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Atheism is not a religion

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Started: 3/19/2018 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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"The only way you can be a bad atheist is to believe in god." Matt Dillahunty
"You don't get to put your unreason upon the same shelf with my reason." Bill Maher

Now watch some vidies that proves atheism is not a religion - Reasons for accepting atheism - Bill Maher - Idiots must stop claiming atheism is a religion - Atheism a religion?

Prove that atheism IS a religion.

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Initially we must ask, what is a religion? A religion is something that people must believe, science is something that we are given evidence for until we have enough solid proof that an idea is 'true'. Personally I believe atheism is primarily a reliance on science, rather than religion.

So providing these definitions are sound, the question we are really asking is "Is science a religion?" When science was still in its infancy, perhaps it was not a religion. We were given hard facts; indisputable evidence for a series of proofs and laws that we subsequently decided were true. We knew Pythagoras was right because anyone could draw a right angled triangle and prove the length of sides followed his law. So at this point in time, atheism was not a religion.

Then came the dawn of quantum physics, of general relativity and of gravitational waves. Suddenly science shifted from something the masses could understand and prove - to something only a few select individuals could interpret. Then these individuals, with their access to their high-tech equipment, was able to translate the laws of nature for us and tell them to us; as science's voice. Does this not sound familiar? The priestly rituals in which a few select people claim to understand such complex issues as God's word seem awfully similar to this faith in a couple scientists. They are both issues that are not comprehensible to the masses so rely on a belief that the priest and the religion, or the scientist and the law of nature; are right.

I could ask any nerd whether quantum physics was a religion and they'd probably say 'Of course not! Look at the evidence!?' But when asked to point out the evidence to me; to prove it; to understand it; they would undoubtedly fail. So in this essence, there is nothing to distinguish a belief in science from a belief in religion. Just as the nerd will trust absolutely and unfaltering that the few top scientists in the country must be right, so too does the religious person trust absolutely and unfaltering that the word of God is right.

Maybe there are gravitational waves, maybe countless other weird and wonderful 'scientific' claims are true. But until they have understandable, indisputable evidence to back them up, they remain just as unfounded as religion. Science has become a faith and therefore atheism has become a religion.
Debate Round No. 1


"Initially we must ask, what is a religion?" Not in this case. Sorry teeny bopper. Did yah even look up the definitions of "atheism"? Clearly not.
Atheism 1. the doctrine or belief that there is no God. 2. disbelief in the existence of a supreme being or beings.
Now do you see the word "religion" stamped in among those two well defined definitions ANYWHERE? Therefore atheism is NOT a religion. Or do you like to invent definitions of your own which is what good ole christians who suckle their gym shorts with their pet piranha inside of them do all the time? Or does your imagination float on bricks like the 17 year old teeny bopper which shows you clearly are still stuck in high school? All atheism is, is EXACTLY TO-THE-LETTER what the two definitions of "atheism" are. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Those definitions of what atheism are, are more than well preserved in the vidies presented. Now had yah examined the vidies which is further evidence that atheism is NOT a religion and made an attempt to counter them in which case they are irrefutable, then this debate may have continued. But nah its too much to ask the typical christian, and don"t you dare deny that you are, to actually look at some actual evidence especially when slapped in the face with it, as you completely ignore it. Thus I shall completely ignore you.

You had your chance. You blew it. THE END. Bye.


"Atheism" is literally "a" meaning without and "theism" meaning the belief in supernatural beings. Clearly it"d be impossible to argue that by the standard definition, atheism is a religion. However, what I can argue is that the majority of people are currently mislabelling themselves as atheists. My argument tries to emphasise that the "atheist" today has just as much blind belief as a religious person. Personally I think this is a perfectly valid comparison to make.

Also, pretty irrelevant to this debate but to refute your rant against me, I would consider myself an atheist. However the lack of evidence atheists rely on nowadays makes me uncomfortable. Atheists used to have a reason to believe they had a superior belief- they had evidence. As I"ve said before, the fact that evidence has become too complex to understand changes atheism to nothing more than an unfounded belief in science. Can you point to one difference between modern atheism and religion?! Because if there are none, unfortunately atheists have lost the moral high ground and the common atheist is mislabelling himself. The 21st century seems to be a time when atheists may have to relable themselves as theists who believe in the religion of science. I"m predominantly arguing for a label change, not a definition change!

Finally to refute one of the points made in the comments, I think that atheism is no longer a belief in ideals that can be changed as the evidence stacks against us. This sad moment recognises the extinction of one of atheist"s best traits- it"s plasticity. Modern science has become something unwilling to change as its theories. Instead we increasingly try to cram bits of evidence into old broken theories. We invent "dark matter" to fill the voids of our understanding. Atheism used to be a wonderful way to question life, to constantly improve our understanding. However we have come to love our theories and our proofs so much that we have lost atheism"s fundamental blessing. We have lost the ability to mound atheism to the evidence we have. And with that, atheism has become as static as religion.
Debate Round No. 2


I decided to continue this debate for this round to humiliate, degrade, and dehumanize you further because you absolutely deserve it. "Atheism" is literally "a" meaning without and "theism" meaning the belief in supernatural beings." Really? According to what imbecile? You? How would you know? What grade of gnawing hourglass princess in the brain disfigurements of the you know where area excuses did you come up with that one? Um no I pay attention to the dictionary definition as well as the vidies in which you clearly didn't vidie once again as I only read your one sentence, with another that caught my eye in which will be gotten to a little later, to know that it was enough to know that your argument was a dimwitted dullard idiot box of utter lack of any reasoning, thinking, rationalizing, common sense nor logic in which your god, religion, and bible has none.

Now your second sentence that caught my hand grenade weight loss program for garlic onion beer sufferer's "Also, pretty irrelevant to this debate but to refute your rant against me," Nope. Not when you flatly invent excuses form something in which you clearly know nothing about and yet you pretend that you do and you have to make up for borrowed time by inventing excuses for a subject in which you think is part of your mainstay and its all dried up. That's something you will learn in college should you ---ever--- get that far. And if you ---ever--- want a genuine friend or loved one in the world as so many here on don't have, and its a HUGE red flag, then you should never do it. And if you do it to your teachers = instant F.

One more thing before I sign off to your pitter patter babble bumbling babbling baby brained reject... "Atheism is a response to a single claim, that some god exists. We don"t believe that"s true so we"re atheists. And that"s all it means." Jen Peeples And she's right. And you are wrong. Now do yourself some good. Stop inventing excuses. Examine the vides. Wash your undies.
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Debate Round No. 3
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This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by backwardseden 3 years ago
Your point? You have no point.
"Because you are putting something before God." So, if you forsake God in order to go to a baseball game continually, baseball becomes your idol, inferring religion. That's just what the bible says. My point was simply there are varying definitions of religion. That's it. I already know it's a waste of time to debate you on the issue.

Let"s see here, I"m not going to get entangled with YOUR definitions of "religion" because frankly who really cares? Religion IS and always will be your god.

Well evolution was just proven fact. Right before your eyes. Did yah bother to examine the vidies? No. Of course not. Now if you really want to get technical about it there"s only one thing that is a fact, just one. Take one lucky guess at what that one thing is?

"What Genre did the microbes become? What Genre of insect did it morph into? You say superbug?" Well gee, why don"t yah watch the vidies and see. See I really hate talking to christians. Because it is ONLY they as a whole that completely and utterly ignores rock solid evidence especially especially especially when slapped in the face with it.

"Oh...I see I read a little further, your microbe became microbes...That's really evolving" idiot.OK I"m ending this. Have fun with your noodled uneventful who knows he's wrong and playing childish neutered games self. Bye.
Posted by backwardseden 3 years ago
"I understand YOU don't consider atheism a religion," Its not me as proved before and right smack dab in RD 1 for in which you have a 0% argument against. Oh but wait by gum, its only christians, who think they are christians, but in reality there is absolutely no such thing, who think that atheism is a religion. And that"s because they think, like you that atheists pose a threat to their christianity, namely their religion as they twiddle their lips between their knees. Oh and oh yeah to rub it in even further" it is well known that atheists know the bible generally A LOT better than those who claim they are christian.
No sorry dear lung rot, atheism is NOT a religion. Period. There"s no book on atheism. There"s nothing on atheism that tells atheists how to behave and react to certain things and ideas and tells atheists on what to do. Religion does that, especially YOUR god in which you cannot even prove exists.
See, you don"t pay any attention to anyone but yourself which is a major reason why you don"t have any genuine friends or loved ones. I"m not sure if I"ve said this or not. If I have its worth repeating" even if someone were to agree with everything and EXACTLY what you were to say and think, you would still manage to find fault with that person.
You---are---illiterate---of---the---bile and a prime example of it.

"The water down version is the worship of idols is forbidden." Um no. That"s EXACTLY what YOUR bible states. Its not a watered down version. Please invent better excuses please. And please try another lie. Oh but wait, you don"t believe in the 10 commandments. Great going Ace McFuddledork. Care for any unabridged pearls, naturally with a douche of lemon squeezed tongue squeezers? Oh and oh yeah "idols" speaking on your limited terms, because you only understand that, and you are a chuckles the clone pay grades lower than Donald Trump, it also means false gods. Duh AND YOU KNOW IT. So stop with the kiddie play lingerie.
Posted by jtlove 3 years ago
backwardseden: I understand YOU don't consider atheism a religion, that's fine. When someone who is literate of the Bible says that is a religion referring to anything. It could be baseball. It is base on biblical precepts. The water down version is the worship of idols is forbidden. Because you are putting something before God. So, if you forsake God in order to go to a baseball game continually, baseball becomes your idol, inferring religion. That's just what the bible says. My point was simply there are varying definitions of religion. That's it. I already know it's a waste of time to debate you on the issue.

Just like the word fact, it holds different meanings. Most people would say a fact is a thing that is indisputably the case, an absolute truth. Not when it comes to science it is not absolute. Just like your evolution being fact, it is not absolute. That's per the scientific model

What Genre did the microbes become? What Genre of insect did it morph into? You say superbug?

Oh...I see I read a little further, your microbe became microbes...That's really evolving

Nobody denies micro-evolution or mutations...but where's the microbe to fish to dino to a mammal to man??? Show me the direct evidence of Macro Evolution.

Do you believe in circumstantial evidence and does that prove the existence of something or something took place?
Posted by backwardseden 3 years ago
@jtlove - Ah now we are getting somewhere. People DO have different definitions of religion. People DO NOT have different definitions of atheism and yet they try to make it out as such. There is ONLY ONE definition of atheism. AND in absolutely no possible way is atheism a religion. PE-RI-OD. Now what part of that don't you understand? That's what this entire debate is all about!!! Oh gee what is the very title of this debate? Oh gee EXACTLY what do the vidies state? Sheesh your kind is so pathetic to drag 0% of nothing into nothing and drag it into nothing hoping for something. Sorry. It didn't work.
Btw, evolution is NOT a theory it is ab-so-lu-te proven fact. Antibiotic resistant microbes, better known as "superbugs" is 100% confirmation and certification and proven fact that evolution is taking place right here in the here and the now. Antibiotic resistant microbes are evolving every single second of every single day to become more resistant to antibiotics.

Superbug 1.a pathogenic bacterium that has developed immunity to antibiotics, or an insect that has developed immunity to insecticides.
("has developed" means evolution is taking place) Now watch the vidies that proves evolution is taking place in the here and now) - Frontline (comes from PBS which knows a lot more than YOU ---ever--- will) - The Trouble with Antibiotics Documentary - Frontline - Hunting the Nightmare Bactiria - Rise Of Superbugs Resistant To Antibiotics | Full Documentary - Antibiotics Resistance

The so what nothingness god of the bible (thankfully) who is proven hate time and time again is not proven fact.
No matter which language you speak. god is NOT proven fact. YOUR GOD IS A RELIGION. That means different definitions according to you which means NO CONDENSES on YOUR god. Duh.
Posted by jtlove 3 years ago

The only point I was trying to make was people have different definitions of religion. That's it. Nothing more, I did read both. I would have thought you would have like the thesis, it discussed differently scientist and doctors view on how religion fits into the evolution theory.

So I don't know why you get all spun up and state using ad hominems, I know you asked for a website and I said I did not have access to one. Thus I asked what workaround do you want me to do, email, facebook. No response from you.
Posted by backwardseden 3 years ago
truly a sick perverted diseased warped pathetic nothingness blank black hole who in his bible hates children. - Atheist Experience 22.11 with Matt Dillahunty and Jen Peeples
2. I have genuine friends. 5 for 42+ years. 1 for 17 years. 1 for 16 years. Why? Because we don't B.S. each other with the nonsense that you come up with. You have 0 and wow does it show for point blank obvious reasons. And you know what? One of them believes in god. Yes we've gotten into our doozies but when it comes to religion, now he always looses even though he thinks he may be an expert on the bible, he's self taught, so really what does he know? 3. Your religion ---completely---- relies on faith of a printed text. That's why I asked you if any of whoever you presented me were creationists, scientists, atheists, or whatevers is because ALL creationists are worthless, no exceptions, none. Why? They will not put their god on trial again. In other words, they are far too cowardly to stand behind their product, namely their god because all they have to go on is faith based oriented. I'm not that stupid. And neither are those YOU call creationists or those who call themselves creationists (NEWSFLASH: no such a thing), obviously. 4. I and others, unlike you and those who are completely brainwashed and go into flat out denial, we who are intelligent, and have an education, unlike you, obviously, we want something that is tangible. We also want your god to be tested and demonstrated in which absolutely no one, not one person has EVER been able to do. 4. And yah know what, they ask this on the Atheist Experience all---the---time. Why believe? You've not even come close to giving me a reason. You've never shared anything good about YOUR god at all. 5. This is so true of you and you know it... If someone were to agree with you on everything, EXACTLY everything you were to say and think, you would still manage to find fault with that person.
Posted by backwardseden 3 years ago
@jtlove - I don't care what you think of me because I---do---not---have---to---sink---EVER---to----your---level. I do not have the superior ego god complex that you and your god does. I'm not here to please you. And if you don't like it, leave. You've shown thus far a 0% intelligence and when you flatly make up excuses for something in which you clearly know absolutely nothing about, and wow did you prove it here, I ASKED YOU FOR A WEBSITE, to prove what you were going to be saying, and naturally you didn't come up with it, If this was a court, and you were a lawyer, no jury would EVER take your word for anything because you have no EVIDENCE and you also like to play children's games and jerk people around.
Now here's a few very big differences between you and me, 1. I HAVE read and studied YOUR printed bible, you clearly haven't. That is so ridiculously point blank obvious. You really should be ashamed. And yeah your printed bible such a joke because your god if a god would never use text, the worst form of communication possible so idiots like you can get it wrong with translations upon translations upon copies upon copies with dead languages upon dead languages which die off and you are far too stupid and ignorant to figure it out that there's 0% of a chance that even if true that your god exists, in which in no possible way can you even prove he even exists, can possibly trace it back to the original. SO EVERYBODY NO EXCEPTIONS, NONE IS MISINTERPRETING. And guess what? This weeks Atheist Experience Matt Dillahunty yet again pulverizes yet another ignorant idiot theist. And its the very first can. If If you had any common sense within that think skull of yours, you'd agree with Matt. No exceptions, none. Especially when Matt keeps asking time and time and time again if he deserves to go to hell simply because he doesn't believe in christ which is EXACTLY what you bible states. AND its perfectly OK I murder and chop up 6 five year old girls. YOUR god is
Posted by jtlove 3 years ago

You are by far the most ignorant person I know who is delusional on how is more intelligent than everyone else. Does it pump up your ego to trash talk. Was you picked on as kid, got a little bit of bully complex. Thinking you can hide be hide the keyboard of anonymity. Why don't you settle down talk rationally and put together coherent thoughts

By the way, I uploaded the title page to thesis on "The evolution of religions and of religiosity" a sociology thesis. To satisfy your ego.

The site instructions say to switch to "Rich Text" link to the left of the Argument box to display text editing options. I use a Mac, so I don't see not Rich Text link on my screen. I the below link does not work request to friend me and then you have access to the photos.

So go and read up there Wicked Witch of the West. Don't let that broom stick to far up...
Posted by backwardseden 3 years ago
@jtlove - Yeah you have no genuine loved ones or friends. That much is crystal clear. Just like so so so many here on You stand out like a smelly rat that smells himself from the inside. You've got one shot at this if you want me to continue with even a micron of debating effort with you... you pay EXACT attention to what I said and to what you said and then get back to me and rephrase your most recent response completely and come up with what I asked for. If not, bye, I couldn't care less. You see, I only talk to/ debate with others that are intelligent and edumacated beyond the first few posts, and you my idiota, have not fit that bill in the slightest. I even spelled it out for you in my most recent post. Awe gee I'll give you a hint buttercup reference (singular), sources (plural). Now say "duh" for the camera. Now if your are stupid enough to NOT KNOW WHY the difference between a creationist, scientist, atheist or whatever, and as I said you'd have to prove ALL are sociologists, matters and in a huge monumental way, then don't even bother posting me back.
"Your asking of "And translations upon translations were already explained." Is this your little snipe for delegitimizing the Bible?" No that's what you call realism. Remember the Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz? You can sing with him "If I only had a brain."
Posted by jtlove 3 years ago
Backwardsedan: What exactly did I dodge? You ask for translations of German resources...So you know I downloaded the sources and had translated via software. Not my own translation.

Then you take issue with reference vs source? I'm not trying to be smart with you but do you not know your vocabulary?

#1 definition of Reference: A mention or citation of a source of information in a book or article.
Synonyms of Reference: Source, information source, citation, authority, credit, note, footnote
Source for definition is Oxford Dictionary.

Your asking of "And translations upon translations were already explained." Is this your little snipe for delegitimizing the Bible?

You also wanted/asked to have access to the actual documents, so I asked how do you want me to get these to you? I don't see anything on to upload stuff.

I will post the translated material later, it is on my other computer.
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