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Are video games a waste of time?

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Started: 5/11/2018 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 5 months ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I know many people who waste hours on end playing video games. A small amount can be good, but many people can make it a "hobby" of sorts which can be bad for their health. Why do you think it's good? Maybe you can change my mind.


As an avid gamer who plays purely for the enjoyment of gaming I have come under attack by many people for spending too much time behind a screen and I can tell you it has not been a waste of my time. My job involves constantly watching multiple monitors 6 hours a day without any break to rest my eyes and as soon as I get home I am on my laptop for another 6 or more hours. My life is lived behind a screen and its been a great life. You ask about health concerns and truthfully it is not for everyone, some people will get a migraine from 30 minutes of staring at a screen and other get pains in their wrists from typing while yet others get back pain from sitting for to long. The list can go on and on, but these problems are seldom caused by gaming but just preexisting injuries being aggravated by long term poor posture. I am 28 and have never experienced health issues from gaming(Knock on wood). Gaming can be good for you in many ways, google has provided this list: Improves coordination. Improves problem-solving skills. Enhances memory. Improves attention and concentration. It is a great source of learning. Improves the brain's speed. Enhances multitasking skills. Improves social skills. If you wish to get into the social aspects of gaming and the worth of a life spent gaming I will be happy to state my views on that.
Debate Round No. 1


Thanks for being mature about this! I was worried a gamer would accept this debate to simply insult me but am glad with the result so far.

Since you disproved me about the physical part, I'll focus on the mental part of gaming for now. I believe that gaming can be good for the human brain, but in limited amounts. Six hours a day I would think has negative effects; 1/4 of someone's day spent watching people's monitors and another 1/4 spent gaming (a total of 12 hours or 1/2 of your day) simply can't be good for someone.

I will be willing to get into the social aspects of gaming. Though you can do a multiplayer game and talk to others, it's much more beneficial to talk to people in person and see how they REALLY are when they are potentially vulnerable rather than someone who's speaking into your ear who could be from a different state.

Thanks again! :D


You say that extended computer time can not be good for someone's mental health.
After spending 12 hours at work looking at monitors my eyes are sore and I can't wait to get home and rest but it would be very difficult to make a legal claim that my mental health is being affected by my work. Unlike jobs that force people to endure more than they are comfortable with, gamers can take a break or stop whenever they experience fatigue or stress. The negative effects of long term gaming are difficult to measure. Is it good for you? Unless you are training and conditioning yourself to be a professional gamer I doubt it but I also doubt its bad for your mental health. Many different games exist for every type of gamer; from the gamer who has quick reflexes and wants that adrenaline rush, or the gamer who wants to take it easy and tame a cute looking creature and build something, there is something for everyone and not all games exercise your mind in the same way. Some games will require coordination and speed while others are relaxing, some even stimulate your reason, logic and creativity. To say extended gaming is bad for you is just not provable but it is evident that gaming can help with creativity, coordination, happiness, stress, and yes even mental health. Depression is a very common mental health issue and many studies have shown gaming helps people deal with depression. To sum up, I do not think extending gaming is great for you but it is not harmful.

The Social impact of gaming or how extended gaming can affect your life.
Gaming can take your time and consume it, but what does it take time away from. If you have a spouse, children, a job or responsibilities and gaming is taking away from these then you do have a problem and need to reevaluate your priorities. That being said I am still a proponent of gaming. It might be difficult to imagine a screen being more entertaining then the world outside but to some people it can be. The question,"Are video games a waste of time?" is very similar to the question,"Was reading that novel a waste of your time." It is difficult for someone who doesn't enjoy reading to understand its value but to the reader it may be the best part of their day. Every hobby you can imagine has an audience that views it as a waste of time merely because they do not enjoy or understand that hobby. Its important not to judge something just because it isn't something you enjoy. To the person playing the game it is not a waste of time. You mentioned,"it's much more beneficial to talk to people in person and see how they REALLY are when they are potentially vulnerable rather than someone who's speaking into your ear who could be from a different state." There are benefits to face to face relationships but there are also benefits to the gaming friends online. A lot of the people who turn to gaming are people who have suffered rejection and bullying in life. The things that make them a target face to face are invisible when they are online. The world is not perfect and people can be cruel, giving online gaming one advantage to face to face friendships.

I believe I have established that video games are not physically or mentally harmful and can be good social experiences. Most things taken to the extreme will hurt those around you and to much gaming can easily hurt others but that does not make it a waste of time to the gamer.
Debate Round No. 2


I actually do enjoy video games from time to time. I know many people who spend ALL their time gaming, sacrificing their grades and future just for temporary enjoyment. I'm not doubting that video games have their pros, but the way they need to be played (sitting down on a chair or couch for hours on end) seems physically unhealthy.

Even if all those things are true (about video games increasing creativity and coordination), if those can't be demonstrated or taken out in any way, does it truly matter? If creativity is boosted but has no outlet like writing, drawing, or making music, why does it matter? If coordination is improved but they're not spending any time with sports and instead are just playing video games, what's the point?

"Unlike jobs that force people to endure more than they are comfortable with, gamers can take a break or stop whenever they experience fatigue or stress."
But some don't. People can end up breaking their electronic devices out of anger because they keep on playing despite feeling frustrated at the game. The game wants to keep you playing even if you're going to fail, making someone mad.


Gaming does not mean you never go out and exercise or do anything else with your life. You are correct when you say it would be unhealthy and a waste of your time if you only game and never do anything else. Video games are a lot of fun and need to be played in moderation to have a balanced life. Just because an activity is not physical work does not make it unhealthy, Many hobbies do not involve exercise and they are not considered unhealthy. To stay healthy go to the gym or find something physical for a an hour or two a day.

You ask,"If creativity is boosted but has no outlet like writing, drawing, or making music, why does it matter?" That begs the question why does anything matter? Do we do things just to please other people or to please ourselves or to better ourselves? Everyone has different motives for what they do and for us to tell someone else, what they are doing doesn't matter, implies that we have discovered the purpose of life. If someone enjoys drawing but they never shows their work to anyone I would not say their work does not matter, because I am sure it matters to them. Their motives for drawing would be for their enjoyment or to improve their skill and not to please other people. Gamers play for enjoyment and to improve their skills and some even for others entertainment. Until we can determine the purpose of life its impossible to say if its waste of time or not.

Anger is a big problem in the gaming community but do not blame the game. People everywhere are easily angered and gamers can be furious without having any repercussion. There is not punishment for losing ones temper in games making it a bad habit for gamers to lose their temper. Anger is like a muscle and the more you use it the stronger it becomes until eventually it controls you and not you it. Without punishments for losing ones temper, people don't even try to control it. If you think gamers are the only group with anger problems consider the problem of road rage. I personally have seen many drivers yelling and gesturing because they feel that they are protected behind their windshield. The anger you see in the gaming community is not all caused by the game itself, just people exhibiting who they really are behind the safety of a monitor and it does not define all gamers. I have enjoyed this debate and hope I have influenced your opinion on gaming in a positive way.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by 32doni32nido32 5 months ago

Good job! Yes, you have changed my opinion somewhat. Not completely, but you helped me understand it better.
Posted by SHARINGISCARINGg 5 months ago
I just read Con's argument, and @32doni32nido32, you are gonna lose. He got real serious when he pulled out google, and now that I think about it, that argument would have made a whole lot more sense than mine right below this. It's a good thing he accepted the debate and not me.
Posted by SHARINGISCARINGg 5 months ago
What do you mean by make a difference? Isn't the world going to end? Is there any way to change that or make a difference? Plus, as I said in my previous comment, "If you don't, that's ok to." The question: "Are video games a waste of time?" Is an extremely opinion based question. It all depends on if you like video games or not. I also enjoy making the world better. But the way I do it is by making people happier. When I play video games, I normally play games with a chat in them, and try to make them happy. Because nothing good ever happens when someone has a bad attitude. That bad attitude just spreads everywhere. So the fact that video games can make people feel things means that they most certainly are not a waste of time.

Is it bad that I haven't been reading Con's arguments and I have only been reading Pro's?
Posted by 32doni32nido32 5 months ago
I find work to be more important than entertainment. Playing video games all day simply just because you like it means that you will have contributed nothing to the world. Instead, I'd rather have both myself and others at least try to make a difference than just sitting down all day staring at a screen. If that was my life, I'd look back on it and feel absolutely miserable, disappointed, and uninfluential.
Posted by SHARINGISCARINGg 5 months ago
The fact is, video games may not be good for your health, but you only have one life. I do agree that those gamers that spend like all day on video games are just crazy, cause I can't play video games for more than an hour without my eyes going crazy. The way I see it, who cares if someone dies earlier than they could have? That just means they get to Heaven faster. So if you enjoy playing video games, then play video games. have some fun. If you don't, that's ok to. You do what you want to do, so long as you stay in God's light.
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Reasons for voting decision: I thought that Pro made concessions that video games are not completely a waste of time and moved his argument more toward excessive use of video games was unhealthy. Con was able to list Pros of video games and note that many other hobbies involved sitting for periods of time as well. If you find the logic of my vote to be faulty, message me and I'll try to do better next time. You can also post your debate here to try to garner more votes if you like, though the community can be lackluster at times.