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Are there more than two genders?

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Started: 4/18/2017 Category: People
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I believe there are more than two genders as I identify as one of the many genders that exist, agender.

Many people say that identities such as mine are "cancerous" or "retarded" as they believe your chromosomes and corporal state dictate your gender. I believe that your gender is what you feel. Some people fit in the male/female category, but others don't feel these labels fit with them. This is not to be confused with defying gender roles, but instead how you think about yourself. Some people feel that they are both, neither, all, etc. genders.

Please do not use arguments involving religion. In addition, please don't comment "if I had a dollar for how many genders there were..." At least be original :)))


I greatly disagree with you. I believe that there are and forever will be two genders.

If you were to look at it from a purely scientific standpoint, and not morally, you will see there is only two genders and the people are right, it is governed by chromosomes. You may disregard such chromosomes but there is a medical and scientific need for them. You do not hear of scientific research proving that a non-binary gender is more likely to have so and so medical problems. Binary gender is needed for medical professionals to do their job. It is needed in regard to research medically and psychologically.

The next thing is identification does not make you that thing. If I were to go out and say, I identify as a printer. I'm not going to magically be a printer and it's not going to matter at all. It's irrelevant. And it trivializes genders and the real issues that come with them.

Not to mention, socially. Such "identities" isolate people. Not only people isolating themselves from you but people feeling isolated as they can't understand such things or are upset by it. Not to mention, people are not going to conform to the identity that you have chosen. It makes people feel put off and it does more damage than good.

Hope you enjoy the non-religious and original argument. :)))
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Posted by uzairmahmud 3 years ago
How did people even come up with more than 2 genders..... If there were more than 2 genders, then God would have shown us...? He only showed us Adam and Eve.
Posted by ManBeastWomanThing 3 years ago
Since it has been brought to my attention regarding people with two genitalia. Allow me to specify what I mean as I never actually mentioned genitalia. Instead, I am talking about hormones. The majority of the hormones that is in that person's body, whether it be taken via pills or given in shots, or whatever.
Posted by 2Sense 3 years ago
I just want to point out that Con leaps to one of the most common misconceptions about sex by claiming there are biologically only two, when this, on a basic level, is false. There are intersex individuals (those who have both genitalia or neither), which means that there are, on a biological level, at the *least*, three different sexes. Con, like many who share his convictions, refers to science without actually understanding the science to which he's referring.
Posted by DeadlyOrange 3 years ago
I wish I accepted this debate in time, I've got a barrel load of arguements
Posted by MartinMC 3 years ago
Ugh people who go on about more than 2 genders make me concerned for the survival of humanity.
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