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Ban islam

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Started: 2/4/2018 Category: Science
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Quran=Cure unknown=Kill all religions
Islam=Is i am(not religion, not immoral)
Muslim=Must limp(forced)
Allah=FEAR, god of nightmares, king of islam

Islam IS forced terrorism.. and muslims are forced by fear of death and pain by punishment of islam.. such as death penalty for leaving islam, or punishment for not following islam to the letter

okay so.. can anyone rebut any of this?


Your argument looks like it came out of a fun-with-words page on Facebook. Anyway here's the deal:
Islam is not as harsh as it seems from outside. Actually Muslims have divided their believes into different groups according to their way of explaining the religion. Following the death of Mohammad, two great groups showed up between Muslim scholars: Followers of the Hadis (Words of Mohammad) and Followers of the Opinion. Iraq was a multicultural region and there lived more open-minded people so Muslim scholars in Iraq were to do more than just copy the words of Mohammad when a problem about religion occurs. For example, whenever a social problem appears, Hijazi Scholars (Followers of the Hadis) just followed the words of Mohammad to bring a solution. However Iraqi Scholars had to debate on the problem, not only respecting the words of Mohammad but also respecting the conditions. This way of explaining of the religion later crated the Way of Hanafi. Hanafi Muslims today are considered as non-muslim by some of the followers of other groups. Hanafis explain the religion as pleasant as they can. They do not actually see Allah like a dark king who orders them to kill and die. They see Allah just as a superior being who created all and rejecting all other descriptions. Hanafi Muslims also consider harsh Muslims like ISIS as terrorists and non-believers of Allah.
Another argument is that, although there are violent Muslim groups like Harijis, Shia or just like ISIS, not Muslims are the only people who criticize and act violently on the other. No one thinks that Christianity should be banned but Christian people murdered more than the Muslim for the religion. We have lots of examples of genocides committed by the Christian world through the history: Crusaders for example, they murdered thousands of people only during the Siege of Jerusalem (1099). the Inquisition, Teutons, genocides of the Indian people during the discovery of the New World, etc.

To sum up, every religion or cult has its fanatic groups which commits crimes against human rights and therefore should be prevented. However banning Islam will bring no peace to world, it's like killing a whole body because it has a disease in the legs.
Debate Round No. 1


muslims are forced.. its not a religion... like eating food dosnt make your religious, yet you have to eat food..

christians can pick and choose

banning islam will kill islam.. not banning it means muslims are stuck in islam with no way out, we need to provide them that option as anything bad that comes out of islam is on our hands.. muslims have no moral limit, they can do whatever to enforce islam, as well as you can do whatever to survive

islam needs to die, and it needs to die fast.. banning it will kill it, and if not one day we will have to kill them all or submit ourselves to islam.. that is what islam is, convert or die.. and any muslim who dosnt follow that will be slain.. isis is an example of the real unristricted islam, not governed by our laws and need for money as they have to follow in our socities

the only moderate muslim is when there isnt enough muslims to radicalize him..

the bigger point is muslims cant escape islam.. they are all victims, we need to ban it so they can escape islam, safely, or they can not unsubmit to the fear of islam, which is what being a muslim is, submitting to the rules of islam


I don't know what kind of imaginary are you in now but Muslims are not victim of Islam. You look at Muslims like elves in the Lord of The Rings look at the orcs. Sorry but this is the real world.
Like most believers of religions in general through the world, Muslims just become Muslim because of their parents or society, that's true. However Muslim people choose to protect their ways of living when they grow up and live like how they learned from their parents. They believe that this is the true way of living. Actually they are right. It's easier to live a life which respects the society instead of trying to be different in general. So Muslim people are not victim of Islam, they choose to be Muslim. Because everyone around them is Muslim and that creates the Muslim society in general. Also Muslim parents want their children to have morals to study or work hard. And society generally needs everyone to have purpose of living. Muslims have advantage of Islam. Just like how the Christians do. Claiming that Muslims are victim is nonsense because in the countries like Turkey, Bosnia where the society is Muslim but Islam are not all effective on the government, Muslim people can just convert their religions to another and just go and live at another country. Well, in countries like Saudi Arabia or Iran, government actually commit crimes against human rights. However they are not the only countries who are harsh on their citizens. Also Muslim people trying real hard to soften the religious government effect on the public, and the Sunni Muslims consider Iran government as non-muslim.
Religious government and society effect in the Western world should not be unseen by the way. In countries like Germany, Russia or even USA, a big majority of citizens are brainwashed by the religion so they are not tolerant against youth culture, LGBT, the believers of other religions, etc. They could be the actual victims of the God, couldn't they?
Debate Round No. 2


they are to be killed they can not leave.. and without being forced islam would die. that they are forced is the root of islam

muslim females brains are melted away by fear.. the only truth is their fear

muslims are terrorists btw, dont buy the mainstream delusions.. thats how your head eventually rolls with a smile on it

apostates are to be killed, i see that your like your fantasy version.. just read a little bit of the quran and you will realize you know the rest of it from my equations

muslims have to abide by the laws in our socities, and they need money, therfore we dont see the true color of islam.. which is pure terrorism, pure madness, in fact that purest madness that can possibly be imagined, as there is nothing worse than islam.

allah is fear


I read Quran many times. Of course it gives advantage to Mohammad and his Lord (Allah), of course Quran limits some woman rights and of course it orders to kill the non-believers. But believe me, it is no worse than Gospel, or any other religious text.
It's like a hundred times I've been saying that the crimes committed against human rights in the Muslim World is not all caused because of Islam, but explaining of Islam by some fanatic groups or uncaring governments. However you did nothing but saying that Islam is not a religion but a fear cult. I think this is all about a story about Muslims that your uncle told you when you were little child and you are just a hater.
Your argument is that Muslims in your society are just trying to seem normal to get work and get paid. However you never mentioned where Islam should be banned, in only western society or all over the world. So you do not even know about the topic you've been debating on.
You want to name someone who lives on the other side of world devil's servant just because of your fear of strangers. Your hateful and intolerant opinions are also against human rights and make you no different from ISIS terrorists. And about the Muslim people in western society, they are probably strangers and immigrants and therefore should be tolerated like any other groups. Of course they are working for money, to feed their families. You say they hide their true faces in society, but what do you except them to do, kneel before you and be your servants? No is going to apologize you because they are born from Muslim parents.
So let's stop being childish and accept that the opinion of banning Islam is no use and about the fear of strangers in general. This type of thinking would also cause antisemitism, hate of Gypsy people and any other intolerant against-human-rights opinions.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
and suicidal
Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
your just pure evil
Posted by lisme 3 years ago
youre just funny
Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
this will kill islam though
Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
christians can pick and choose.. thats the whole difference

the problem with islam is that its forced, thats why it should be banned.. but only so they have an safe option to leave islam
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro does not give any evidence for his arguments that all Muslims are unable to leave their religion, women's brains are melted, that it is a forced religion for all it's people, or many other of Pros arguments. Con points out that other religions in the past have been used by people for damaging purposes and that there are many different interpretation of Islam. Con made better arguments. Spelling, grammar, and sources were about equal. Con loses conduct because he insulted con.

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