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BajanCanadian is a better gamer than Tobuscus

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Started: 4/1/2014 Category: Games
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Who doesn't love Mitch (BajanCanadian)? he is the greatest minecraft player in the and absolutely funny! Not only is he the greatest player but he does it for the viewers, his pvp skills are unbeatable, He is great at parkour and top class comedian. Although this is just a short argument it is pretty clear who is the greater player. If you need more convincing just watch some of his video's. He top's Notch!!!


I am against what you are trying to claim, for I am certain that Tobuscus is much better than Bajan Canadian. Just look back to your statement "...he is the greatest minecraft player..." I believe this statement will, no matter have good it sounds, be the downfall of your argument. The reason I believe this is because Bajan Canadian is only limited to Minecraft videos. Tobuscus, however, plays many different game that amuse his watchers, which is much better than only one game every single time. Tobuscus also does cartoons, songs, and live parodies, which makes him much better. To be honest, I do not think anyone cares if you are great at parkour and can jump from brick to brick, but if you entertain the viewer.

In conclusion, Tobuscus has a wide variety of funny, animated videos that makes him much better than BajanCanadian.
Debate Round No. 1


Well that may be true but when tobuscus plays he usually does so alone whereas the BajanCanadian does so with friends which helps him not only entertain viewers but also helps him learn off others which is a good quality.
For example when he first started his hunger games series he, and I hate to admit it, wasn't very good and then after a few episodes he played with some friends and at that point he started learning tricks off his friends. I myself have seen this scenario many times in his videos. Learning of others is a great way for life and on the computer screen.
working with others also helps him become more noticed. When people start getting noticed not only does it boost his self-esteem but also makes him bolder and more confident. plus who doesn't love it when friends com up with a great slogan


First of all, Your argument may sound factual and sound, but in retrospect, you have just contradicted your argument in the first round. Recall your statement "Not only is he the greatest player..." and look at what you just stated to Debate.Org. Your statements, "...but also helps him learn off others which is a good quality." and "For example when he first started his hunger games series he, and I hate to admit it, wasn't very good...' has just contradicted the fact that BajanCanadian is the "greatest player". Why would he need to learn if he was so great? Tobuscus does not have to learn from friends. Therefore, I continue to prove that Tobuscus is much better.

Now let's say BajanCanadian only became popular because he had his friends make him popular. Tobuscus, however, did not need friends to become popular. All he needed was, as I stated last time, a wide variety of fun games and song parodies, etc., which makes him the popular Youtuber he is. Gabeuscus was probably the closest thing he could consider a friend to spread his popularity.

In conclusion, your arguments are full of flaws.

Also, there are a few errors in your grammar, including spelling "come" as "com" and not capitalizing "working", so next time, make sure to check what you are doing.
Debate Round No. 2


Well I do believe that the fact that someone who is the greatest cannot learn more is a pile of crap. Even the greatest person can learn more. For example Einstein although a genius didn't know everything. If he knew everything he wouldn't have worked so hard to become an achiever. Even Notch has to try hard to make minecraft perfect for all players.
To be honest the greatest person is the one willing to learn.


I totally agree with what you are trying to say, but come on, this is video games for crying out loud, but I have one last thing to say to end this argument. Of course, BajanCanadian learns from his friends, but if you ask me, this is not the reason people watch Youtube. Of course, people want to be entertained by watching others do wacky things while playing video games, but also, they want to learn from the best, and I stand here to say that Tobuscus is the best!
Tobuscus educates viewers about their games, and does not have to learn from others, and use their advice for themselves on Youtube, as you are claiming BajanCanadian does. Plus, you don't try to make people enjoy it. It is about if it is enjoyable. Now, I am not a full, alleged Tobuscus fan, but I believe that he can be very good at video games.

I will now restate all my arguments:
1. Tobuscus plays a variety of games, including songs, parodies, and cartoons, while BajanCanadian limits himself to a single game.
2. Tobuscus does not need friends to spread his popularity.
3. Even though the greatest players are not able to learn, I believe the main idea of Youtube is that they can watch games and learn from the greatest players, like Tobuscus.

I rest my case.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by StelltheStorm 6 years ago
But the debate is which is but not if they are both good
Posted by onyx930 6 years ago
they both suck.
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