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Australia should be a more significant country

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Started: 2/10/2018 Category: Places-Travel
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Hello opponent please type in that you accept this Debate by typing in "I accept" below along with your introduction to show you are not a troll. Australia has always been put into the shadow behind countries like America, Canada and even England sometimes, I feel Australia should not be put in the darkness and in this debate I will tell you why.


I accept.
Debate Round No. 1


First of all we invented amazing things like WiFi, Google Maps, Polymer bank notes (if you are American and do not know what they are, they are plastic WATERPROOF bills), Ultrasound scanners, stainless steel braces and many more things. Why put us into the shadow if we have made such amazing things the whole world uses nowadays! I bet you have used at the very least ONE thing I put up there unless you are on a Ethernet cable still using those old paper maps wherever you go! There is no point in putting such smart people who made these things in the shadow!

Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi!


The resolution used by Pro *assumes* that Australia isn't already a 'significant' country - however, in actual reality, it is. Firstly we should clarify what significance means:

1.a the state or quality of being significant

1.b of consequence or importance


To respond directly to Pros argument first:he/she asserts that Australia invented 'amazing things' like 'WiFI, Google Maps, Polymer bank notes, Ultrasound scanners, stainless steel braces and many more things'.

Now, if these inventions did come from Australia, then, it can be considered a 'significant country' - as a country which is the home of some of the most universally-used inventions in the 21st century. It would seem that Pro was/is trying to argue that Australia simply deserves more recognition, in which case he/she should proposed that instead of stating that it should be more 'significant' - because the examples that Pro themselves has listed, fully go against that. Instead of affirming the resolution, Pro has negated it. After all, insignificant countries do not invent things such as WiFi or Google Maps.

One invention listed by Pro that I will take issue with though is the ultrasound, as this was not invented in Australia. Its first use is thought to have been in Austria, which is a country in Europe. Its technology developed from there.

'The use of ultrasound in medicine began during and shortly after the 2nd World War in various centres around the world. The work of Dr. Karl Theodore Dussik in Austria in 1942 on transmission ultrasound investigation of the brain provides the first published work on medical ultrasonics.'

'Although other workers in the USA, Japan and Europe have also been cited as pioneers, the work of Professor Ian Donald and his colleagues in Glasgow, in the mid 1950s, did much to facilitate the development of practical technology and applications.'

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Debate Round No. 4
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