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Are video games bad for childrens health?

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Started: 5/28/2014 Category: Health
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Yes they are because it means that more and more children are staying cooped up inside when they should be outdoors having fun. Instead of going camping or playing in the woods, children are staying indoors to pretend to shoot people and playing all sorts of video games. It is not beneficial to their health as they aren't 'receiving the essential vitamins and nutrients that they need. They are also missing out on crucial social interactions that require face to face contact instead of talking through headsets.


It is a proven fact that people of all ages benefit from playing video games. I agree that playing video games excessively is bad for your health but i have compiled date to argue against your point. Video games are scientifically proven to offer an avenue for healing and training, but reveal the deeper fabric of reality as the possible matrix we all interact in. Nuclear physicist for NASA, Thomas Campbell, has proposed that we in fact exist in a virtual reality not too different from the games we create. With back up from sources and evidence like this, i will provide a strong argument, i wish you all the best.
Debate Round No. 1


Did you know that five people have committed suicide from paying COD? That's five lives that could have been saved... in moderation, video games are fine. But how many people actually play them in moderation? They're addictive and end up creating aggressive personalities in reasonable people. It causes long term effects such as bad eyesight, repetitive movement syndrome and also a losing of reality.
They also affect people's grades. If they spent less time on FIFA and more time revising then the population would be a lot smarter.
Dr. Jeffrey Brown states that "video games lead to problems in later life". For example:
- not being able to interact with new people
- lacking social skills
- a lack of self confidence
- damage to nerves in eyes
- damaging grades
- insomnia
The list goes on. If it was your child, would you want them to FAIL all because they were trying to complete GTA??


Recently, scientists attention has been on cognitive functions, especially memory decline in the elderly. It seems that those over the age of 65 who have begun to show signs of failing brain processes such as memory, are greatly benefited by playing video games for even 12 hours. Those who played regularly for this amount of time showed even more improvement and rivaled the brain functions of their younger counterparts " 20 something year old- playing the same game for the first time. The study had individuals facing challenges beyond the simple focus of driving, adding in attention of obstacles and the need to remember where things were. These details, when mastered in the game, had the same effect on the brain as if these tasks were accomplished in real time, thereby improving the mind.

Games can be designed to benefit health swell as entertainment. Many of these games have led to huge success in the medicinal industry. Virtual reality games are widely being used to tap into the creative problem solving skills of citizens by scientists that can"t quite figure something out. Foldit, was a game released in 2008 with just this aim. The game required that players assemble groups of amino acids in order to perform certain tasks within a cell. The scientists were able to tap the collective genius of the citizens playing the game, and through such a study, had ground-breaking successes. In 2011, players found the AIDS-related enzyme which had stumped the scientific community forever.

You brought up the five lives that were sadly lost down to a game of 'COD' Now I'm certain that they may have been other influences in this decision but anyhow did you know that: The military trains new soldiers with virtual reality games so as to prepare them for battle in foreign countries. So the training that the military uses is saving lives isn't it?

With so many uses for gaming these days one can truly see, as the studies do, how video games have a greater advantage than you might have previously thought.
Debate Round No. 2


Abi09 forfeited this round.


My oppenent has given up, the research shows that video games do more good than bad.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Thanatar 7 years ago
Anything is "bad" when used obsessively, even breathing or eating... on the other hand video gaming does have certain benefits.
So I say that video games are good.
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