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Atheism Is Logical

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Started: 7/8/2016 Category: Religion
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Logic, truth, and knowledge are the most important things. Atheism promotes these, Religion does not.


Challenge accepted.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for accepting my challenge, I look forward to a legendary battle of wits ;).

The concept of Religion is this- lets worship this god that no one has ever seen, heard, or felt. Lets listen to these men who claim they have heard god. These men say we can only do certain things and live a certain way, but these men are special they do not have to follow these rules.(Prophets being polygamist)

How can this be logical. Religion prevents us from living life the way we want to. It was a system that men used to gain power and brainwash the dumb. Religion is stopping us from making scientific advances. It is sad that a majority of Americans believe Noah's Ark, Creationism, and the Parting of the Red Sea actually happened. This is proof that Religion is stopping the prevail of truth, knowledge, and logic.


A significant percentage of the religious people believe in messenger of god, someone who 'heard god' . So it is untrue that they believe in the concept of religion, which according to the pro is - 'no one has ever heard god'.

Science tells us that certain things can only be done in certain way(s). A sportsman takes a certain diet to perform better. A regulated and disciplined man can achieve his full potential. If we fall for the desire of 'life we want to live' , how can we achieve the more desirable and meaningful goals of life that require patience and self restraint. A religion may act as a guide to the man in distress, it gives him hope. An animal does what he feels like, by the sheer animal instinct and see, they have yet to step on the moon.

Also, many religions do not have any prophet(s), so he should opt for a statement that applies to all religions. In round 1 he has mentioned the word 'religion' not christianity. So, I see no point in defending a particular religion.

I wonder if pro has no argument for why atheism is logical.
Debate Round No. 2


Atheism is logical because it is illogical to believe in the fairy tale story I described before. Religion limits science and progression of knowledge. How can religion be logical if it limits the capabilities of human knowledge?


Believing in god gives meaning to life, Theists don't take life for granted, for them it is blessing of god.

The life expectancy of theists is more than atheists. They give more donations for a noble cause and tend to be less self centric.

The greatest achievements in science belong to an era when there were fewer atheists than today. It can not be denied that majority of the most knowledgeable and well informed people are religious.

Religions have long sustained our values and culture. In fact, every wonder worth watching was inspired by a particular religious belief.

Lack of belief in god is saying that there is no meaning to life. Everything is subject to death, sooner or later . There are a so many conclusions about life, values, morality, justice and more and all are negative if you base them on atheistic thought. As a result, when a person faces difficulties he is more prone to despair and hence higher suicide rates.

Compared to their religious counterparts, they seldom doubt their position despite the overwhelming evidence that there are only a few things randomness can do.

Have any of you had a randomly prepared breakfast, I am sure the answer is no.

What was the last film that strengthened your belief in god? They are more likely to be stuffed with mutations and extra terrestrials.

Mocking the culture and beliefs of religious people on their face has become a status symbol of atheists.

Has any theist studied all religions in full details? Heck, they have not even heard of many and know little to nothing about rest of them.

You can not achieve your full potential if you take something for granted. Life is everything, every single thing that matters to us is based upon it. The existence of God makes you special. You are not a bundle of molecule processors but a human being.

Atheists tend to be more restless. Their viewpoint is in complete contrast to their intuition.

You might have noticed that atheists challenge theists from time to time, they flood the religious discussion. They don't lack the belief in god, they disbelief in god, that's why they care about it so much. After all, there seem to be more atheists compared to theists discussing or more should I say denying the existence of god.

Their childish arguments include the evil in our world (which can be explained by free will and the importance of morality), paradoxical nature of god ( they won't talk about quantum science) and why they can't see/hear god.

Our five senses have narrow bandwidths, so we can't perceive infinity, that's why.

Why does God watches us suffering doing nothing? - god is everywhere, it is there in us. When you are suffering - god is suffering too.

Why should I worship a god - Being grateful can cure rather incurable disease. It can mentally heal you and that's the point of thanksgiving. We are grateful to someone who suffers for us.

Atheists are ungrateful for life itself. Why would they believe in morality - I don't know.

The entire premise of why we should abandon our faith is based on the misunderstanding that earlier civilizations were backward and modern world is the most advanced one. Yet, as the modern science progresses, it gets clear to us that the condition required for life are non existent anywhere in this universe.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Imbster 2 years ago
Wow I finally found the topic. Now as a 13 year old Catholic. Atheism really is logical. I've learned so much from atheists and I know that sometimes Christians discriminate them and tell them"why aren't you murdering?". We cant always believe God is doing everything that is a complete and concrete contradiction to the fact he gave us 'free Will' and if everything is according to his plan then I guess murder is part of his plan. Human killing another human is part of his plan now for me maybe he's thinking the population needs to be balanced now probably we would all agree because we all follow God's word IF HE SAID THAT. But he don't. Also atheists have a very good sense of logic and concrete support are some philosophers who did not believe in God but had so much knowledge. Now then we all know scripture says those who believe will have eternal life. Atheists value life so much cause they believe it's the only life they have,no eternal life is there so so taking someone's life would be completely unconstitutional and punishable by law. We may mourn and weep but in the end we just tell ourselves that they are on the other side what if there is no other side. Soul=breath of life plus body. And Revelations says all evil will be thrown to the lake of fire so really what if there is no heaven and hell yet. Hear me adults because this is coming from a 13 year old who overthinks a lot. There is so much counter to anything we argue about we don't know the complete truth anymore. And the topic here is atheism is logical. And in many sources atheism is NOT a religion. For me really I just want to set aside all this and let's all study history. What really happened. Can't we all just sit down read scriptures and analyze what happened thousands of years ago because I can admit it aa a Christian who studies history. Hinduism and Buddhism was there before Christianity according to Asian History. So with this I comment I end by saying I support the pro side.
Posted by CandySmith 2 years ago
The Absurdity of Life Without God

I have 6 assertions about the absurdity of life without God:

1.) If life and the universe come to an end, then they are without ultimate meaning.
2.) Even if life went on forever, it would be meaningless without God.
3.) If saints and sinners all end up in the same grave, then there is no practical reason for each of us to act morally. We don"t necessarily benefit ourselves by acting morally.
4.) Without God, objective moral values do not exist.
5.) If life and the universe come to an end, then they are without ultimate purpose.
6.) Even if life went on forever, it would still be purposeless without God, for it would be the result of cosmic accidents.
Posted by evanjfarrar 2 years ago
This is practically non-debatable.
Posted by Conservatism 2 years ago
Con, you better be straight with your facts. You cannot let atheists twist your words. Be strong in your evidence brother and good luck.
Posted by vi_spex 2 years ago
so you have evidence god didnt create everything?
Posted by TM1004 2 years ago
atheism is completly logical
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Vote Placed by SegBeg 2 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro does not really prove why atheism is logical. S/he is mainly focused on explaining why religion is ILLOGICAL despite the fact that the name of the debate is "Atheism is logical" not "Religion is illogical." Pro's arguments such as "Atheism is logical because it is illogical to believe in the fairy tale story" is illogical itself. Just because one thing is illogical does not mean that it's opposite is inherently logical. Pro does not clearly tell us why atheism is more logical than religion. All s/he is advocating is that atheism is logical simply because religion is illogical. Although neither Pro or Con provided any sources, I have researched some of Con's claims and some of them have been scientifically proven such as religious people generally having longer lifespans. Pro seemed to insult religious people in his/her arguments by supposedly stating that if you are religious you are inherently illogical. In the end, my vote goes to Con.
Vote Placed by zmikecuber 2 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Con wins. Pro's argument is that since religion is irrational, then non-religion (atheism) is rational. Con sufficiently casts doubt upon the first premise, and shows that religion may be rational from some peoples' perspective. I'd also like to point out that Pro's argument is in fact invalid. Just because poop stinks, it does not follow that non-poop does not stink.