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Atheism and Theism

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Started: 4/19/2014 Category: Religion
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Atheism is not rather a belief but the act of using reason and logic to support and backup what you understand what is true.

My question to the arguer, whoever chooses to be it, is this; Is there is a God and a Devil, or evil doer? If so? How can you backup your statement or rebuttal?


I object to Pro's definition of Atheism.

Atheism according to Wikipedia is defined as "the rejection of belief in the existence of deities." Whether or not you want to use reason and logic to understand truth is entirely up to the individual.

I will clarify what it means to "believe" in a deity. To "Believe" in God not only means to acknowledge his existence, but more importantly, to trust in him just as another human being confides in another. You cannot "prove" the existence of an object or person. They must act and gain your awareness. Finally with that in mind, you must assume they exist by default.

I will now argue for my position that God and the Devil exists from the assumption that i stand neutral, believing in no deity.

First i will define the following terms:

God: Which God are we speaking of? Because i do not know of the one true God, i will leave this as a mystery

Experience: observation, feeling, thoughts, etc. caused by outside factors

Reality: The sum of which exists

Exist: to be living

Mind: the part of human consciousness that thinks and processes of info.

We will make the following assumptions:

1. There can only be specifically 1 God (monotheistic concept) or gods (polytheistic concept) there cannot be both as it would violate the reality of that particular God or gods

2. We assume that our experiences interpreted by our minds lead us to find reality

To answer the question: "Is there a God and Devil?" you simply need to receive an experience caused by God and once you recognize that deity, an evil-doer thus becomes plausible through deductive reasoning of an established religion.
Debate Round No. 1


The God of which I am taking about is just the idea of god in general as interpreted in the Christian religion. If there were a god, why would he let us up into the cosmos which is also known as the heavens? I thought we had to "earn" that...


Since you have defined God as the deity of the Christian religion, it is only reasonable to study Jesus in order to understand God.

God dwelling within heaven doesn't correlate with his existence. God and Jesus dwell within heaven, Jesus descended, and gave us salvation through his life, death, and resurrection so that we would dwell in heaven as well. We don't "earn" salvation, it is given by God.
Debate Round No. 2


if it is given then why is there a hell? If we, "sin;" why do we have to suffer in the afterlife for eternity when (if he loved us) he could forgive us so we may enjoy the afterlife for eternity?


There is a hell only for those who reject his grace. Those who accept Jesus through faith though they sin at times will not go to hell. Those who reject him simply refuse his mercy, grace, salvation, and character, thus hell is the only place.

I still don't understand how this relates to God's existence.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by DeletedUser 7 years ago
I don't think the rounds were on topic of Atheism vs Theism. This could have been a good debate using logic to support each position, but Pro asked questions and then did not rebut the answers. Nor did Pro support his position on an Atheist using logic and reason to discern truths.
Posted by Tyler5362 7 years ago
Thanks. Minor error. Has been fixed.
Posted by ZebramZee 7 years ago
This debate is not even valid. How can you compare Atheism to Religion? The debate should be 'Atheism and Theism.' Atheism is the general concept of there being no god. Religion is a specific theistic philosophy. You are comparing apples to oranges here.
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro had the burden of the proof, but instead carried it to Con. Con fulfilled the argument the best.

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