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Are you pro/cons basic income?

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Started: 8/3/2017 Category: Politics
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I am wondering what you thinks about basic income which is money all citizen in a country receive.

The point with basic income is everybody getting enough money to live a comfortable life and if the robots are taking over the jobs, the unemployment rate would increase making more people jobless. That can increase the poverty where the gap between employed and unemployed increases which makes a unfair society if many jobs replaces humans with robots.

Another reasons I thinks basic income is a good idea is because people can do what they really enjoys instead of feeling the pressure to get a job to live off. If people does what they are enjoying that can be a good resource for the society like them focusing on their hobbies like for example art, invention, design and charity. Many people wouldn't have resources like time, energy or money to think creatively or do certain things if they had to work and was busy.

There would always be people who enjoys working and do what they does. People would not necessary be more lazy if they gets a basic income since there is always people who wants to do something for the society. Many people likes to help, so jobs like doctors etc. would not just disappear.

The basic income should be enough to live off, but not too much. So if you wants a more luxury life buying expensive cars, house etc. you can earn the extra contributing more to the society through jobs. Jobs should be something that people wants to do and not something they have to do to survive.


I am moderately con basic income.
I support a tax credit for poor people who either can't work or are working. This tax credit should be expansive enough that working class has enough to live on, and those who cannot work also have enough to live on. It should also be funded on a progressive tax. (ESPECIALLY if automation takes over.) A basic income is cost ineffective and doesn't have much of an advantage over poor tax credits other than making work less necessary. Jobs drive the economy, at least for now, so even negligible effects on jobs should be considered.
When automation eliminates the rest of the job economy, it may be worthwhile to repeal these tax credits in favor of a basic income. Just not now.

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