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Are video games overpriced?

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Started: 8/7/2016 Category: Technology
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Video games are fun, and I do play them myself, but when I see my cash going away, most of the time 59.99 USD, for a disk with software on it, I realize that, dang, I am paying a lot for this. I know not all video games have that 59.99 price tag, but the majority of them do. Gear nuke says,"The average gamer in the US spends around $80 on video games per year, this can include packaged content in the form of console or PC games and Digital content in the form of full game purchases, DLC and in app purchases."

But now, as the Xbox One S is out, and stores are stocking up their shelves, even I admit, I spend at least $120 a year on Video games.


No, I do not believe video games are overpriced. Since there is no objective definition of "overpriced" my subjective views and disagreement automatically make me win this debate
Debate Round No. 1


Whoa, you're very confident. Notice this is my second debate. Thanks for accepting. So, video games, like I said earlier, are discs with software on them.

"I think at this point, all gamers have accepted that playing and buying video games is an expensive hobby. I think at this point, all gamers have accepted that playing and buying video games is an expensive hobby. Between the cost of games, consoles, and accessories, it's easy for a gamer to drop a large portion of their income on gaming."

This supports my argument that, gaming, is fun, can be fun, and is usually fun, but comes at a price, and a usually expensive price. Take a stroll through the Toy's R Us video game section, or even through my stack of video games. Go ahead and find the average price. (A tedious effort) It's probably around $50. And this will only rise.
"Several things are driving development costs up:
First, compared to the last generation of consoles, the current 128-bit generation requires at least 40 times as many lines of code to fully exploit its capabilities. And that costs money."
Even though that is an old article, it still shares the same idea. As technology gets better and more sophisticated, the prices will rise. Even though the price now is $59.99 USD, it could be $70 USD in a year or two.


Price is something that is completely subjected to human emotion. My emotions declare that games are not overpriced. Therefore, the resolution is negated
Debate Round No. 2


You are not posting anything about the subject matter. I quit.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by dmob 1 year ago
the conman had terrible arguments. even i could have said something better than "i believe in this opinion, so therefore you are wrong."

Posted by Nivek 2 years ago
Just pay for them and have fun. I don't play games but since you guys play too much of it should be sufficient proof that it's worth at least the price tag. All that hours committed must be worth more than a normal movie outing.
Posted by Amedexyius 2 years ago
Pirate it.
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