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Are women more important to society than men?

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Started: 11/8/2016 Category: Politics
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I would like to hear a feminist try and defend the stance that women are more important than men in society, either historically or presently. I personally believe that men are currently and certainly have been more important to society historically. Men have made a majority of the innovations that allow us to live in the world that we do right now. This argument will be void of personal attacks and subjective emotions. I do not want to hear anecdotes I want to hear facts and data showing that women are more important.



I thank con for this rather interesting debate topic, and the chance to defend the DIRE vitality of women.

Con strawmans the feminist position, stating that they assert superiority, however the feminist position is that women are equally important to society, however, I shall argue that women are more important.

Resolution and Terms:

Are Women More Important to Society Than Men

Important- “Of great significance or value; likely to have a profound effect on success, survival, or well-being.”

Society- ”A society is a group of people involved in persistent social interaction, or a large social grouping sharing the same geographical or social territory, typically subject to the same political authority and dominant cultural expectations.”

My argument shall hinge on the second clause of importance. Women are more important than society to men, because the advent of society is more heavily contingent on women than men. A prerequisite to X being successful, or surviving, is that X exists in the first place.

Note: Con has not stipulated any particular society, or time-parameters, so I will be arguing from the concept of society.

Constructive Case:

Sexual Selection

Natural selection is important for individual survival, however sexual selection is of greater importance in the sustainability of populations. Obviously enough, because the only mechanism, of which I am aware, to sustain a population is reproduction. Women relinquish much more in this domain. This is referred to as social donorship.:”An individual that actively contributes, at its own expense, to the welfare of others of the same species is called a social donor”(Williams, 1957). The extent of the male-responsibility is to engage in copulation, and nothing is necessitated after. However, women encounter a greater physiological detriment, and are consequently more available to predators. The eminent George Williams goes on to say:”Even if she successfully endures these stresses and hazards she can still fail completely if her litter is lost before weaning. Once she starts on her reproductive role she commits herself to a certain high minimum of reproductive effort”(Williams,1966). I cannot understate the importance of this! A prerequisite to society, sensu stricto, is that a population is sustained, and women are exponentially more important, and altruistic than men in this regard.

Parental Investment Theory

I think we can achieve an agreement, in that parental instruction, support,etc, is incredibly important to child development, as children shall become the vital members of society, and thereby, their upbringing is vital. J. Francis Robinson note in the African American Perspectives, 1818-1907, the importance of women in society: “I have been asked what I thought about women as good citizens, and I take this opportunity to give answer, which may refer to all women: We could have no good citizens without good women. The home is our first school, and the home life and home instruction are first and the most lasting”. Time permitting, I shall elaborate on the sociology of parental effects, however it is first necessary to analyze the evolutionary foundation. We have already established the differences in reproductive cost, and can proceed to gestation. Frederick and colleagues, in reference to Trivers, states the following in the notable work The Importance of Female Choice:”In mammals, the possibility of an extremely low cost reproductive act always exists for males and never exists for females. Mammalian reproduction requires pregnancy and lactation for females, setting a high obligatory minimum investment in offspring. For example, a woman's investment begins with 40 weeks of pregnancy in which caloric needs are elevated by 8-10% . Pregnancy is followed by a period of lactation, lasting about 2.5 years in hunter-gatherers, in which caloric needs are elevated by 26%”(Frederick et al, 2013). If we agree that child development, in the very most rudimentary sense, pertaining to keeping your child alive, let alone socio-psychological development, is important to society, then we must agree that women are more important than men, because they are more involved in this event.

From an evolutionary perspective, it certainly appears that women are more important than men, and thereby are more important to society, because society is more heavily contingent upon women.


[1]Williams, George C., and Doris C. Williams. "Natural selection of individually harmful social adaptations among sibs with special reference to social insects." Evolution (1957): 32-39.

[2]Williams, George C. "Natural selection, the costs of reproduction, and a refinement of Lack's principle." The American Naturalist 100.916 (1966): 687-690.

[3]Boynton, Charles B. "A duty which the colored people owe to themselves. A sermon delivered at Metzerott hall, Washington, DC." African American Perspectives, 1818-1907 (1867).

[4]Frederick, David, Tania A. Reynolds, and Maryanne L. Fisher. "The Importance Of Female Choice: Evolutionary Perspectives On Constraints, Expressions, And Variations." (2013).

Debate Round No. 1


I do not agree that women are more important than men in the reproductive process for a few reasons, first of all women use their "rights" to kill 40-50 million babies per year. Secondly children that grow up in homes without a father are far more likely to be unsuccessful. (70% of fatherless black children are in poverty, 42% of fatherless white children in poverty as compared to 7% black children in poverty when a father is in the home) Women are not allowed to walk out on a child so they are forced to stay, making the father the more valuable asset in proper development of the child.

You bring up how women are key to raising the child, but what you are missing is that while women are doing that, men are advancing the world and improving the living conditions so that the woman and child can live comfortably and safely in the home. Men have developed so much technology that has made it so much easier for women to do the things that they do so they can raise the child properly and if that didn't happen then women would not be able to do their job successfully making men more important than women in society.
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Feel free to present your argument
Posted by oracle1 2 years ago
is R1 for acceptance, considering you really didn't give an argument, or shall I present my case in R1
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