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Art and Music Classes Should Be Banned In The United States Educational System

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Started: 1/12/2014 Category: Education
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I think that art and music classes should be banned in the United States Educational System for a couple of reasons. During my argument I will explain to you why I think that art and music classes should be banned in the U.S., (United States,) Educational System.

School is a place for learning, not drawing and singing. This brings me to my first point, having art and music classes takes away from the time students could be learning important and useful things. For example, you have a student who is doing poorly in Math and doesn't really enjoy having to take work home. Now, if we took art and music classes out of schools, the classes would be longer so the student will have more time in class to work on homework and talk to the teacher about the work.

My second reason is, some students are not very good at art or music. These students could fail the classes, I don't think that you can really grade art, but the teachers have to grade it. Also, if these students are bad at art and the teachers don't like the students art, the students can't really improve on their art. Then in music class, some students aren't good at music either, which could result in failing the class. Now, every school district has a different number of classes you can fail, but still pass the grade. So if a student failed art and music, they could fail the grade too.

If a smart student failed art and music that would ruin their chances of getting into a good college, and that could ruin their lives. So, do you really want students failing in school because of un-educational classes? Thank you for reading my argument, I hope you enjoyed it.


I don't think art and music classes should be banned at all. School is a place to learn, it's not just a place to learn about math and science and all the boring subjects. Those who want to learn how to draw or learn how to play an instrument, it's the perfect class for them. It's also very hard to fail these classes, if you suck at drawing just ask the teacher for help, they're there for a reason, same with music classes. If you are not good at playing an instrument at all, just take art, if you can't draw but can sing a little or just play an instrument a little, then music class is for you. Plus who knows, at the end you may even like it, and would want to practise even more.

Also there are many creative people, banning these classes will just crush their dreams, and if you're an artistic person, taking the classes will help you a lot for Art school and even for Universities and Colleges.

I wouldn't say ban them, I would mostly say make them optional. Also I apologize if there are any grammar and spelling problems. I sort of rushed through this.
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Posted by Poiesis 6 years ago
I don't mean to sound like a jerk, but this is absurd.

1) "School is a place for learning, not drawing and singing."

People can, and do, learn to draw and sing. Nearly every form of art contains mathematical elements. Music can be used to teach all the basic math skills (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) along with fractions, algebra and more. Visual arts enhance spatial skills and also involve mathematical formulas in order to determine proper angles, proportions etc. Poetry teaches vocabulary, and reading comprehension. The meter reinforces basic math skills. There is not a single form of art which does not complement an intellectual branch of study.

2) "...some students are not very good at art or music."

Some students are not very good at history, or science, or something else. Most students have at least one weak subject. It usually has little to do with talent. Students tend to struggle with subjects which do not interest them as much. By having a diverse education it is possible for more students to recognize their interests earlier in life and develop them.

A smart student could figure out how to create something he/she was capable of with little or no artistic skills at all. With a pencil, a ruler, and some rudimentary math skills, one could draw a diagram of most man made structures.

If we only teach children how to exercise the left half of their brains and repeat information back at will we are reducing their ability to be creative. We would be teaching them how to be robots, not people. Without creative minds innovation would cease to exist. In my opinion, the arts are under-stimulated in our schools and more time should be taken to nurture these important aspects of the human condition.
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Reasons for voting decision: I wish I would have accepted this debate. Banning the arts from public education would be disastrous. The arts benefit all of us, not just a select few with talent. If anything, art, creative writing, dance, and music should be elective. But banned? Terrible idea.

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