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BIRT This house will ban Combat Sports

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Started: 4/30/2014 Category: Sports
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I will be representing side Government and i will show you why we should ban combat sports i will bring forth 2 points to show my case


I graciously your invitation and take up the Negative position on the challenge. To insure that we are talking about the same thing I give the definition of a combat sport as a sport in which the competitors make physical contact with each other and engage in one-to-one combat. Examples are: Boxing, Karate, Jujitsu, MMA fighting, etc. It is now my job to argue that the Government should not pass laws banning combat sports. Rounds 1 and 2 are for preliminaries, 3 and 4 for case development, and whatever rounds remain for rebuttals and closing arguments. Good luck in the debate!
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for joining the debate. I would now like to take the time to present my first point, Desensitization.believe that if we have violence on TV then that will lead to even more violence. People thought that watching violence on TV would get violence out of their systems but there have been many studies that show that watching violence on TV and being around violence will lead to even more violence. People will slowly start to think that fighting is ok and start fighting other people or letting their children watch and this will go on and on if we don"t abolish all combat sports. look at the world we live in there are stories every day about people fighting and going to the hospital because of injuries or even worse death. If you watch something over and over again than your brain starts to think that it is ok and if people watch violence than their brain starts to think that they do whatever they want and people will start fighting everywhere and this will lead to more injuries, death and people will steal more because they think that they can now knock out a store owner and that would leave a store unsupervised. If we ban All combat sports than Most of this fighting will go away, If people do not see people fighting on TV than they will stop because the main reason they are fighting is because of watching it on TV. There have been studies were if a crowd of people do something than the test subject will do the same, so if we ban all combat sports than people will stop fighting because they won"t see people on TV fighting.


watcher00090 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Gstitz forfeited this round.


Lets talk about boxing since it is the most well known combat sport:

All sports have the potential of becoming about much more than athletics, transforming into symbols of a culture’s and country’s mood, insecurities, conflicts, and hopes. But perhaps no sport lends itself to this kind of transposition more than boxing. For the purity of boxing gives it the nature of a blank canvas; there is no playing field or special equipment; the rules are few and easy to understand. There is but two men, facing off with nowhere to go, with only their fists and their determination to decide their fate. Thus boxing easily becomes a metaphor for debates over our values: good vs. evil, immigrant vs. nativist, bravado vs. humility, intellect vs brute strength.

This connection to cultural ideals and masculinity has given boxing quite a history. At times when society felt its manliness to be on the wane, boxing was wildly popular and seen as the iron needed to fortify a unstable culture. All of which makes for a fascinating history and a subject every man should know something about.

In the golden age of boxing, many great boxers, such Muhammad Ali in this example, fought in the ring. This image represents boxing at it's finest.
<a href=; width="500" height="428" />

Final remarks: in the ancient Roman Colosseum, thousands of citizens watched eagerly as gladiators fought and lost their lives in front of a screaming, raging crowd. Today, we use our TV to broadcast our combat sports. Don't let this age old cultural tradition be thrown away.


1.) Kids aren't watching boxing on the TV; that would be absurd for their parents to let them to. The mass majority of Americans are rational beings, and wouldn't expose their kids to such violence.
2.) It is not the boxing on TV which makes people want to hurt store owners (or anyone else for that matter). Any rational person knows that if they hit a person in public they will get prison time or lose money , no rational person would want that to happen.
3.) My opponent hasn't actually provided any studies, his arguments are just unwarranted claims.
4.) Here is a study which shows that the crime in the U.S. isn't caused by mass media violence viewed on TV. The authors write:
"The literature on the effect of exposure to media violence (including exposure to
violent pornography) on aggressive behavior is critically reviewed. Evidence and
theoretical arguments regarding short-term and long-term effects are discussed.
.... Exposure to violence in laboratory and field
experiments is as likely to affect nonaggressive antisocial behavior as it does
aggressive behavior .... The fact that violent criminals tend to be versatile—they
commit nonviolent crimes as well—is inconsistent with explanations that emphasize
proviolence socialization (from the media or other sources). I conclude that
exposure to television violence probably does have a small effect on violent behavior
for some viewers, possibly because the media directs viewer’s attention to
novel forms of violent behavior that they would not otherwise consider. [2]

This means that the behavior effect from violence is not only unlikely, but is only the case from some viewers, and is only true because a form of violence is revealed to them which they didn't prviously know. The violence isn't caused by repetitive watching of violent sports, it's caused by viewers being revealed to a new form of violence(and even this only has a small impact on the subject's behavior).

5.) Even if kids were watching violent sports, they would realize as they get older that that violence is pointless and meaningless, and would not incorporate it into their behaviors.

For these reasons, I urge you to vote for the negative, to preverse the ancient cultural tradition of boxing and other combat sports. Thank you.


Debate Round No. 3
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