are debating with me now, Is clearly indicative of this change.

You were taught to be embarrassed and so you are embarrassed. I expect as you get older you will become less embarrassed but whether or not you will be able to rid yourself completely of your underlying inhibitions is impossible to say. I would suggest probably not.

For me, Sex scenes in movies are an inevitable consequence of liberalisation and therefore necessary and I expect that in the not too distant future your society will also regard sex scenes in movies in a similar carefree fashion.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Leaning 3 years ago
Hmm, Most convincing? Eh, Going to leave it a tie. Though I feel Pro has the edge there, Con made decent arguments.
Posted by Leaning 3 years ago
Interesting debate. Cons spelling and grammar loses points since it is noticeably flawed. Though I do find how well Con can read and write another language impressive, I feel there is definite room for improvement.

I do like Pros argument of how sex and other modern themes do relate to the human experience, And thus might be expected to be included in media.
After all we see sex for example as a theme in cultures throughout history, More or less depending on how Victorian or Romantic the culture is lets say.

Cons argument that media influences the next generation Is also fair. People have long been concerned about how media and culture will effect the youth in their formative years. Which can be argued against as Pro does later, Is whether modern themes 'are in fact appropriate in media.
Con also makes the argument that the people mainly dealing with creating the new content are concerned with profit more than effect of the media. Also fair I think.

Pro does make an argument that films 'do have rating systems and censorship laws.
He also returns to his theme of sexuality and mature themes being part of a healthy human. Solidifying his argument and making rebuttals against Con.

Con returns to his theme that development is important, That preventing a problem should be more our concern than dealing with the problem when it arises.
A fair argument I think, After all a comparison I might use is that it is better to stay in physical shape, Rather than buy heart medication or a scooter. Better to have a true recycling society, Rather than garbage dumps (USA does not have a true recycling society)

I think Pro makes an Excellent argument in the 3rd round in regards to the internet and modern technology, But because that argument was not available for Con to reply to, I'm not counting it in points.
Possible arguments against would be the newness of that tech and what we do already attempt to regulate in it upon the West.
Posted by Debate0ts 3 years ago
Thanks sonofcharl to be my contender

I really a little agree with ur point that some time in future may be the gap between our society thinking is lesser or vanishes and we can think as one.
Nice and warm talk with u.
Posted by kwbc 3 years ago
I'm not a fan of sex scenes since all they serve is a chance to see the current hot actress naked. The only movie I have seen recently that uses sex scenes effectively is Red Sparrow and even then most of their scenes are an excuse to show Jennifer Lawrence naked.
Posted by BiggsBoonj 3 years ago
Are you against sex scenes in movies?
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