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Bachelor's Degree

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Started: 12/24/2016 Category: Education
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Hi everyone! So here come my first debate! In my society, especially my college, my classmates argue that bachelor's degree is not so important for people who study IT and majors that related to computer. They suggest people to complete their associated degree and go out for work as soon as possible!
Do you guys think this is right?
For me, education is important and with knowledge, people can make something new! But when people from my class argue about "work experiences", they said it is far more important!!! I disagree with this!
Although we see some 10% people who have dropped out and success in life like Bill Gate, Steve Jobs,... I think they learned and educated themselves in different ways! They never treat education as unimportant!
So how do you think about this? For IT, is bachelor or master degree important!
My stand is "Yes" and I don't think go to work early is a good way that my teachers always said! I think people should prepare enough knowledge and skills to work!


Well, first of all, i'd like to thank my opponent for providing such a great case to compete with! The topic for today's debate is " is it right to advocate for completing an Associate Degree as fast as possible and go out to work as soon as possible?"
My opponent didn't define any terms which are important which are important for a debate, so I will define the terms we will be going by for today's debate.

I define Right as fair
I define Advocate or Suggest as a person who argues for a cause
I define Completing as to finish
I define Associate Degree as an undergraduate program requiring 60 credits to complete
I define as soon as possible as the earliest possible moment

Since my opponent didn't give a criterion, I will give my own. The criteria the judges should be using for today's debate should be: Encourage a stable life financially ( since finance decides a lot of things like whether you eat or not)

So my opponent's first contention is that work experience isn't as important as being educated. This is simply is not true. Since we're talking about being financially stable it's obvious that work experience is highly preferred by employers that you need to be financially stable. according to a 2013 report by High Fliers Research, they concluded that college graduates without work experience had "little chance" of getting a job. This proves that education isn't more important when talking about financial stability.

My opponent's second contention is that people like Bill gates and Steve jobs have dropped out of college and had great success and they treated education as more important.
This is not representative of what the majority of people who drop out of college can expect nor do we see it happen right now. The median income for a college graduate is around 51,000 and the average income for a high school graduate is 27,000. That is a huge difference. A reason a lot of college students don't graduate is because of poor preparation, and Bill Gates says himself stay in school.

My opponent's third contention is going to work early is not a good way to do.
I would like to argue that internships count as job experience and job experience is very important to employers, and to financially stable you need to have a good job to pay back whatever loans you took out.

Now I will provide some counter contentions

1) My first contention: Finishing college as fast as possible means that you save money. For example, The University of Kentucky's tuition is 24,000 a year. If you can shed 12,000 off the total cost by graduating a semester early and take 12,000 off the final total then it's well worth it and it would be completely right to advocate for that kind of financial responsibility.

2) My second contention: Graduating early means you get to live in better dorms at whatever college you attend, because after you accumulate a certain number of credits the school sees you as a sophomore and you get to stay in upper-classmen dorms. This provides for a better college experience on top of saving money.

For all of these reasons, I would urge a strong vote for affirmative side.
Debate Round No. 1


Thanks for your opinions, that was great to make me think about!
First of all, I just join this web so I don't know that I should argue with someone, I thought it would be like '"!
So I will give my views now!
1. My opponent deduced that my "contention is that work experience isn't as important as being educated". I am sorry that I did not make it clear in my first argument but I did not mean this! I am working on game design which a bachelor may not necessarily required rather than skills and experiences! What I disagree in my first argument is that my classmates said work experiences are far more important than education! If they treat them equally important, that's great! However, what they see is work experiences are more important than education! And that's why I disagree!
- My country is a small Asian country where science and technology have not been developed yet! What we do is to buy technology from Japan and US! So let's say if IT people such as my classmates think that work experiences are far more important and with your argument, "being financially stable". And they just go out to work within purchasing higher academic knowledge, how long can we people catch up with other countries? I will give you an example, when I go to Singapore to study, you all know Singapore has high ranked education system! What make me surprise is that my high school classmates and Singaporean students can come up with many ideas about something like Quantum Computer and many other things which requires higher levels of knowledge!
What I am trying to say is that, with higher knowledge with work experiences, people can come up with many innovations! Work experiences alone may not help!
2. Let me define education by Wiki, Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. Educational methods include storytelling, discussion, teaching, training, and directed research. And I really surprise that who said my contention about Bill Gate, I did mean this at all. What I am trying to say is that, Bill Gate and Steve Jobs dropped out from college, although they do not attend formal education, by they educated themselves and they treat formal education important, just they cannot find out that they fit that systems! Bill Gate is very strict about his daughter's education, for example! Bill Gate in certain video or in some of his speech, he never tell people should drop out and work as my TEACHERS in my UNIVERSITY and my classmates told me!
3. Why I don't think go to work early is a good way in my content, I mean finish a degree soon our just drop out to work! First of all, if you are good and graduate soon, congrats! But if you learn in some ways without sufficient knowledge to get a degree and go to work, it is not courage!
I encourage people to work and earn some money, even that is part time jobs! But in this content, some of my classmates just want to drop out and go to work! Well, surely I disagree with this! Maybe their life can be flourished as some dropped out people like Bill Gate! But without sufficient knowledge, how can they suppose to do?
4. If my teacher courage students to "work early", they can make excuses! My uni divide degree into 8 certificates! The 8th certification with projects is to gain bachelor's degree! With each certification, people can find jobs without bachelor! But not a high-paying job! Let take this as example, if they go out and work, earn some money and in short term, they drop out and keep working! Maybe they are at certification 6th or 7th!
What I am trying to say is that, if we tell students that work experience is better and encourage them to work early! They may lose focus on their studies ! And the result may provoke some social issue!
5. For any form of education, it is still important to gain more knowledge! Knowledge is the basis of anything! Some knowledge can help people to create new things and come up with many new ideas!
I will give you an example of the country where I finished my A levels! Singapore! This country used to be poor and lack of resources and especially water! However, with education, they are now a famous and developed country with wealth and good services! A levels in Singapore is harder and more pressure than in England or Malaysia!
If my country pursue students to work rather than possess higher education like Bachelor's Degree, Master or PhD., How can they progress?

6. College in my country is not expensive as in your country, and education is not so good also! So if they stop at Associated degree, not only hard to get a jobs but also create more social issue!

I agree with your argument about graduating early can be good! but sorry, in my country is 4 years and no special case!
With all above, I against encouraging to work early and treat work experiences as more important than education!
And I don't know how can you come up with contentions that I even did not think about!
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Ced 2 years ago
Sorry I totally forgot about this debate I'll debate you again if you want
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