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Assassinate Kim Jong Un

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Started: 3/3/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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The assassination of Kim Jong Un could be done swiftly and thoroughly and could free the oppressed north koreans. The problem is that the US just doesn't want to get involved with anything at all and doesn't want to take such actions. But the action should be taken because if we don't do this it's North Korea will continue to build up its new nuclear arsenal until we have a even worse situation on our hands. We'l have to do it eventually and it's the right thing to do to save the north korean people from starvation and oppression.


Try him in absentia first. Due process is a right even for the very worst. I don't support the death penalty at all, nor torture, but life no parole in a high security military prison. Dtudy his twisted mind and learn how to intervene early to prevent the evolution of a dictator. I feel he is worth more to the intelligence community medicated, alive, and not tortured. All assasinations violate due process. God loves all humans, and all have sinned, including Mr. Un.
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Posted by Truth-Over-Emotion 3 years ago
First off, attempting assassination is near impossible. How do you plan on getting in the country that doesn't let pretty much anyone in or out? And if you're thinking about assassination via missiles or anything of the sort-think about the innocent people that would be killed and the WWIII potential. And anyways, the fall of North Korea would be chaotic for everyone on the Eastern border. If North Korea didn't just appoint a new leader (who would be just as bad as Kim Jong-Un), then North Korea would fall into a state of panic and potential anarchy. Then China would be mad as hell because they're already dealing with a population problem and the last thing they want is taking care of debilitated North Korean refugees, so you can be sure to face some real threats from them. And South Korea would have a hell of a time trying to annex North Korea and take care of the people.
But the biggest issue still stands that there's no realistic way to do that.
Posted by akang22 3 years ago
Great idea, because killing the head of a country with missiles pointed towards you guys is going to totally stop those missiles, am I right?
Posted by Nd2400 3 years ago
Scorepit... I will encourage to read my debate on in this issue.

Bad idea to do what you are proposing to do...
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