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Are we alone?

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Started: 3/21/2014 Category: Science
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Are we alone? Well NO!

If we were alone then really the massive finite expanding universe is a desolate place and we are gods because we are the only FULLY- developed SMART living organisms.

Well that can't be. If we came to be there will be others who will come to be...

Planets good enough for life are actually out there....

We our turning to mars to make colonies we will then be closer to the moons of Saturn.
One of those moons is Titan. It contains liquid ethane as lakes and under its frozen surface there could be a sea of life.

Many people today believe all of this and I want YOU my friend to support me into making this be a good debate

I may be a newbie, but still forget about that.


It has been proven by science that all the planets in our solar system, the Milky Way, cannot have life on them (except our planet) because of the climates. Some are well below freezing point and some are too hot. Other planets such as Jupiter is made completely of gas and it is impossible to stand on. You'd fall right through.
Astronomers have studied many other solar systems and every planet they have studied have similar climates. There was one planet that has similarities to Earth but they soon discovered that there can be no life.

Saturn is much too cold to live on. The moon, Titan, is too cold to live on. Every single living thing needs oxygen including sea life. If they can't come up for air, they would simply die. Also, there will be no light during the 'night' if you were to live on the moon of Saturn.

If we were not the only living species, or the only intelligence, other life would have contacted us. They must be as smart as us, as many people claim with 'other intelligent life'. If they were 'intelligent', shouldn't they have sent out some kind of signal?

To sum up, Scientists have tried numerous times to look for life beyond Earth but have always come up short with impossible-to-live-in climates and dead ends.
Debate Round No. 1


Well as you said in the milky way is too cold or hot, but there have been studies about lifeforms being able to survive underwater and the compounds in that kind of water has been proven to be able to converted into a breathable gas..

If that is not true there has been a study about UNDERGROUND mars...

If it is too cold on the top.... How about under??? The ice would melt into water under because of Mt.Olympus's heat..
Mars was like earth with air.... Their has been studies air still existing under-thanks to water....

How about beyond the milky way??

Beyond there are many planets that could be in the "Goldilocks" zone.

Out of a thousand there will be about 200 with species

100 with developing species

50 with brains

10 like us

and maybe 0 with better technology

They may not be able to contact us because they too do not have enough technology like us...

Thank you for joining this debate....


The problem with living under a sheet of ice in water is that there is no pure oxygen. So far, science has said that every living thing needs oxygen to survive, even plants who produce oxygen. If the water is separated from air with a sheet of ice, eventually the oxygen will run out. Although your theory might be true, it is only that, a theory.

We have searched Mars and have come back empty handed with anything to do with the Extra Terrestrial. We have used technology to scan the surface with no success in finding new life. And we have tried in vain to call out to the universe with no response.

Scientists say it is possible for there to be other life. They said it was possible. Not probable.

Point for R2: The only proof we have for the existence of aliens are blurry, photo-shop pictures of UFOs that were actually stars. If our technology is advancing so quickly, wouldn't we be able to verify the photos or get a proper photo?
We can't do that because there is nothing there to be taken a shot of. It simply doesn't exist whaich is why we do not have any proof of it.
Debate Round No. 2


Well actually we always searched the top or a little bit to the bottom and as I said the universe is finite not infinite.

It is possible right.... Not probable.... Well that is true because we have only found the planets..
Ufos are actually Nazi Tech- used now by the US for vertical take off....

Well we have to say there aliens that just don't have good technology...

they may be making the telephone right now in a parallel or distant universe... The universe is not finite...

I hope we can all agree that some kind of intelligent species is out there searching for us, but they won't make up.


Unless then the earth will be fully known... :(

This may bring up a new debate..

Will we become a space fearing race?

Hanna Choi would you like me to make that debate on Pro??


We cannot make assumptions as to whether something exists. Unlike the study of evolution, there is not the slightest bit of proof other than some blurred photos and probably-a-hoax radio recordings. There has been accounts where there were weird sound from unknown origins but if if it were really from aliens, wouldn't they have tried to contact us again? This can only mean that the recordings were faked and someone's idea of a joke.
Astronomers are constantly finding new solar systems and new planets but with no luck finding life, let alone a life-supporting planet. Our technology is so advanced that we can scan planets thousands of light-years away for life but we always come back with nothing.

There has been arguments as to whether or not the universe is infinite or finite. It is so big that it is unknown. They do not have an answer as to how big the universe is which means they cannot possibly know whether or not extra terrestrial life exists.

Sorry, I'm new on here. I've no idea know what pro is :)
Debate Round No. 3


PyroDebater forfeited this round.


At school and especially in science classes, we are told to never make conclusions unless you are absolutely sure about it. This means we cannot make conclusions about our universe. Although life on other planets is possible, the evidence we have is not enough to make it count as a 'scientific theory'.

There are many movies and TV shows about aliens but they are always better and more powerful than the average human. My theory is that that is what everyone wants to be like. Be able to live for hundred of years (Doctor Who) or have some kind of magical power. [my theory] We could have simply created aliens to stand as a symbol of what we would like to be. Or maybe we 'created' aliens because we feel alone and small in a universe so big.

There are many places where it's impossible to live on and have been crossed out for possible forms of life. We are still searching for life on other planets but until then, with no proof, aliens do not exist.
Debate Round No. 4


Well sometimes we can't be sure... We can be close....

We make the equations like the Drake equation and that is in the good enough zone.....
Well actually we created aliens because we started to think in our Solar system there were aliens

When we actually got into space all we saw was an empty universe.

This is why we have a belief that very far away there is at least ten whole races that our like us, but they just aren't...

Who knows if aliens can be more powerful than humans?
Since they live on another planet they might breathe air if it has air.. The planet they inhabit will be different and so will they....

So we might not know about the proof we have the equations the ideas and the possibilities that there has to be something out there.... We just don't know what....


There is belief that there are such things as aliens but they are only beliefs. There has been many findings of possible places aliens can live on such as in the circumstellar habitable zone and a few years ago, we have found an Earth-like planet. Unfortunately, there were no signs of life whatsoever.
This shows that the existence of aliens is so slim that we cannot just jump to conclusions. If the most Earth-like planet we've found has no life, what's the possibility of the other, less inhabitable planets having life as well?
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by awesomejj101 6 years ago
The "Wow" Signal was created by a satellite, unfortunately D:

I watch science channel >.<
Posted by lightingbolt50 6 years ago
It may be highly unlikely, but with how huge the universe (possibly even multiverse) is. It's impossible for there not to be some life out there.
Posted by dtaylor971 6 years ago
Radio signals can not travel faster than the speed of light... thus, if any contact took place from the nearest galaxy, it would take 2.8 million years to get to earth...

And, there have been multiple radio signals not from us from space, check out the 72-second "WOW" signal.
Posted by dtaylor971 6 years ago
Europa... Mars... plus, there are well over a trillion stars, some with planets, in the whole universe, so...
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