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Ban plastic bags

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Started: 6/7/2017 Category: Places-Travel
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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There should not be anymore plastic bags at stores


Plastic bags are an easy, disposable way to transport goods bought from the market. Indeed, they can harm the environment, but proper disposal of these bags will solve that problem. The only problem here is that some people are too lazy or uncaring to throw away bags, and therefore bags end up everywhere. Instead of banning plastic bags, we should instead find a better way to dispose of them or better educate people or have stricter enforcement on littering laws. If the government were to ban plastic bags, that would have 2 effects (besides banning the plastic bags):

1 That would mean that we trust the government with more power, which gives the government greater abilities to the extent where they may decide that we shouldn't have shopping carts, have bags at all, etc. This is also a liberal action. Giving the government more power is the worst thing you could possibly do.

2 This makes a huge dent in the economy. Think about the people who make the plastic bags. Think about the people who's job is to bag goods in the bags. It would make businesses make more durable bags, which in the long run, increases prices, since the durable bags cost more. Long story short, it would kill jobs, possibly kill profit, and raise overall prices. Remember that load of food you bought at Kroger? The price for that food could be increased, even doubled if plastic bags were banned.

So to sum it all up, plastic bags would take away jobs, take away profit, increase prices, and give the government more power. A few alternate solutions include better educating people to dispose of bags properly, find new ways to dispose of them, and/or making prisons do more service hours to clean up the bags and other wastes.
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Posted by Masterful 3 years ago
Just carry around a rucksack. Think about it....

-You can carry much heavier goods, as the rucksack can support the weight on your shoulders and hips.
-In addition to being able to carry heavier goods, you can carry a larger volume of goods.
-It"s reusable.
-When women wear ruck sacks it squishes their boobs together which looks hot, assuming their boobs are large.
Posted by Jonbonbon 3 years ago
Save the environment. Kill more trees to make more paper bags.
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