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Basketball or football

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Started: 4/21/2017 Category: Games
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Since I said that shcool is not cool, shcool is not cool. Kids should not have to be brutally forced to go to shcool, because it is not cool. Shcool just teaches us about hitler and those darn nazi's. Alos we learn how to spell. And it gets boring because I know how to spell every word in the alphapet. Shcool should be nuked. In other words screw shcool because shcool is not cool.


First off you need SCHOOL because you can't even spell. the word and school does a lot of things like giving people the opportunity to play sports make good grades and also have a good career starting from college to retirement to make money for yourself. By the way how did you even post this A computer, A tablet, A phone? How do you think those were made from 5 year old or 15 year old no a educated man who went through school and college and got a job and you telling me they should be nuked! Well lets see your idea No school mainly and that would mean no phones no tech-knowledgeably and no lifes all i haft to say is good plan.
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