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Barney and Robin should not have divorced in How I Met Your Mother

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Started: 6/4/2014 Category: TV
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The How I Met Your Mother series finale should not have included the divorce of Barney and Robin. This is because the whole point of the finale season was viewed around Barney and Robin's wedding. They fought during the last season and they made up immensely, with a touching sensitive side of Barney that is not usually seen. That said, Robin changed Barney for the better because of his personality change and his change of heart. However, that all went away when they divorced. Not only was their divorce a quick side note in the last episode, but it changed the whole point of the season. Instead of Barney being a changed man, he goes back to using women as sexual objects and ends up getting one of the women pregnant, and she is not even important enough for the audience to know her name! Although Barney then "changed his heart" once the baby was born, it should not have happened like that. The divorce of Barney and Robin ruins the rest of the show in some aspects because many of the episodes, such as when Barney proposed to Robin, are meaningless now that we know the outcome of the marriage. It is also a bad message to marriages in the world because it shows that if a marriage is going through a tough time, rather than trying to fix the problem, a couple should simply divorce and move on. I mean look how well it worked out for Barney and Robin. Barney ended up with a child and a change of heart, and Robin ended up with the real love of her life. If only that was what happened in real life! Yet, that is the message it is sending to its millions of viewers. In conclusion, Barney and Robin should have at least shown some effort in trying to fix their marriage or should have not divorced at all.


Hi I'm the Con, pleasure to join you in this.

Sitcoms are not usually focused on the overall story or presentation as a whole. As such they present "twist" that will get the watcher to continue watching. How I Met Your Mother was famous for this in it's presentation of the "that could be the girl" scenario.

On sitcom writing:
1. Sitcom writers in general are not known for their exceptional story talent. Most of their effort goes into the comedic effect, this show is a prime example of that.
2. The writers also make story decision based on budget, ratings, and how it will benefit the company, not how it will effect the story for re-watching value.

On the message it sends:
-Sitcoms are not prime examples of how you should live your life. Barney being a playboy is probably the biggest hint the show can give you as far as his relationship being an "example". Also some people get divorced and that happens. It would be more "real" than painting them in a working relationship given how outrageous Barney generally is.

In my opinion(since this debate is opinionated to say the least) I think that part brought more realism to the show and gave the show as a whole a better "I can relate to it" feeling.

I'm not sure this is really a proper debate, but there you go. I'll await the response.
Debate Round No. 1


Yes this is a very opinionated debate, but with that comes prime examples and insights on the topic. That being said, I do understand your point that How I Met Your Mother is not known for having a "good" overall message to the viewers. Also, even though I am not thrilled that they got divorced, I do understand that it is a part of some people's life and it happens. Yet, I am not okay in the way in which their divorce was presented. It was not a major point, ("Major point"), in the final episode, while the whole focus on the final season was the marriage of Barney and Robin. I understand the view of people that are against this, and I know it was a risk for the writers to make this a part of the episode altogether. I simply think that they should have added more emphasis on the divorce rather than putting it as a side note in the hour long episode.


Well outside of this just resorting to the classic " I did not like it so it's wrong", I don't feel the need to excuse the writer's decision to do what they did given that tv writing(especially for sitcoms) is primarily not done in the traditional sense and that most of the seasons are done as a separate entity.
(i.e. they write each season as it gets funded, not as a whole).

In the matter of opinions. I think Season 9 was always going to be a letdown in some areas. Whether it be the Robin and Barney relationship(which didn't really add up) or him eventually meeting the mother.

The problem with ending in long running series is that expectations are always too high. Sitcoms are one of the worse offenders, with either very lazy endings, or no ending at all.
Debate Round No. 2


In conclusion to this debate, Barney and Robin should not have gotten divorced in the way that they did. Not only was it a very insignificant part of the show, but it was a bad way to end the season that was focused on their marriage. Although it was a very interesting addition to the final episode, the writers should have conducted the divorce in a different fashion.


In conclusion the writers shouldn't have taken 9 seasons to get to such a point that they needed to feel pressured to divorce robin/barney.

It wasn't needed but it would have played out better had they used proper spacing.

I still stand on the point that their divorce was not bad, but the planning of season 9 was.
Debate Round No. 3
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