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Ban islam

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Started: 2/1/2018 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Muslims should have a safe option to leave islam..



It is surprising to see some people still think in this manner, ban Islam? Really? Over 1.5 billion Muslims around the world and you want to ban it?

Suffice to say, that I am very confident that every reason you have to say such a thing is false and due to your ignorance and lack of understanding of the religion. But even If I wanted to indulge you, I would find more problems in other religions based o your misunderstanding than there are problems with Islam.

Now, to the issue you raised about having a safe way of leaving Islam... there already is.

When you want to judge a religion, you need to get the rules of that religion from the source and not from how people interpret them or how they practice it.

Have you even read the Quran? I am sure you have never read it because if you have you would have not asked this question.

The Source of Islamic teachings and religious rules is the Quran. And here is what the God Says in the Quran about this subject:

Chapter 2 - Verse 256:
Let there be no compulsion in religion. Truth stands out clear from error; whoever rejects evil and believes in Allah hath grasped the most trustworthy hand-hold, that never breaks. And Allah hears and knows all things"

from Chapter 18 - Verse 29:
Say "The truth is from your lord, let him who will, believe, and let him who will, reject (it).........

I guess the main problem with people with such thought today is they do not understand what the word Islam actually means. It simply means to surrender to God's will and order. Not to fight him, not to reject his instructions. Submit...
That is what Islam means.

So with that understanding, even Christians when they adhere to God's laws and follow them, they are Muslims as they have submitted to his will and surrendered to his will and order.

Now, the prophet Mohammad did say "Kill those who change their religion" this does not mean kill anyone who leaves Islam, it refers to those who change the word of God and try to manipulate religion, those who say God says something he did not or God did not say something he did say and those who leave the faith and attack it as well.

In Islamic literature and in modern days there are many examples of people leaving Islam and nothing has befell them.
However, if you leave your religion only to attack it and hamper its message then that is a problem.

Neither God nor Muslims really care if someone chooses to disbelieve. In the end they will judged by the all-mighty when the time comes. So long as they keep their peril away from those who chose to believe.

No one has the right to ban a religion well established by scripture and this kind of rhetoric will only lead to hatred and war.

Quran clearly gives freedom of faith, and even the freedom to not have faith at all. But warns against attacking the message and those who believe.

Having issues in understanding a certain faith does not give anyone the right to ask for its ban not that that even is an option.

Anyone may raise questions about what they do not understand and try to get a better understanding of it before forming an opinion or passing judgement. But with the media today and how they handle anything related to Islam it is not surprising to find people who will form their opinions based what they heard in the media rather than based on what th actually know for a fact and what the media says is certainly not facts at all.

Since the beginning of the this century there has been a feverish attempt to slander Islam and accuse it of many false deeds all of which are only attempts to reach a point where war is inevitable. People should be smarter than that and realize that only a few people profit and benefit from such a clash and that the majority of people will suffer greatly.

And if you are going to mention Alqaeda or ISIS, I suggest you examine the origins of such entities before attributing them to Islam. where did they come form and who constructed them in the first place and most important of all, who benefits from what ever deeds they claim to have done.
Debate Round No. 1


haha... yea all those terrorist attacks and rapes just make you want them to stay.. cuz your sick in The head and there is no doubt about it :D

yes of course i would ban it you psychopath... they cant convert from it, and they are forced to do terrorism.. brainless suicidal clown

islam is not a religion.. its forced, like eating food is forced.. cant believe people like you still exist

the punishment for leaving islam is death, and muslims are everywhere.. ban islam, they cant unsubmit to their fear of islam without a ban, hence no convertion and terrorism growing like a cancer in our midst.. but only because there are people like you

the root of islam is that its forced, they can not leave it.

i did and every word was as predictably obvius as the next.. now you go read the quran.. evil clown

oh you are probably a muslim.. muslims dont understand anything but pain, so we wont get anywhere with you

this statement is in the quran, and it speaks no more or less than im saying.. "Kill unbelievers where ever you find them"

i see alot of words and non of it is relevant.. ban islam, now.. take back your brain

media and statistics are irrelevant.. all you need is to read a few lines in the quran and you will agree with me

islam is the problem.. the only moderate muslim is when there isnt enough muslims to radicalize him

why respekt islam? it wants you dead and it will kill you and your family while laughing... like its suppose to, some people cant think further than there nose, we already knew this.. so we also know you need to kill yourself or stand for the ban of islam


Faith can not be forced, You can not force anyone to believe in something they don not believe in.

To become a Muslim one has to testify (bare witness) on his or her own accord that they believe there is no other God save one God. How can you force that?

Child like Name-calling is not a very mature thing to do. And whether I am a Muslim or not is irrelevant to this debate.

The statement you mentioned in the Quran "Kill unbelievers wherever you find them..." was revealed to the prophet and his companions during the first battle they had with non-believers (who happen to be mostly family members of theirs who confiscated all their belongings and property back in Mekkah). Muslims where only allowed to fight when they were persecuted and treated unjustly with regard to their freedom to believe. But you would not know anything about that because you did not study Islam's history and origins, you do not know what the first Muslims went through. Ignorance and lack of information is a big issue with people who debate a subject they know nothing about.

So the Verse was revealed in a specific context. It applies only in battle. You, however, taking it out of context is telling of how much you do not know about the Quran or Islam.

Jesus said a similar statement that was much more general in the bible about killing those who did not believe by the sword. But we understand that he was speaking in a specific context. If I would have the same twisted logic you have, I would have to say ban Christianity. But since I understand why he said that and when, I do not.

And if we are talking about the people practicing a religion (even though it is not fair to the religion to judge its message based on the actions of those who say they practice it) lets examine the Inquisition, heard of it before? do you know how many people died at the hands of the church during that time? yet I do not blame the message, I blame the mis-interpretation of people of that message.

Reading a few lines in the Quran is precisely why you have a great misunderstanding. That is known as words out of context. for anyone to understand the message they would have to read all of it not part of it. Try it sometimes before forming a misguided opinion and passing judgement on something you have no understanding of whatsoever.

Again, you started your words with "Acts of terrorism" which I already anticipated you will bring up because of the brain washing done by the mainstream media. As I said, If someone does something bad and claims to be a Muslim should we just believe that they are and attribute the act to the religion?

Most f the so called ISIS fighters are not Muslims at all, they are mercenaries who kill for whoever pays the most. And at the moment, the US government in the capacity of the CIA is the owner and operator of ISIS with help from other western intelligence agencies. It really does not take a genius to figure it out. Follow the money, where does it come from?, where do they get all the weapons and vehicles?, Where are these people trained? These guys have accesses to advanced encrypted telecommunications equipment that only law enforcement agencies, intelligence agencies and the military have access to.

However, Americans (and I do believe you are an American) are so ignorant to what their government is doing, they are too busy reaping the wealth of the world countries they invade, destroy and later control to be able to see what is really going on.

Such lies can not continue forever you know. Soon all will be exposed and the truth of all the false accusations made by your government to Muslims and Islamic countries will come out. Some of them already have come out but you still choose to be blind. Iraq was invaded on the premise of the existence of Weapons of Mass Destruction remember?

No such weapons were ever found, it was all a lie and you know it, but its either pride or ignorance (or both) that prevents the American people to admit that they committed a huge crime by invading Iraq.

So, my child please go and educate your self well, know how this world is being run and who is running it first and what do these people want to achieve. Once you understand that, it will dawn on you why they are saying what they are saying about Islam and Muslims.

In the end, war and hate is not in the best interest of people of either side (except those few at the top who drive for it).
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
lol, says the ultimate hater
Posted by WOLF.J 3 years ago

stop hating bro
Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
islam is not a religion, and you can make people fear.. not going to read the rest of your babble
Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
how do you justify they things that are happening in the world inside your head?
Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
hey john smith you imbecile, he who laughs last laughs best.
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro argument is basically saying Islam is pure evil and all who practice it are pure evil, he does little more than say this. He also claim ALL who practice Islam are forced to and unable to leave it. Con stated that Islam did not say this, that context matters, provided a couple of examples. Con wins easily. Pro also insulted Con several times and was disrespectful, Con wins conduct.

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