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Batman Vs. Ironman

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Started: 5/5/2014 Category: Entertainment
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I am going that Batman would win. My first argument will be taken from the side of without any suit or any piece of equipment besides normal clothing (jeans and a t-shirt) Batman would hands down win. He would quickly disable Stark. Iron Man is nothing without his suit. Batman, however, was trained by the freaking master of a league of assassins. Without any equipment, Batman would win.
*Point 2: Batman has an item called an EMP (Electro-magnetic pulse) grenade. This effectively shuts down any electronics in the area. This would disable Stark's suit and all Batman would have to do was use his acetylene torch to either burn Stark to death or cut him out of the suit in which case Batman would win (see point 1). These are my starting points.


I would refute both points that my opponent offer. Also, I to believe that Batman would win. I will however be more then happy to play devils advocate.

*1. Even with out suits and utility belts and what not, Tony Stark would still win. Tony had implanted directly into his nervous system a suit called the ' bleeding edge armor' Tony can control this suit with his mind, therefore, having a suit on him at all times.

*2. The main iron man suit ( forgive me, the name currently eludes me) can withstand localized EMPs ( EMP grenade being a example) a similar circumstance were this happened was when the winter soldier attempted to use an EMP situated in his mechanical arm to neutralize iron man. The suit responded before the pulse could reach the suit by switching to alternative power sources and blocking all vital energy compartments effectively preventing any damage.
Debate Round No. 1


Lt.Harris forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


1. You say he could always have a suit of armor on him yet in the third Iron Man, he went without a suit and with a bunch of makeshift stuff. Saying he can always have a suit it not right, especially if he was without the makeshift weapons. Even with those makeshift weapons, he is fighting a man trained by a master of The League of Assassins. There is no way that he could be beat.

2. Iron Man never fought the winter soldier as far as I remember. I cannot find a single reference with any back up to support that.

3. Batman also has a Energy deflector, created by Fox to deflect energy based attacks, nullifying many of Ironman's weapons. If you want to look at his sniper and missile, batman can easily 1. Call bats and disappear, making his snipers innefective and he can easily move fast enough to prevent Iron Man from getting a lock with his missiles.


labarum forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: Conduct is a tie because of no swearing, etc. Spelling and grammar is a tie because both had bad punctuation. Most convincing arguments goes to Pro. Reason being is how he refuted Con's initial argument, as well as proved moreover that Batman would win. Most reliable sources is a tie because nobody cited anythinhg.

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