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Barry Bonds is the greatest baseball player of all time

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Started: 1/24/2018 Category: Sports
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Barry Bonds is the greatest home run hitter of all time!! Yes there are people that will say he cheated, that he should have an asterisks beside his name in the home run record. So let me clarify those doubters. First of all steroids will not make you a better hitter, sure you might have more power and be able to drive the ball deeper for more homeruns but you still need to make contact with a ball coming in at 95+ MPH. Bonds is a career .298 hitter. he batted over .300 eleven times in his career. How many ball players can even bat .280 today? He is a 7 time MVP, nobody is even close to that.

People will argue that he used steroids so he cheated, but how can you cheat when steroids were not illegal at the time in MLB?? Everybody was using them to perform better, yet out of all players that used them, he was the greatest. He crushed Mark McGwire's record of 70 home runs in a season and he set the record for most walk in a season. Pitchers were trembling at the fact of facing Bonds.

Bonds holds the home run record at 73, thirteen more then Babe Ruth and twelve more then Maris. And no asterisks is needed as he belongs in the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown!!!

Bonds is the greatest home run hitter and player in baseball.


Hello FanBoy. Thank for this interesting topic. So, we meet yet again on a sport topic. This time I'm against your position.

You said Barry Bonds is the greatest baseball player of all time. I will prove otherwise. And i will give you some players who do deserve this recognition. You also said Steroids has nothing to do with Home Runs growth. I will also prove this theory is wrong. You also mention everyone was doing it. Again i will show this is also wrong.

My first set of arguments will focus on other great players. Who should be consider as the greatest players in Baseball.

My first player is none other than Babe Ruth. "Babe Ruth is not only the most famous but the greatest baseball player of all time. He ranks #1 on the Black Ink test and #1 on the Hall of Fame Standards test. While most people know he was a truly great hitter, fewer are aware that he ranks in the top 20 all-time as a pitcher in both winning percentage and ERA". (1.)

My second player is Willie Mays. "Willie Mays is one of the three or four players who are considered when observers try to decide who is the game's all-time greatest player. He was the complete player, with tremendous home run power, incredible fielding ability, a high batting average, good on-base percentage, great speed, and a nice guy". (2.)

My third player is Hank Aaron. "A member of the Hall of Fame, is best known for setting the record for most home runs in a career (755), surpassing the previous mark of 714 by Babe Ruth. Aaron also holds the career marks for runs batted in (2,297), extra base hits (1,477), and total bases (6,856). He won one World Series ring with the Milwaukee Braves in 1957, and the National League Most Valuable Player Award the same year. He also earned three Gold Glove Awards, and made 22 All-Star appearances". (3.) Either though he is actually rank 5 on the Baseball Reference. I have him at third for me. But if you was wondering where is Barry Bonds on this list he is at "34". (4.)

My second part of this argument is steroids.

You said this "First of all steroids will not make you a better hitter". I will argue against this and have scientific evidence on why this statement you said is wrong.
"Authors concluded that patients with supraphysiologic levels of TE had a significantly greater increase in their lean muscle mass as well as a more significant increase in size of their legs and triceps, and a more significant increase in the weight they could bench press and squat compared to the control group." (5.)
"There was a significant increase in players who hit more than 40 HR in a single season during the steroid era compared to before and after this time period". (6.)
If you look at Barry Bonds pictures during his early playing days. You start to wonder how did he get so big toward the end of his career. Defiantly his head, this inst natural. His arms and shoulders were just huge during the end. But how? "Barry Bonds began using steroids after the 1998 baseball season and came to rely on a wide variety of performance-enhancing drugs over the next several years, according to a book written by two Chronicle reporters and excerpted in this week's Sports Illustrated". (7.)

You also mention everyone was using. Not true. I will give you some names during the Barry Bonds era who never used. Ken Griffey Jr., Derek Jeter, Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, Albert Belle, Ichiro Suzuki, Omar Vizquel. Just to name a few. These players that i mention were never link or heard anything about using performing enhancing drugs. Another comparison is Albert Pujols, he was natural big, and you never saw him grown in his arms or shoulders or anything. So just by looking at his body size during his early playing career to now. You can see his body size haven't changed. But with Barry Bonds you could see huge difference in his body sizes.

You also said this "how can you cheat when steroids were not illegal at the time in MLB??"
"Anabolic steroids, which fall under the general category of
Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED), have been a banned substance for Major League Baseball (MLB) players since 1991". (8.)
So according to this statement Anabolic steroids was banned. So case closed...
Barry Bonds is not the best player ever, nor will ever be considered as the best....

Thank you fanBoy. The floor is yours.....
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Posted by Nd2400 3 years ago
Sure thing.... I know it not easy to go against
Posted by Nd2400 3 years ago
Sure thing.... I know it not easy to go against
Posted by Nd2400 3 years ago
Sure thing.... I know it not easy to go against
Posted by FanboyMctroll 3 years ago
I'm formulating my rebuttals, I will have a reply for you by tomorrow
Posted by Nd2400 3 years ago
First of all not everyone used performance enhancing drugs. Secondly how about baby ruth? He was the best home run hitting in a dead ball era and he was a very good pitcher.
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