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Baseball is the hardest sport

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Started: 4/4/2015 Category: Sports
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I will argue that baseball is the hardest sport based upon compounding factors of athleticism, technique, strength, etc.


I shall argue that baseball is not the hardest sport based on compounding factors (Athleticism, technique, strength and more)

Good luck to Pro!
Debate Round No. 1


I will begin my debate by examining 5 different premises of baseball. These include pitching, batting, fielding, and the mental and physical part for the game. The batting section will be solely focused on the physics of batting, the other 4 parts will be all on the same page with mental and physically being incorporated and referenced to pitching, batting and fielding.

If i have started wrong or stated my process too late or unfairly please let me know as i am new to this site and time strapped at the moment.


Batting is one of the more difficult aspects of baseball as it requires incredible amounts of cognitive, visual, and motor skilled abilities, this is also in addition to hitting a round ball squarely with a round bat while the ball is maneuvering both vertically and horizontally.

an average fastball gives a batter .400 of a second to react, identify, and swing. this is compounded with a bat that is 3 inches at its widest, trying to make contact with a ball that is less than 3 inches in diameter. this is further enhanced when the pitcher tries to upset the timing of the batter by throwing a variety of different fastballs and offspeed pitches that will continually move through the batting plane. as the pitcher varies his pitches, the batter must adjust within the .400 of a second and keep his eye on the ball longer, or identify the pitch sooner, as any misrepresentation in the batters eye can lead to his bat making contact with the ball millimeters too high or low, which results in an out or a missed swing. As the batter also tries to identify the pitch, a phenomenon known as angular velocity comes into play, this means as the batter is watching the ball, at a certain point the ball appears to speed up, and it becomes impossible to continue tracking it, so the batter must extrapolate on which horizontal and vertical plane the ball will pass the plate. In many cases the pitcher is not throwing a straight fastball, this means the ball will continue to move both horizontally and vertically as it continues on its flight, since the batter cannot physically track its last movements it becomes extremely hard to guess the final position of the ball. summed up, the entire path of the ball, from pitcher to batter can be broken down within the required reaction time. As the ball leaves the pitchers hand the batter takes about .100 seconds to see the ball, .075 seconds to guage the balls path and speed. at this point the batter has .025 to process and decide whether to swing or not, as the swing takes .150-.200 seconds to finish. As the bat makes contact with the ball, it must be within an eighth of an inch towards the center of the ball and within a time frame of .007 milliseconds for a solid hit.


Thank you Pro. I would just like to say that there are much harder sports globally.

Here are 5 sports that I think are harder than baseball

-Ice Hockey.

MMA/WRESTLING: Mixed martial arts is characterized by a wide variety of standing and ground-based striking and grappling techniques. As a result, competitors come with a wide variety of fighting and wrestling backgrounds. During each five-minute round, fighters need to maintain an unparalleled level of physical and mental alertness to avoid falling victim to a technically perfect fight-ending blow from an opponent. The unique dimension of the sport requires incredible displays of full-body strength, speed and quickness, conditioning, and overall durability.

Wrestling is similar. Quite simply, you can’t loaf your way through a wrestling match or MMA fight. Whereas team sports leave room for lacklustre individual performances, there’s no room for laziness or fatigue in wrestling/fighting. It’s a one-on-one fight. From the second two opponents engage, it’s a constant battle of all-out physical and mental effort, as they delicately balance attempts to overpower and out-position each other.

FOOTBALL: Football is played by the fastest, largest and strongest athletes in the world. While most plays only last around four seconds, almost every player on the field is competing in high-intensity bouts against the world’s premier athletes. In other words, football creates a unique physical demand, as it requires both an exceptional amount of athleticism and durability to withstand the hard hits and rigors of the game.

RUGBY: Like some of the sports previously mentioned, rugby involves a combination of speed, agility, power, and conditioning. But unique to rugby is the constant physical tension that develops during prolonged individual and group battles. The sheer size of most rugby players augments the physical demand of the game.

ICE HOCKEY: Because of the expenses involved with playing, ice hockey is a largely under-recognized sport in most areas of the world. But those who have stepped foot on the ice can attest to the incredible demands of the sport. Hockey involves 45-second shifts of high-intensity effort, quick starts, stops, direction changes, fighting for loose pucks, and hard hits. Players are accustomed to fighting through the painful burning in their legs as fatigue accumulates. The interval nature and physicality of the game makes it uniquely demanding. Not to mention, the whole game is played while standing on a steel blade about 1/8” thick.

LACROSSE: Lacrosse does not yet share the international popularity of soccer, but it is similar in nature. In addition to the displays of speed, agility, coordination, and conditioning that lacrosse necessitates, lacrosse is also one of the most physical sports in existence. Players need to fend off the painful whacks of opponents’ sticks, fight for loose balls on the ground, and constantly have their head on a swivel to avoid getting knocked out by an opponent. Don't you think these sports are harder than baseball?

Sorry if my reply was late as I couldn't find the time to argue earlier from work.

I hope this helped you understand that there are much more harder sports than baseball!
Debate Round No. 2


Although the sports you mentioned are difficult they all have their break periods.

Football for example has huddles in between plays with players hustling on and off the field for breaks.

Ice hockey, a typical foward would play between 12-20 minutes per a 60 minute game with breaks in between.

MMA is hard but the fact it is a single person match with no teams involved might just make it easier in contrast. whereas a win is dictated by a single person in mma, a win is dictated by many players including the fielders, coaches, pinch hitters, pinch runners, batters, in baseball. This team effort makes a win in baseball much harder to accomplish because a whole team must have solid defense or offense in order to receive a win against a equally matched team.

Baseball is not just limited to hitting, but requires tremendous athletic ability both mentally and physically. A typically ball off the bat travels upwards of 120 mph. this gives a third baseman the amount of time to react as a batter reacts to a pitch. from the moment a pitch is thrown a fielder has around .800-900ths of a second to field the ball cleanly in a 160 sq foot area. then he must throw from a stand 120 feet across the diamond to first base to get the runner out. this typically means the third baseman has a margin of error of .15ths of a second.

likewise a shortstop must cover up to twice the sq foot distance and sometimes throw even further from first base in order to acheive an out, all while the ball is travelling 120 mph bouncing and taking bad hops or fast bounces through the infield. likewise an outfielder must correctly identify the balls path through the air including spin, wind, the sun, and distance needed to where the ball will land.

As in other sports most positions are dictated by a specialist or a player who specifically is built for that position. Players in baseball must all have fielding ability and be required to hit the ball, this means they must be agile and fast enough with a high threshhold for reaction time. An average baseball player must also be able to run to first in close to 4 seconds, this means sprinting from a swinging stance 90 feet to first. Given that a football player runs a 40 yard dash in 5 seconds, which is 120 feet, this gives most outfield and infield baseball players speed akin to football players when it comes to sprinting. Durability is an important factor in baseball also. where football players play one game a week and baseketball players player 80+ games in a season, baseball players must play 162 games plus playoff games in a 5-6 month season, this also does not include spring training games and practices. The daily wear and tear of constant throwing and batting, and the mental exhaustion accompanying the grueling season is another factor that just puts baseball at the top of the list.

The physical part is by no means the only part as the mental part is more of a factor in baseball. Like in other sports a player can train and become physically adapted to certain roles and be a good player, no amount of athletic ability can guarantee success in baseball. because of the highest failure rate in all of sports, a baseball players mind must be completely confident with no room for doubt or analysis. This means in between pitches as a batter and a fielder, .15ths of a millisecond of doubt is enough for a missed groundball or a missed pitch. this leads many baseball players to failure through paralysis by analysis. the mental part affects all aspects of baseball and without 100% confidence, great guessing skills, etc, a baseball player will never succeed, whereas a football or basketball player might. This only touches a little bit on the mental prepartions required for a baseball player everytime he steps on the field.


'As in other sports most positions are dictated by a specialist or a player who specifically is built for that position. Players in baseball must all have fielding ability and be required to hit the ball, this means they must be agile and fast enough with a high threshold for reaction time.'

I don't think you bothered reading my round 2 argument. What you have stated shows why baseball is easier than most sports. You said that in other sports there are more positions and more people specifically build for those positions. This means more people need to train for a match, whereas in baseball everyone requires the same skill like everyone else including their opportunities.

You said that baseball players must play 162 games plus playoff games, but most sports play more than that including friendly matches. Even on television, it's not hard to spot how in baseball you don't get to see a player that actually puts in maximum effort and their sweat can be seen by people, whereas in a normal basketball match, every individual player sweats, starting on first round.

'The mental part affects all aspects of baseball and without 100% confidence, great guessing skills, etc, a baseball player will never succeed, whereas a football or basketball player might'. Football and basketball players require a massive confidence, which is why there are captains that motive their team. Of course they need guessing skills, if they play randomly and do whatever they want such as being selfish on the pitch or the court, they will just lose because most sports' point is team play.

You are just stating your opinions. You talked about the time and the difficulty of the game arena. Yes, baseball might be a long game, but in most other sports, you need more skills, agility, speed etc in a shorter time, and there isn't much difference between those times.

Threshhold ---> Threshold*

I'm trying to find time from work to write my arguments, so if I'm replying late, I apologize.

Debate Round No. 3


thatguyalex forfeited this round.


I don't see a reason to forfeit the argument, vote con.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by BarbieSoFetch 3 years ago
Whoa y'all, let's not forget about soccer.

First of all, in soccer, there are 11 players on the field for each team at once. You need to be truly skilled with your feet and have great agility. Not to mention, the whole time you are running depending on how good the team is and where about the ball will be. A midfielder has the hardest job, maintaining the field and everyone's positions. Also, they run the whole time. You need great stamina to keep running the whole time and leg strength to match will how long you are able to sprint. I personally can run without getting tired but my legs will cramp up or get super tired.

In soccer there are many ways one can get injuries; micro-tears, tightening in muscles, ACL tears, etc. I get every sport has ACL tears, etc. But in soccer you can get kick with so much strength from slide tackles and everything.
Posted by JakeLamotta 3 years ago
Hitting a baseball is very hard. But that is the only part of the game that is really difficult. Basketball is a much tougher game all around.
Posted by wolf121612 3 years ago
explain rugby and other sports like idk the top most dangerous sports in the world
Posted by BoggyB 3 years ago
Football might be harder, but basketball doesn't even have a shot at being harder than baseball (no pun intended).
Posted by tajshar2k 3 years ago
Basketball and Football are much harder.
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