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Banning guns would do nothing

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Started: 12/25/2016 Category: Society
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Can you can wave a wond and take everyones guns away; In todays society you need a gun. Its sad but true.


In today's American society, nobody needs a gun to protect themselves or their loved ones.

I bring my first argument to the gun laws that are present in Japan. There, common citizens aren't allowed to own firearms or even swords. This is best explained through David Kopel's article on this website:

There, he claims "Japan's crime rate is very low, and its gun crime rate virtually nil. Anti-gun lobbies tout Japan as the kind of nation that America could be, if only we would ban guns. Handgun Control quotes a Japanese newspaper reporter who writes: 'It strikes me as clear that there is a distinct correlation between gun control laws and the rate of violent crime. The fewer the guns, the less the violence.'"

We can readily see that in Japan, where gun ownership is outlawed to any non-law enforcement personnel, crime rates are very low and the standard of living has undergone a dramatic rise, as shown on this website:

On that same website, we can see that "A Japanese social scientist ranked Japan among a group of ten other industrialized nations, according to a list of variables. Data was from the mid-1970s to the late 1980s and Japan was rated better than average in terms of overall income distribution, per capita disposable income, traffic safety and crime, life expectancy and infant mortality, proportion of owner- occupied homes, work stoppages and labor unrest, worker absenteeism, and air pollution."

We can look upon Japan as an example of what would happen should The United States ban firearms ownership. I humbly await your response and thank you for this opportunity to debate this highly controversial issue.
Debate Round No. 1


Japan also ranks among the least corrupt countries around the world; While US ranks among the most corrupt countries in the world. Lets look at Great Britain, they also have banned guns, but their crime rate has gone way up in just a decade.

Guns were not a problem 30-100 years ago, so then you have to ask yourself, Why does gun violence continue to rise
(Corruption equals violence).

Examples of Corruption:

1. Hillary Clinton took donations from foreign governments and funded ISIS
2. Corruption that occurs daily on wallstreet. Banks like Goldman Sachs profited from the economic crash (2008). Goldman Sachs made 50 billion in revenue for 2009. The greed on Wallstreet is sucking America dry.
3. We have a corrupt court system. Harden criminals are often let out early because the jails are overcrowded with people that committed non violent crimes. People that are rich can often buy their way out of trouble.

America has become corupt in every way possible. As the unemployment rate rises and the cost of living continues to sky rocket, people are resorting to crime (selling drugs). Banning guns would only disarm law abiding citizens, while criminals (gun cartals) would profit; Remember the alchol probition.
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Posted by RussellMania741 2 years ago
Banning guns would only disarm the lawabiding citizen; criminals would still find ways to obtain guns. Banning guns would only lead to a gun proabition. Banning guns would be the same as the U.N. trying to ban nukes; Some countries like the US may comply with the ban, but most countries would still find ways to obtain nuclear weopons.
Posted by Sonofcharl 2 years ago
I don't think magic "wands" actually exist. But if you could wave one and remove all guns from the world.
I think that would be the gun problem, solved.
Posted by arpost 2 years ago
Guns, People will kill even without owning a gun. Ask England if banning guns has diminished murder. You will find that the answer is no. Murder is a condition of the heart. Hate brings murder, not guns. The law abiding citizens of England do not own a gun, yet Murders and killings in England and Wales have increased to their highest level for five years, figures show.
The 14% increase in the year to September 2015 was largely due to a high number of deaths in June when 75 people were killed in one month, the Office for National Statistics found.
There were 574 murders and killings in total, 71 more than the previous year.
Overall reported crime was up by 6% to 4.3 million offenses but the ONS said it was due to better recording methods.
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