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Art (including music) is a commodity just like precious metals and coffee beans!

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Started: 6/23/2018 Category: Arts
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Only pretentious "artists" would disagree. Artists like to think they are skilled, but if you think about what art is, and what its purpose is, then anybody who possesses any ability to communicate is an artist!!!!!


Art is nothing more than junk. Anyone can make art, and anything can be art, as long as you spend more than 15 min working on it.
Debate Round No. 1


I think the blood stains left on the walls and floors of a train depot just after a Chechen rebel sets off a bonb belt and kills a bunch of communist kunts, makes beautiful art. And just in case you were wondering icebear, I think your a kunt too!!! I would love to see a Chechen make art out of YOU!!!!!
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