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Avatar Aang Vs Avatar Korra! Who would win?

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Started: 3/27/2018 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Is Aang a stronger fights than Korra. Personally let us take in their sub skill and bending both are master of the 4 elements, including energybending. Korra learned 3 of the 4 elements at the age of 4, learning all 4 at the age of 17. Aang knew only 1 bending art by the age of 12 but mastered the other 3 in less than a year. Let us start with the first element: Water bending Korra was a natural when it came to water bending, she is a natural water bender, Aang on the other hand was also a great water bender training with Paku/Katara yet he was not as efficient in the element as Korra was. Let us move on to earth bending a good amount of people would believe that Korra was the better earth bender because she knew metal bending, Aang on the other hand knew seismic sense this is very useful skill as to it made Toph the strongest earthbender. In earth bending I am going to say it is a draw. Let us talk about Fire Bending Aang was trained by the original masters in fire bending the dragons not only that Aang was a natural at fire bending, Aang also knew lightning re-direction so I am going to have to give this to Aang. Now it comes down to one final element Airbending as I am not trying to be biased in any way but their is no way to argue against that Aang is the better Air bender having grown up with the nomads. In the elements Aang won 2 - 1 while earth bending being a tie. We will not count energy bending because they are both able to use it and we have not seen enough. Now let us move on to the physical side and Aang was a more passive and agile foe, Korra was more sturdy and offensive. in physical feature and combat skills it will also be a tie Aang being a Master in 1 touch evasion being trained by the monks. The final the test is the Avatar State Korra will have the ability to use Aang's knowledge but at the end of the day Aang was more connected to his spiritual side, I will give the avatar state to Aang this is why I think that Aang is the stronger of the two.


This seems interesting, though I haven't seen either cartoon recently. I'll be using what I can find through research on wikis to see why Korra could beat Aang.

Strength: Here, I'll go over her offensive physical (bending) abilities. Korra is able to lift a grown man with a single arm (perhaps up to 150 lbs), as well as shatter ice projectiles with just her fists. She has also punched a large opponent hard enough to send him into pipes behind him, breaking the pipes.

Bending: Korra can control fire, water, air, and earth/stone. With Firebending, she can create daggers as well as focus it to melt chains. She commonly uses Firebending as her offensive tool. With Earthbending, she can raise stones from the air and toss them as projectiles, create barriers from stone, and possibly other things (I'm not sure exactly what Korra does). With Airbending, she can use it to push herself in a direction, as well as push others, though it's more for mobility. With Waterbending, she can fire water, and freeze it into ice.

Korra also has Metalbending, allowing her to command metal.

Agility: Korra is rather agile, able to jump across buildings, run across walls, and she's a skilled parkourist. She's also dodged a barrage of projectiles.

Durability: I can't find out much for how much damage she can take, though she has healing abilities, able to vastly decrease the time it takes for wounds to recover.

I think that's it for now. Let's see your response.

Sources: Spirit World;
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