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Assuming the two are mutually exclusive, pure capitalism is preferable to pure communism

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Started: 8/1/2017 Category: Economics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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First round is acceptance only

No new arguments in the final round

As you can probably tell from the fact that my opponent is a self proclaimed Stalinist, he will be taking the side of communism

To clarify, in pure capitalism the government still exists, but only as an "umpire" as in making sure contracts are enforced, etc. no regulations, that will be up to the free market.

I will let my opponent explain what he believes pure communism to be

Have a good debate


I will not be debating on the side of Stalinism, instead, I will be debating on the side of Marx's idea of communism

Pure Communism: The state has been withered away, production is owned by the workers or a surrounding community, the government exists to redistribute goods to the people, classes are abolished, money too is abolished.
Debate Round No. 1


I will start off this debate by trying to reason why the free market is good

Competition breeds quality
This one is pretty straightforward, people will choose based on quality and price, the free market gives people the chance to choose, people will choose what"s best, therefore we can conclude that the free market will result in the best products being chosen.

At the bottom of this list you will find that the happiest capitalist countries tend to rank higher in terms of happiness

2. Humans don"t need coercion to give to the needy

Many would say a drawback to capitalism is that those with the most money get the best while the rest feed off their scraps, while this is partially true, it neglects the fact that humans are not necessarily inherently selfish, humans are naturally inclined to help each other ( ) many billionares have signed the giving pledge, which is essentially a promise to give the majority of their vast wealth up to charitable causes ( ) as you can see, while there will definitely be greed within capitalism, the notion that the wealthy will hoard all their wealth while others starve is ridiculous. On the other hand, communism has caused poverty ( ) " Seventeen percent of Soviets live below the poverty line"There"s no magical solution to poverty and it would be naive to claim that capitalism is responsible for poverty.

I do not believe any communist states have ever succeeded, I will let my opponent correct me if
I am wrong.

I will pass let my opponent have the floor now


To all who read my previous statement I apologize. That is an extremely brief description of communism, I could have gone much further in depth but to save your time I did not. I also failed to mention I will be using statistics from different nations which followed Marx's teachings.

In capitalist countries all across the world, debt is one of the greatest problems the people face. More people are in debt now than ever before in history, students have crushing student loans and in the housing market prices are skyrocketing. Millenials fresh out of college have to take out tremendous loans just to afford housing. How do we expect youth to be able to pay off these debts in a job market that is a challenge to get into? If you get a serious illness or injury the medical bill could be impossible to pay off In Karl Marx's theory of communism, these debts are not existent in both socialism and communism. For example In Cuba, The Union Of Soviet Socialist Republics, and the Democratic Peoples Republic Of Korea health care, education, and housing are/were all provided to the people. Taxes are increased but only so future generations can prosper and advance the world forward,, In pure communism since money is abolished all of these would be free as well, without the tax increase.

The second part of my debate is jobs themselves. Forcing someone to awaken at six in the morning, forced to carry out routines, and drink performance enhancing beverages just to afford to provide for themselves or their family is sickening. Forcing someone to get a job or starve and go homeless is only a problem existent in capitalism. Since housing is provided to you in both socialism and communism there is no fear of losing a job. A common fear amongst the proletariat in capitalist society is the AI replacement of human jobs. Once again this is not a fear is socialist or communist society as necessities are provided to the people so there is no fear of losing your job to a machine.

I hope you were able to understand my debate. I apologize if you couldn't English is not my first language.
Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by He_Who_Squats_BORTHAX 2 years ago
Ahhhhhh communism.
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