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Babies to Theybies: Let Children Decide Their Own Gender

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Started: 7/25/2018 Category: Society
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I definitely do not agree with this at all. I mean, Are people seriously going to let children (who don't even know how to form proper sentences, Who just started walking, Who don't know how to feed themselves and wipe their own butts etc. ) make THAT kind of decision? And why would you change babies to theybies? The 'ba' is not even a pronoun!


I dont see the connection between proper bathroom etiquette and being a judge of anothers ability to determine their idea of gender and or sexuality.

To let a child choose their children is to let a child choose his favorite pair of shoes. He still has to wear what ever pair is apropriate for the ocassion but even though the fuzzy dinnosaur slippers are his favorite, He still can notnwear them to school.

Anyone of any age should be able to choose their gender. What society accepts is a different argument. I can be a e year old boy in my head but if my vagina makes me a female to society then their is no need to make any further determinations.

Everyones rights are protected. As well as everyones emotional and identity control.
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The point is children are totally incapable of taking care of themselves especially when you consider the age parents allow their child to decide their own gender. They barely understand what"s going on and are just starting to become aware of the world around them.

For the parents to keep their gender identity a secret for 4 years straight could be very confusing and overwhelming for the child. It is only a matter of time before your child enters society (even before starting in preschool) and realizes how confused they are because their parents decided not to give them some insight on what they are!

Now we are talking about how we shouldn"t force gender roles on our children, Eh? It doesn"t make it any better to force upon them this non-binary stuff at an early age. What you could do is to create a welcoming environment (which you should do, Duh) and raise them according to their presumed gender. Give the child some time to grow and learn.


If a child is uncapable of taking care of themselves, Why force an idea before they are able to comprehend it.

Children don't fill paperwork or application so if a parent files a boy as a girl that is that parents doing. The child should not be acolded for what they believe of they have not yet really developed a belief system.

Children have wild imaginations that we adults lack. Children ahould be able to believe whatevsd they want. Life teaches us hpw to judge ourselevs as time goes on.
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Posted by LucciDamus 3 years ago
Exactly my point, Not exactly thr God part, But you are making my point. A child can choose any amd everythi g under the sun but it isnt until that child developements a sense of society that thos arguments matters.

You use the force at your own leisure. If a boy thinks he is a girl, I would tell him biogically he is a boy but if he wants to be a girl go for it.

Want to be a cowboy, Astronaut, Alien whatever.

They dont understand science or logic so why force them too. Let children be children and focus on adulting.
Posted by NoOhDearNo12 3 years ago
Absolute retards, The pair of you. Firstly "the instigator", You cannot debate. Anyways mr contender, There already exists someone who decides a babies gender, Goes by the name "God", Maybe you haven"t heard of Him and he chooses through their biology, XY and XX. Now, Going with your argument "if they can"t take care of themselves blah blah why force an idea before they can comprehend it". So how do you want the parents to bring up a child? Genderlessly? Is that even a thing? Here"re the thing about the XX and XY chromosomes, The XX NATURALLY introduces male features and therefore a male mentality and vice versa for for the XY. So there"s nothing called "female in the head but downstairs says male". Everything works simultaneously, Rationally and functions together. Gender is neither a decision nor an environmental influence. It"s a 50-50 chance phenomenon which occurs at conception. So the baby doesn"t decide, The parents don"t decide. Probablility does. You seem confused. A guy can be into something popular to females, That doesn"t make him a "girl in the head".
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