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Average intelligence is enough to succeed as president

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Started: 7/5/2021 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 months ago Status: Challenge Period
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I mean although a certain amount of intelligence is required for being president, It doesn't have to be even close to outstanding.

First of all being president isn't even close to being as intellectually demanding as being a physicist or mathematician (or even a engineer). First of all, The subjects that the president needs to know in detail (International relations mainly and some military science) isn't even particularly hard to grasp for even someone with a slightly lower mental capacity. A person of average intelligence should be able to easily assimilate info in IR and see the bigger picture if they put in the effort.

Secondly as long as you're good with planning, Generalization of information (in other words the ability for a student to perform a skill or use knowledge under different conditions (stimulus generalization), The ability to apply a skill or knowledge in a different way (response generalization), And also to continue to exhibit that skill/knowledge over time (maintenance), Assimilation of info (occurs when we modify or change new information to fit into our schemas), Seeing the bigger picture, And synthesizing information then you should be good to go. Usually people of normal intelligence (IQ of 90-110) won't struggle with any of these skills when dealing with issues relating to international relations and policy. These issues only becomes a problem when someone has below average intelligence (IQ of 70-87 or 70 or below) or untreated ADHD.

Thirdly, You don't really have to know everything about everything because that's what advisors are for. If you are unable to figure something out by yourself, You have advisors that could help you out and sometimes it's possible to defer to those smarter or more knowledgeable if you're struggling with figuring something out yourself.

Now don't talk about Trump or Biden when engaging in this debate with me please.
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Posted by caccr2021 2 months ago
In my opinion it is totally true, Take a look of Nicaragua, The President if we can call like that is a simple person with some manipulation abilities and with the power of the democracy. This thieve is really killing thousands of poor people. You also can see Maduro in Venezuela he is another president using the face of the democracy to remain in the power. Putin is like the same but with more power than the ones mentioned above.
Posted by Leaning 2 months ago
I think what you say is true.
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