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Batman has a better rogues gallery than Spider-Man

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Started: 11/17/2013 Category: Entertainment
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I believe Batman has a better rogues gallery than Spider-Man. If you are unsure what the term "rogues gallery" means, it means villains. So the simplified resolution of this debate is "Batman has better villains than Spider-Man."

First round is for acceptance.


Let's do it.
Debate Round No. 1


As I have instructed Con on his profile, we will both argue for 3 of our respective hero's villains in Round 2 and 3 and then 4 in Round 4, adding up to ten accounted villains. I will now defend my first three villains:

1. The Joker
How can you not love this guy? In many cases, you can't help but root for him. He's an original idea for a villain- a crazy, homicidal, clown. The only time you can find something else like this that is actually well-done is with a Stephen King novel. I will now give sub-reasons why the Joker is excellent:
A/ the laughs. Most other villains are too serious, and too dark. The Joker actually has a sense of humor no matter what vicious thing he does, which is also part of his greatness.
B/ The courage or insane bravery. No matter how hard you beat him or what you beat him with, he'll be laughing. Most times hysterically. Which just adds to the greatness of The Joker, because it tells us just how tough he really is.
C/ The performance. Comics, movies, tv shows, video games, whatever. The Joker always pulls off a fantastic show, even if he does lose. For example, in Arkham Origins: Blackgate, he hosts in entire deadly game show for Batman. Tell me how that's not coo.

2. The Riddler
Seriously. How can you not live him? Whether it's his green tuxedo decorated with question marks or his signature "?" cane, there's nothing about him you can hate.
A/ His crazy. His craziness is different than the Joker's, which adds variety to Batman's rogues gallery. You see, the Riddler is professional crazy. Most, if not all, of his crimes and attacks are well though-out and planned, while Joker's crimes and attacks are just random and unpredictable.
B/ The riddles. In nearly every book Riddler appears in, there are at least five challenging riddles left for the reader. That is, if Bats doesn't solve them himself. In Batman books with Riddler in them, we get brain-teasers while we read. Whereas in Spider-Man, we get a teenager in footsie pajamas fighting a middle-aged man in a rhinocerus suit.
C/ He's an intellectual genius. What else is there to say? With such genius, his attacks are sure to be great, and almost unstoppable.

3. Two-Face
Ah, the mix of judge, jury, and executioner all in one excellent villain. He can either let you leave undamaged or he can kill you point-blank, all depending on his coin. How is that not fun?
A/ Equality. Two-Face isn't evil, but he certainly isn't good either. He's the symbol of neutrality. Yet he makes himself villainous enough to have his own minions, and to make himself grade-A on Gotham's Most Wanted.
B/ His origin. Two-Face's origin is an origin that many of Spidey's rogues fail to live up to. It's so tragic, yet so gripping, to see the great Attorney Harvey Dent turn into the infamous Two-Face. I'd rather not read a story about an old man putting on a bird suit and committing crimes (I'm referencing Spider-Man's villain the Vulture).
C/ His attitude. He's willing to let you live, but only if the coin allows it. Even along all this rely-on-the-coin behavior, he still has a "Heads or Tails, baby?" kind of attitude.

More next round.


My apologies to my opponent but I'm not going to be able to put forth an argument this round. I'll double up next round. Sorry bro.
Debate Round No. 2


Well, phooey. I'll just carry on with 3 more of my chosen villains.

He BROKE the BAT. No Spidey villain even has the guts to pull off something like that. Bane caused one of the most read, changing, and iconic storylines of all time: Knightfall. Knightfall even got a movie loosely based on it, The Dark Knight Rises.
-Bane is the brawn AND the brains (he is actually very smart), unlike many Spider-Man villains, which are either one or the other.
-Bane has an interesting and tragic story and character like the Joker, but unlike many of Spider-Man's cheesy villains.

Poison Ivy
Poison Ivy is a good villain because:
-She has an original criminal desire. If you do not know, she wants payback on humans that harm the environment, and she does so by commanding plants to her advantage, and often poisons her enemies.
-The Attractiveness. Not only is this a good thing for the boys, it's a good thing because she has a higher advantage, especially against Batman, Robin, and any other male she goes against. She has a poisonous kiss and dust that can literally make a man so attracted to her that he will do anything she tells him to.

"MAKE ME THE GOD OF FEAR!!" That was Scarecrow's hideously evil plot in Knightfall. I believe that was in Knightfall Part 2. Anyways, the Scarecrow is a good villain because:
-The fear. I may seem annoying to bring up originality again, but this is quite original. He has a "fear toxin" that makes his victims see whatever they fear. How is that not cool?



Venom is a nickname for an alien symbiotic that must fuse with other living organisms to survive. Who was the first person the symbiotic fused with on Earth? Spider-man. After Spidey managed to separate himself from it, the symbiote went on to fuse with a number of other people, only whenever the symbiotic fuses with someone else, that person get's all of spiderman's power""" And then some. Venom cannot be detected by the "spider sense" and can camouflage himself like the Predators.


Carnage is pretty terrifying if you think about him for a second. Another alien symbiote created by scientists from the Venom symbiote, only this one's worse. Because it was created from the Venom symbiote, it grants it's fused partner all of spider-man's abilities. This symbiote is different from the Venom symbiote because it has rapid healing abilities and the symbiote body itself change it's change and density into pretty much whatever it wants. One minute, you have a fist, next minute, your fist changes into a sword. Don't like walking? Grow some wings.


He's a massive, psychopathic Russian hunter whose sole purpose is hunting down spiderman as a prized game animal. He's also just about the only one of Spidey's villains that has a sense of humour. 'Nuff said.


I'll admit, the name's kinda cheesy, but, considering he has no superpowers at all, he's pretty cool. He's a master hypnotist, and illusionist. He's also a chemist and robotist, who concocts his own variety of hallucens and hypnogens to force the will of the people he's casting his illusion on.

Green Goblin:

Probably one of the most iconic spiderman villains ever, he's pretty much a batman gone wrong and obsessed with Halloween. He fights spiderman using a plethora of gadgets such as pumpkin grenades, smoke and gas grenades, razor-edged boomerangs and a pair of gloves which double as tazers. And then there's his awesome-as-all-get-out glider. This thing can top 90 mph and is far more maneuverable than anything else in the sky. It's outfitted with heat seeking and smart missiles, a pumpkin grenade launcher and a flamethrower. And he's also got the standard Marvel powers, "enhanced strength, speed, endurance and healing".


Shriek has the ability to tap into peoples's minds and bring out their evils which makes them act in a violent manner, create forcefields and shoot sonic energy from her hands. Think the Invisible woman and the Shocker had a kid, and then that kid aligned with Carnage.
Debate Round No. 3


Mr. Zsasz
Ah, the creepiest of creepy.
What Mr. Zsasz does is cut a tally mark in his skin for every person he's killed. And his skin is COVERED in tally marks. This is uber creepy, setting strong fear into the hearts of Batman readers. Spider-Man villains often lack this quality, for example with fishbowls (*cough* Mysterio *cough*).

The Penguin
Though he's fat and short, he still puts up quite a challenge.
The Penguin is a short, plump man that bears a resemblance of a penguin, hence his name. In some versions he is depicted as Australian. What is good about the Penguin is that he can get just about anyone he wants to work for him, and he leads a whole group of baddies. He has umbrellas that shoot bullets, and penguin-shaped bombs.

Doctor Hurt
Doctor Hurt is a criminally insane man who ruined Batman's life. How did he do this? He pretended to be Thomas Wayne (Bruce's father) and he told everyone that he had not really died. The people of Gotham believed this, and so they put him at the top of Wayne Industries. And guess what? Doctor Hurt knows that Bruce Wayne is Batman.
Doctor Hurt does not appear in many Batman stories, but two he appears in are "Batman R.I.P." and "Batman and Robin Must Die!", which are both great comic books. In Batman R.I.P., he ruin's Batman's life, gets into the cave, holds Alfred hostage, and beats him senseless.
Doctor Hurt is so insanely evil that some speculate he may have been the Devil himself.

Clayface is a man-turned-monster that can morph into any object or person. That's where he gets the "Clay" in "Clayface". So when Clayface is involved, Batman does not know who to trust, which makes for an excellent story. There have been many incarnations of Clayface, these including Basil Karlo, Matt Hagen, Preston Payne, Sondra Fuller (Lady Clay), Cassius Payne, Peter Malley, Todd Russell, and Johnny Williams.
As you can see, there have been many Clayfaces. Which makes it all the more interesting.


An evil, near-mindless duplicate of Spider-Man that was created by Magus during the Infinity War. The six-armed creature was one of many doppelgangers created by Magus during this conflict. The Doppelganger possesses Spider-Man's strength, speed, wall-climbing abilities, and spider-sense, and also has six arms, claws, fangs, and the ability to produce its own razor-edged webbing. If this thing doesn't give you the creeps, I don't know what will.

Doctor Octopus:

A near perfect combination of mad scientist , brute and crime lord. And hey, how many superheroes can say they were literally possessed by a villain?


Remember the Green Goblin? Imagine if he were possessed by a demon and gained various supernatural powers and the ability to use black magic. Yes, black magic. The demo goblin can use black magic to create just about any weapon or explosive device that only a demon could imagine.

The Rhino-

Aleksei Sytsevich was just another thug in the Russian Mafia, grasping at dreams of easy money, and headed for a short brutal life. Seduced by promises of wealth and power, Aleksei underwent a life-threatening series of chemical and radiation treatments to transform him after several months into the superhumanly strong agent for a collective of professional spies - in part, to support his family. Aleksei's powerful armor permanently bonded to his form, was modeled after the hide of a rhinoceros. Two scientists named Igor and Georgi chose this form, both for its visual impact and in recognition of the fact that the rhino is the result of countless generations of evolution towards the ultimate form for armored assault. They selected Aleksei for his muscular physique and low intelligence, which they believed would insure his loyalty.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Juris_Naturalis 5 years ago
Well that was fun. I just wish I was more well versed in my Spidey comics.
Posted by Technicallyderped 5 years ago
Agreed. Hell, Batman is better. :D
Posted by PatriotPerson 5 years ago
Well Calendar Man is unique in his own way, which can be good. And all in all, Batman's villains are much better.
Posted by Technicallyderped 5 years ago
Batman has some great villains, but he also has some terrible ones. We all remember Calendar man... xD
Posted by PatriotPerson 5 years ago
Well doesn't every debate have some subjective level to it?
Posted by Ragnar 5 years ago
I have a feeling the measurements will end up being pretty subjective.
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Reasons for voting decision: Conduct: this is given a little lightly... pro kept insulting Spiderman villains, which was needless. Argument: pro mainly wins for presentation of his choices, for ample when he referenced fan theories that Dr Hurt is the devil; vs con saying Norman Osborn has the standard marvel powers (something I would have expected from pro about the villain). Venom or Carnage would be good choices, but side by side they only add the variety of a single villain origin and power set. DemoGoblin being listed and compared to a villain already on the list, was a weak choice. When listing Doctor Octopus not detailing how he actually stole Spidermans comic, but just hoping we've read it, again a weak point.